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Your favourite Hypercar ?

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by WAND, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Mercedes-AMG Project One

  2. Aston Martin Valkyrie

  3. Ferrari LaFerrari

  4. McLaren P1

  5. Porsche 918 Spyder

  1. CrunchSlaughtered

    CrunchSlaughtered Active Member

    Aston for me, because it has a wiper
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    • Frankie G

      Frankie G Active Member

      McLaren F1 GTR.

      Here: LaFerrari. That V12 is too good to be ignored in my books.
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      • Sovereign

        Sovereign Well-Known Member

        Design wise: Porsche 918

        Powertrain: I haven't driven any of them.
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        • Mafalda

          Mafalda Active Member

          heart says LaFe, brain says AMG (maybe)
        • Kowalski

          Kowalski Well-Known Member

          The cheapest one.
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          • Gipsydanger

            Gipsydanger Member

            do you prefer the short or long tail??
          • Laurent T

            Laurent T Active Member

            Technological-wise, the most impressive seems to be the AMG, with the engine in direct link with Formula One, which is a strong advantage point.
            Design-wise, it looks less futuristics than the Aston, but a little like Le Mans racers which is not a bad thing, though it lacks a little visual drama compared to some others (German approach, a little like the 918 which has less drama than the P1 & the LaFerrari). The Aston is a little overkill I think in the design department and I would rank 1. La Ferrari / 2. AMG.
            Total is AMG.
          • WAND

            WAND Active Member

            My heart always says Mercedes. :)
            But apart from that, I think that objectively Project One is the best in total.
            Maybe just Aston Martin Valkyrie could compete with performance, others can't.
            I guess it will be faster than Valkyrie, but we will see.
            It's F1 technology, there is no better than that.
            As they say, "F1 car with MOT". :)
            About design, everyone has own taste.
            My pick is Merc, because Project One is new, fresh, unique, and the one which i like the most.
            And it's become classic at the same time.
            Sure they could made more aggressive, or more (unnecessary) details on car, but it need to handle time, just like 300SL Gullwing, and not to be just trendy at the moment.
            Because of that, there are clean surfaces, lines...
            Elegant yet aggressive.
            And nobody can say it looks like others Mercs, which some complain about other models.
            For instance, front of LaFerrari looks like 458 on steroids, IMO.
            Enzo has more individual design.
            Best part of LaFerrari is V12 engine, IMO.
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            • MercFan

              MercFan Active Member

              Porsche 918

              I like the look of it. The exhaust sound is nice too. Technicaly - Mercedes is the most interesting now.
            • Frankie G

              Frankie G Active Member

              The short. And that is probably the only occasion you will ever hear me take a smaller size for anything :D
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              • klier

                klier Member

                The AMG for the looks, tech and interior.
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                • Merc1

                  Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                  Can you imagine what the response will be from Ferrari, McLaren and maybe Porsche to this Project One from AMG? I look for McLaren to be first.

                • klier

                  klier Member

                  The hypercar game is moving at breakneck speeds, but none have the skills, resources and F1 know-how like MB. It's going to take a couple of years from this car on, I bet....it's back to the drawing board for all of them sans maybe the Aston, but I hardly call that a car....

                  Rather go with no wiper than an ugly one in the middle of the windshield. That's just too much for me personally. None of these will be driven in the rain anyways. Sounds like pure suicide to me.
                  Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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                  • lafars

                    lafars Active Member

                    Vlkyrie because of it's uncompomising design philosophy, the only way newey could make it faster is by sticking a gearbox-driven fan to it aston martin valyrie 1. aston martin valyrie 3. red bull x2011 1. red bull x2011 3.
                  • CrunchSlaughtered

                    CrunchSlaughtered Active Member

                    If the car can not be driven in the rain, than the customers in Britain won't have any chance to drive it at all
                  • montana

                    montana Active Member

                    For me, it's always been between the LaFerrari and the 918 Spyder. The MB and Aston Martin are mighty impressive, but as I'd never be able to exploit the performance of either car, I'll just have to go with engine sound and looks. Therefore, LaFerrari for me I think. But then again, tomorrow might be 918........
                  • PanterroR

                    PanterroR Well-Known Member

                    One thing i'm sure AMG will do - it'll smoke everything on the table of hypercars in this moment and in next few years, it's simply to :bowdown::bowdown: Kudos to MB/AMG... What a job done! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap
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                    • alex2111

                      alex2111 Member

                      Can't wait to find out how much faster the AMG and Aston are compared to the other trio around a track!
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                      • 330CIZHP

                        330CIZHP Well-Known Member

                        AMG One is shaping up to be that one.
                      • dali

                        dali Member

                        Years ago, I would have gone crazy about putting an F1 engine in a road car (the F50 came close).
                        Today, I am still a big Formula 1 fan, but also totaly surprised how cold Project One leaves me - 1.6l engine? Call me old school, but this is not the way my hypercar should be, no matter how high the output. Step on Valkyrie!
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