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Your favourite Hypercar ?

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by WAND, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Mercedes-AMG Project One

  2. Aston Martin Valkyrie

  3. Ferrari LaFerrari

  4. McLaren P1

  5. Porsche 918 Spyder

  1. WAND

    WAND Active Member


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    • rs271

      rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      I have voted for the Ferrari. Why? I'm followed my feelings without to compare any technical specs.
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      • Gipsydanger

        Gipsydanger Member

        My vote goes to laferrari but my all-time favourite is the mclaren f1 lm:)
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        • WAND

          WAND Active Member

          For me there is no doubt. :) :firstprize:
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          • Merc1

            Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            Project One.

          • Cashmere

            Cashmere Well-Known Member

            The BMW Z10 concept :p

            j/k - The AMG Project one! The powertrain alone makes Ferrari, P1 and Porsche 918 look like pedestrian cars.
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            • Dauer

              Dauer Active Member

              LaFerrari V12 9.250 RPM vs 1.6L V6 11.000 rpm

              My vote goes to the Ferrari
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              • DeDe

                DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                Carrera GT :D

                From here: the LaFerrari
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                • Jimmy

                  Jimmy Well-Known Member

                  A difficult choice between the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1.

                  That being said, I'm not really "into" hypercars. Never have been. My 19-20-ish car nut peers looked at me as if I were Charles Manson out on bail when I said the Lamborghini Countach was "amazingly ugly" back in the early 1970s'.
                • A.P.

                  A.P. Member

                  I think the Hybrid Hyper 3 shouldn`t have been included as their age has sort of gone by.

                  With that said, there is only two to pick from for me. I feel like overall Valkyrie has a more epic design compared to Project One, but I would still take Project One design wise, just because that ass and that shark fin. Interior wise I think we all know who won between those two. Performance wise we are going to see, but I think Aston will be the "more fun" car of the two. With that said, AMG blew me away yesterday, even more so than the Aston. So Project One gets my vote.

                  On the other hand I have found new love for LaFerrari, last time my list would have looked something like this:
                  1. 918S
                  2. P1
                  3. LaF

                  Now it`s different:
                  1. LaF
                  2. 918
                  3. P1
                • Tarek

                  Tarek Well-Known Member

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                  • Sunny

                    Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

                    Looks - Laferrari.
                    Tech - Project one
                    Performance - TBD.
                  • PanterroR

                    PanterroR Well-Known Member

                    The f??? :cwm1:

                    OT: P1

                    But if F1 GTR was included in this poll, it would take me a blink of an eye to vote for it.
                    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017
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                    • SDNR

                      SDNR Well-Known Member

                      LaFerrari .....but I'd still prefer a Chiron.
                    • Merc1

                      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                      It's all matterless really.....for you see, people who shop in this space will have one of each. I know I would if I were able. Chiron, LaFerrari, 918 and the Project One.

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                      • SDNR

                        SDNR Well-Known Member

                        ha ha ....well, you are probably correct about that.
                      • hoffmeister_fan

                        hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

                        Like a bunch here, I'm intrigued by hypercars, but I wouldn't actively desire one. Hell, my current dream car is the 991.2 GT3. But if I have to say what intrigues me the most, it's the Valkyrie...crazy aero from Newey and Cosworth V12? Yeah, that's a very good combo. Pain in the ass driving position be damned!
                      • GTA45E

                        GTA45E Well-Known Member

                        From a design perspective, The Auston Valkyrie is exquisite imo.
                        For me it is a tie between the Valkrie and the AMG. I like the style of the Auston better. The functional details are a true work of art.

                      • Merc1

                        Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                        That Aston is breathtaking for sure. I just don't want it to be like a kit car.

                      • gdm

                        gdm Well-Known Member

                        Bye Bye,Laf,918,P1. Hello AMG,It's your show time.
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