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OFFICIAL BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

Discussion in 'New BMW Models / Vehicles' started by SCOTT27, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. tomazino

    tomazino Active Member

    So, give me numbers that you have...
  2. Star&Car

    Star&Car Well-Known Member

    ^25,916 7er's were sold last year here,half of which is like nearly 1.3K.. If that was the truth just imagine how big a frofit BMW would gain in a single market:eek:..But in fact most of them are 730Li's and 740Li's,even 750Li's are rarelly sight let alone 760Li's.seriously I even doubt BMW could produce that many 760Li's all the year round.
  3. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Vision Future Luxury - Closer than you think.


    September 24 , 2006 - taken from German car zone published by Scott27.

    Projekt PLS- F-03. Premium luxury Sedan.

    D-day is fast approaching at BMW soon the decision will be made on where does the brand go next , Serious decisions will be given on the next generation 6er Coupe and cabrio ( expected to be a evolution of todays car) and a model Although only existing in sketches , computer animations and claymodels to either top the BMW brand , expand a segment or open an entirely new segment for BMW.
    With the motoring media reporting that a "small" Rolls-Royce is being developed they are reporting that it will be a direct rival for the Bentley Continental GT family - It wont be...
    Although their will be a smaller RR family below the Phantom it will not be directly competing against the Bentley Continental family but be positioned slightly lower than the Phantom.
    Four factors are weighing against this decision.

    1. To keep RR exclusive .
    2. The BMW brand has enough stability to compete against the upper reigns of the segment including the Bentley continental Family.
    3. BMW like to investigate new segments - witness BMW X3 (premium compact SAV segment) , BMW E87 Coupe and cabrio ( premium small coupe and cabrio segment) , BMW RFK and BMW X6 "sport activity coupe)
    4. BMW do not really want a me too Coupe competitor as the segment is crowded enough.

    Whilst we have talked about the 8er Coupe prospect another competing model for greenlight this october is BMW's " Premium luxury sedan" which is being investigated as a possible 9 series addition.
    BMW see this as a possible new segment, a large sedan positioned above the 7er A beautiful looking car with a unique lower sleeker shape than a 7er (think CLS in the upper segment) with 4 drs, following the RFK idea with rear suicide doors , a shallow glass area , small rear overhang thin slits for headlights wide BMW twin-kidney grille, large wheels - whilst the design will be cutting edge and as fresh as the proposed 2012 launch.
    Technology and architecture will not be any different utilising from it's cutting edge philosophy. An all alloy space frame with alumiunium front and rear modules and carbon fibre composite body panels will keep this car seriously lightweight , The floorpan will come direct from modules utilised from the upcoming 7er. BMW would then have it's "Individual" division compose interior options to make it BMW's set alone exclusive choice in it's own segment.
    Although in creative discussion several engine choices are being investigated.
    With the next 7er BMW are slimming down some options available the top line V12 will only be offered with the LWB only due to poor sales of the current SWB V12 .
    The next V12 being developed By BMW will incorporate BMW's turbo technology - one option could be leaving a Naturally aspirated V12 in the 7er and focusing the Twin-turbo V12 for their top line project. Another option is letting a Specialist (Alpina) fettle the V12 for the new car.
    One strategy that would earn BMW serious environmental credentials would be the addition of a Hydrogen "9" A social concious luxury sedan for the environmetally concerned.
    One thing that has been made abundantly clear is that it remains a single model - a BMW with No M-variant.
    A soon to be approved model will be BMW's Motorsport achievement With the PLS project It would be BMW's technological flagship - It would be the car that would bring BMW back into contention with luxury car buyers who see BMW and Mercedes as lower class, less exclusive everyman brands.
    It will also be the car that will bridge BMW to RR unless BMW acquire Aston Martin.
    Then all bets will be off....

    Shanghai , China April 2007.
    BMW unveils the CS Concept Car.
    image. A groundbreaking concept designed to portray the direction the luxury market needs to take for Premium manufacturers.
    The CS concept was a symbol, it was a concept that was conceived to understand whether a place for BMW in the luxury segment could exist. The CS was a vehicle thinking ahead to now , a possible direction the market could take , a market that is relevant now but did not exist in 2007.

    Beijing , China 2014.

    BMW unveils the Vision Future Luxury. A concept that showcases BMWs approach to a segment of the market , a concept that aims to discover an entire new direction in a luxury car.
    The conception of Vision Future Luxury began with an investigation to prevent the decline of the luxury sedan against a luxury SUV. A segment that continues to grow and demand more concepts.
    The concept relates to the Concept CS in what direction will the segment take? VFL shows where it has ended up. Right at the door of the luxury market knocking on Rolls-Royce.

    The luxury market is a market that constantly needs progress and innovation, full creativity is essential. As is understanding the market it is aimed at. In this case its China. I was asked why not debut this car in New York?
    The American market is not its target.
    If we take the Concept CS back in 2007 it was a concept aimed at progressing the luxury market to where the market was heading. Vision Future Luxury is the next stage of progress to determine the possibility of a more premium model to compete with High priced sedans and to fit under the entry Rolls-Royce model The Ghost.

    Whilst Vision Future Luxury certainly illustrates a distant future it also illustrates the coming future in which if we add and subtract from this concept we receive the next generation of BMW 7er models.

    The front of the VFL has been described as ostentatious but it reflects the luxury car market and makes a statement so that there is no doubt that people know what it stands for. Just as a Rolls-Royce face is dominated by the large grille , the same goes for the new S-Klasse. The front end of the car is dominated by a larger than normal twin kidney grille that leaves no doubt that this is a BMW. Due to the premium market that is allowing for a new BMW X7. Because of that cars height it will receive a larger than normal grille. To remind everyone this is the ultimate BMW SAV and a flagship in its own right.

    The large grille is not retained for the new 7er it uses one similar to today's car but with a slight increase in width , more in perspective with the BMW collaboration with Pininfarina - The Gran Lusso.
    The headlights show the possibilities with BMW laser-light technology allowing for slimmer units , the 7er will feature standard LED so the light units are slightly larger , laser-light will be an option. The outline of the headlights are similar in shape but slightly larger , they connect to the grille as per normal BMW these days , the outline is sharper and follows the squared-off look of the front bumper , the hood lines up to the grille because of the higher front dispensing with the current nose cone.
    The rear of the car shows a similarity with the next 7er. The rear light units are thinner and sit higher up , the air breathers sitting under neath are not present but will be actual parts of the rear metal work allowing for a full trunk opening aperture. The way the rear lights wrap around the rear so you can see a surface on top is carried over , the excellence of this is that it allows the rear arch to be broader so that when looking at the car from the rear it gives the coke bottle look a similar feature is on the current BMWs to add more visual muscle and make the car broader than before.
    The licence plate continues on the boot-lid as of previous 7er models. The lower diffuser accentuates the exhaust ports and rear reflectors. Given the admiration in many markets for chrome detailing. As shown on VFL there will detailing around the lights and across the boot lid. This will also feature on the lower diffuser and will wrap around the rear bumper.
    The shape of the rear lights are more in line with the idea displayed with the Gran Lusso concept.
    image. LED technology will of course make them thinner and stretched than the larger units in today's car.

    The outline of the car conforms to a typical BMW sedan. Again strong proportions and a dynamic roofline allows especially in a long vehicle , a more athletic appearance and coupe-esque roofline that allows for a very short rear overhang and a long hood. If we look at we can say the outline is the DNA of the next generation of sedans. So we see the future 7er , 5er and 3er in that outline and there is no denying that it is a true BMW. Visually perfect with strong proportions and added athleticism.

    The BMW character line is present on the 7er. Again it is placed higher up just bellow the glasshouse so you get a crease with a minimal surface that allows placement of the individual door openings. The best example is seen on the Gran Lusso how it runs across the length of the car and of course it is like current BMWs more three-dimensional so it broadens out again evident from the rear so you can see the outline like a coke bottle.

    The lower flanks that add surface design and connection to the air breather is carried over.
    This is more three dimensional than before as the shape is imprinted into the lower half of the car across the doors.
    It is formed deeper at the air breather, pronouncing it three dimensionally. As it travels along the doors it becomes one dimensionally before leaving a barley visible imprint of the shape.
    Again the air breather allows for extra decorative detail and for most models this will be in either chrome , mat chrome or shadow line. As it runs along the sills then forming the air breather.

    Next time I will talk about the engineering aspect which I will leave you with the important feature crucial to the lightweight engineering of the new 7er.

    CARBON FIBRE LOAD BEARING SECTION. And how it will feature in the DNA of the next generation of BMWs.

    And then the interior and features on the VFL which are more realistic than you may think.
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    • SCOTT27

      SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      We have sold more 760Li in China than any other market since the introduction in 2009. Nearly every 7er model sold in China contains BMW Individual equipment at extra cost.
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      • Busty

        Busty Active Member

        Thanks Scott for the (once more) very informative post. I guess, you gave me some idea about next-gen BMWs. However, could you please clarify what you mean by '.....follows the squared-off look of the front bumper....'? The headlight area is probably the part that I like least about the VFL ....
      • Star&Car

        Star&Car Well-Known Member

        Everybody can see that cos China's the biggest martet for 7er after all,but still a considerably small amount of units compared to other models.so get it straight,more is how many if you are willing to reveal..I'm curious to know that.
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        • Star&Car

          Star&Car Well-Known Member

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          • tomazino

            tomazino Active Member

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            • shonguiz

              shonguiz Well-Known Member

              I would be very gad if they took the headlights, the trunk and the interior philosophy to the next 7er.
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              • emet

                emet Member

                Gran Lusso is beautiful, but I don't like this new Visiaon Future Luxury Concept. Rear end is ok, side profile is not bad either, but that front is just... hideous. Mostly because of that huuuuge kidney grille, and too small headlights, but according to what SCOTT says.. production version of the new 7er will have bigger headlights and smaller grille.. so i should look better.
              • klier

                klier Member

                Did you guys notice how the rear door flows around the wheelarch?

                This is new for BMW, a straight line past the wheel arch used to be the holy grail for a very long time (every sedan since the E46 pretty much) @SKY

                Looks good I must say.

                I also wonder how much of the convex and concave design we're going to see in the production car. This is the most 3D sedan I have ever seen and I am looking in amazement to those new yt vids. Finally a non boring BMW design at least...
              • SCOTT27

                SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              • Star&Car

                Star&Car Well-Known Member

                I don't have numbers on hand.but today I did talk to a friend who has ralationship with BMW China and MB China marketing people,he asked those people and they said: 730Li models can beat their equivalents from S class by a big margin,but 750Li or above level models tremendously laging behind by their equivalents(S500,S600),even in the 7er's most mighty period.So I think it's safe to say 50% 7er's sold were 760Li's is very much misinformed.

                @ klier why rated my post old?It was BMW CM people who was not honest enough to admit the most 7er's sold in China were entry level models..;)
              • JLBM

                JLBM Well-Known Member

                The typeface on that number plate is gauche, trashy and HIDEOUS.
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                • EnI

                  EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

                  It's actually so: 50% of all 760Li are sold in China. Not that 50% of all 7ers sold in China are 760Li. :) Somebody misread the data.
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                  • SCOTT27

                    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                    Kind of de-railed with the 7er talk. Back to the topic in hand.

                    Understanding the idea behind Vision Future Luxury and what it means for the BMW brand.


                    Take a Seat...

                    Vision Future Luxury is a concept to gauge customer appetite for a car that would cost considerably higher than the current flagship 7 series limousine.
                    Originally there was the option to use an extended 7er model like the previous E38 7er LXi. But research uncovered that in markets like China that there is room for a further push upmarket to connect that bridge to Rolls-Royce.

                    The VFL is a 5 meter long vehicle, but also referred to internally as the 9-series, is aimed at a progressive ultra wealthy clients who like BMWs but feel that there is nothing more to offer. VFL could potentially rival brands such as Bentley which like BMW stress a performance message ahead of luxury.

                    Vision Future Luxury is being presented the Auto China show in Beijing as a way to test customer opinion in the world's largest car market and in 2015 the worlds largest market for luxury cars. The Vision Future Luxury brings BMW full circle from its initial experiment with the 2007 CS Concept Car 7 years ago.

                    Concept CS was to see if the BMW brand could be stretched further upmarket bridging to the Rolls-Royce brand. 7 years later we have now arrived at that point that customers do indeed wish to see the brand stretched further upmarket.

                    For now the Vision Future Luxury is more than just a concept. Its a window into the next generation BMW 7er not just in design , but technology and engineering. The VFL heavily reflects previous BMW comments about the next 7er being the most advanced BMW to date as many feature illustrated and mentioned will arrive with the all new car.

                    The recent announcement of the BMW X7 is also illustrated by the Vision Future Luxury especially at a time when luxury sedans are being outsold by luxury SUVs.

                    The X7 brings forth the same advancements from the 7er to have a vehicle that must be individual and not simply be an enlarged X5. The X7 will be the epitome of a luxury activity vehicle , distinguished by individuality , and technology as the next generation 7er.

                    BMW's effort comes as rival Mercedes-Benz is also testing appetite for reviving its disbanded high-end Maybach brand although this is going to be an extended S-Klasse not a bespoke model like the Vision Future Luxury BMW 9er.

                    The BMW i3 and BMW i8 showed the potential to show BMW as a more individual car company , to be different is to be innovative and the Vision Future Luxury is the next stage. Some segments have become boring and the luxury car market is one of these there is so much that can be done with wood and leather but BMW are now taking a new approach to this segment.

                    The next 7er can be described as a full revolution but in the way it progresses everything you have thought about a luxury car from BMW.
                    The next 7er has the potential to be a very different , luxury car and for BMW to become a very different brand but never forgetting about its core philosophy "Sheer Driving Pleasure"

                    For BMW a revolution always begins at 7.
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                    • jack

                      jack Well-Known Member

                      am i the only one who is seeing a smiling chinese in the front ?
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                      • Beemer B773ER

                        Beemer B773ER Well-Known Member

                        Damn. If BMW ever decides to direct this much attention to the African car market, they should just use the Lion King production as the opening number to press conference show!
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                        • SCOTT27

                          SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                          One thing a new BMW concept always does is provide a template for visual renderers both amateur and professional to enter a proposal for a new BMW model.
                          And whilst we have had everything from CS Conceptitis to Gran Lussoitis we can now look forward to Vision Future Luxuritis . Which we see in this render for the next 7er Li.

                          Let's just say that the advent of the VFL has made this render closer to reality but not quite there yet.
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                          • klier

                            klier Member

                            Looks spectacular.

                            And I agree, we're going to see a lot of VFL'ed 7er and 5er renders in the coming year.

                            Can't wait to see renders of the VFL with smaller grille and bigger lights. Gran Lusso grille will do just fine I think.
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