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OFFICIAL Sport Auto - Nordschleife laptimes

Discussion in 'Test Data' started by Zafiro, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Soup

    Soup Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

    Sport Auto Supertest C7 Corvette Z06 w/Z07 PP

    NBR: 7.14




    0-100: 3,8
    0-160: 8,0
    0-200: 12,1


    100-0 (C): 42,0 m
    100-0 (W): 31,2 m
    200-0 (W): 122,8 m

    Weight: 1,618 kg

    Tire(s): Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP
    F/R: 285/30/19 - 335/25/20

    Power / Torque Output: 641 PS / 840 Nm





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    • mihc

      mihc Member

      What tyres did huracan performante have on 6:52 lap?
    • TopspeedPT

      TopspeedPT Member

      Trofeo R specially made for the Huracán.
      Or...Slicks with Trofeo R label :D
    • WBarnes

      WBarnes Active Member

    • mihc

      mihc Member

      What supertest will be in the new sport auto issue?
    • DeDe

      DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Who knows? :D Since Gebhart already posted a picture of the car on the Nordschleife, my guess would be the BMW M4 CS.
    • mihc

      mihc Member

      GT2 RS probably in an issue or two in supertest?!
    • kingjr9000

      kingjr9000 Member

      I'm guessing Performante.
    • mihc

      mihc Member

      Yeah Performante, really wondering what times will Mr.Gebhardt achieve....
    • DeDe

      DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      In two years time, yeah, it will come. :D
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      • A.P.

        A.P. Member

        I remember someone stating that the tests of the Performante are coming out by the end of this fall.
      • Anyone saw this?

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        • 330CIZHP

          330CIZHP Well-Known Member

          Looks like these modern day "muscle cars" are primarily about the corners. That is what makes them so fast (with the combination of super sticky tires). The Z06 did the 200 km/h in only 12.1 seconds and the Viper does 277 km/h peak on the uphill Dottinger Hohe still they both have earth shattering lap times.
        • Soup

          Soup Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

          It's a lot more than just tyres :cool: getting into details can create chaos :whistle:

        • Switar

          Switar Member

          You are right. 7.14 with 0-200 in 12.1 is astonishing. It means this car is very, very near to a race car.
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          • mihc

            mihc Member

            GT3 RS MR from Manthey in new supertest
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            • TopspeedPT

              TopspeedPT Member

            • TopspeedPT

              TopspeedPT Member

              Sport Auto times:

              991.1 GT3 RS MR: 7:09.59
              AMG GT R: 7:10.92
              Vette Z06(manual): 7:13.90
              991.2 GT3: 7:18.20
              488 GTB: 7:21.63
              991.2 GTS: 7:23.77
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              • Nice result but I would like to see other "standard" cars like McLaren 675 or 720, Performante, and so on...
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                • mihc

                  mihc Member

                  Yeah recently almost too much Porsche supertests...But I can't wait for the Big one GT2 RS...
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