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SPIED! Mercedes W212 E-Class Facelift: Renders, Spyshots, Etc

Discussion in 'E-Class' started by LaArtist, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

    Tobias Moers has said both AWD and RWD variants will be offered on most AMG products. While the AWD models will ultimately be faster around the track, they do not want to abandon their RWD fans.
  2. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I hope so, but I doubt it. If so then the brand new SL65 AMG's V12 will be short lived.

  3. Merc1

    Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    I hope they offer both, but for the U.S. market for the E63 4Matic is the only configuration, just like the E550. Not a fan of that, but oh well. Mercedes is the brand about vast choices, or should be. No reason for an E550 4Matic in Florida or Texas or Cali, where they sell a lot of them.

  4. Pagani

    Pagani Well-Known Member

    There is precedent for that. Recall the NA E63 AMG 212 that lasted but a year before the v8TT came?
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    • Wunderkind

      Wunderkind Active Member

      With that much torque, 4WD is becoming a neccesity. It's not a bad thing. Think about it, the other way to harness all that extra power, Mercedes either goes down the 4WD route, or, fit even wider and bigger rear tyres to the car. Bigger and wider rear tyres means wider rear fenders, more rolling resistence and more/worse fuel consumption, and also affects the ride and handling characteristics. There might be more grip, but the car would feel wooden (i.e. all grip and no finesse). Also, the car will still have to rely on the traction control more to keep things tidy.

      Interesting the journalist mentioned the M5 is no longer the precision sports car in sedan clothing. I think the next generation M and AMG products will be better as they will be lighter due to more light weight materials being used.
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    • Merc1

      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Correct again, I'm with you on this.

    • Keyonte

      Keyonte Active Member

      6d4ac3103f0e6f1249d764fe473efb5f. 28cbf56b689448076eac04ae85f24feb. 4b5ccdd6613d70d74f7a069ca55a001c.
      ENTIRE PHOTO GALERY INCLUDING INTERIOR SHOT http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests...mg_4matic_development_mule_first_look/photos/

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      • Zafiro

        Zafiro Well-Known Member

        and then comes the next Audi RS6 with 610 hp. Then the E-class wont be the strongest 4-door sedan anymore.
      • Wolfgang

        Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


        Mercedes plans big changes for '14 E class

        LOS ANGELES -- With the rapid pace of technology, Mercedes-Benz says it no longer can rely on relatively minor midcycle changes for key models. So the E-class freshening planned for next year will be more extensive than usual, with major sheet metal and interior changes, said Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA.

        The 2014 E-class family, including a sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible, will go on sale next summer.

        Cannon said the luxury market is changing because buyer "expectations are being driven by consumer electronics, and its rapid pace of new product introductions.

        "The ability to just keep the product going for seven years with just minor tweaks is a strategy we have gone away from," he said

        The current E class, which debuted in 2009, competes with the BMW 5 series and the Audi A6.

        Cannon also said a redesigned S-class sedan will arrive next fall with major interior and exterior changes.

        He said the 2014 S class will have a host of technological features, including two cameras in the front that can adjust suspension settings. It will also have a rear camera that can sense an impending rear crash and make adjustments to safety systems.

        Read more: http://www.autonews.com/article/20121203/OEM03/312039966#ixzz2E4RPTcZH

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        • K-A

          K-A Banned

          M-B, speak for yourselves.

          If you weren't so behind initially, you wouldn't have to drastically improve things so much for facelifts.

          BMW, Audi, Porsche are doing just fine with very minor mid-cycle changes, because they engineer the cars to be ahead of the curve initially. Gotta love M-B marketing, trying to make their problems seem like widespread problems in the industry, when it's they who are losing market share, and competition who don't follow their "strategy" of big mid-cycle changes are gaining. Customers who spend premium-car money like some timeless value and initial innovation, and in the long term reward those who can deliver that. I for one not only don't want to support M-B for becoming like a "Toyota brand" with drastic changes every 3-4 years, but I don't even want my W212 anymore due to it becoming so prematurely dated.

          If M-B's were properly foresighted at launch, they wouldn't need to do such massive mid-year changes. Again, look at Porsche, they do very light changes, and are practically the automotive benchmark right now.
        • DjordjeC63

          DjordjeC63 Active Member

          I just hope that it won't understeer as RS Audi...
        • Monster

          Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

          The difference between the consumer electronic market and the automotive market is that cars are the 2nd most expensive purchase for most people, a $500 to $700 smart phone or tablet is relatively cheap and easily replaceable. Also these products are way less complicated than designing, testing and then manufacturing a proper vehicle. MB can choose to update the in car electronics every one or two years and leave the rest of the car as it is.
        • K-A

          K-A Banned

          That struck me as odd too. Electronics are easy to update. This just sounds like an excuse and marketing tactic because M-B knows their car wasn't competitive enough, and most consumers outside of the U.S obviously saw that and chose more impressive cars. Many of us chose the W212 because of its distinctive aesthetic elements, which will now be changed to different ones as well, some of them now more normalized appearing.

          Also, those new pics show the interior looking quite similar to the current one, save for the CLS carryovers. I hope that isn't the case as the interior of the W212 needs some major plush-ing to be competitive as well.
        • Mr. Mercedes

          Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

          Face the reality KA. The E-class was conceived at a time when MB's resources were likely at their most stretched. They delivered a very conservative product that did not move the game on sufficiently. Sure it's build quality and reliability are beyond reproach now, but they have given up much ground in terms of comfort, refinement and general luxury.

          Furthermore, they are simply not attracting enough younger buyers because the car is extremely conservative without the AMG sports pack. Even with it, it still looks like a product more suited to an older buyer, particularly when sat alongside the A6. As such they can't simply rest on their laurels for another 4 years for the sake of keeping happy a select few customers who only want to see evolutionary changes.

          Expect to see major revisions with every facelifted benz, until they return to where they should be in terms of product competitiveness and market share. The newly released ML, A-class etc. will not be exceptions.
        • JLBM

          JLBM Well-Known Member

          Agree with you on comfort. Especially MB's seats. The E-Class can't hold a candle to the F10's comfort seat (or sport seat for that matter). The seats in my Range Rover Sport don't compare with the F10's.
        • K-A

          K-A Banned

          Problem is, these same words were said when the W210 was released, the W211, and I distinctly remember, the W212. People always allow M-B to have previously "flubbed" in the name of "having to change things around drastically to attract younger buyers". They've been pushing for younger buyers forever now. I remember when I had a W211 and was upset at how insanely different the W212 was, i.e breaking M-B's luxury-car-esque "evolution idiom", and W212 fans were telling me "M-B had to change the E look drastically to attract younger buyers", now they're saying the W212 is too much for "older buyers". I can almost promise that in 3 years from now, when the W213 rolls around, people will be saying the W212 facelift went for "older buyers" as well. and the "W213 is so drastically 'changed' because it has to attract younger buyers", and the cycle will likely continue.

          Audi is changing cars so negligibly you can barely tell a difference between new and old, yet they have the young market on lockdown, BMW is actually making cars MORE conservative and carefully evolved, and are continuing to steal younger buyers within each segment. Porsche? The hottest car to youth is a 911 and it's looked the same for half a century. People love when designs become iconic due to evolved and improved execution. M-B has lost that plot, IMO. They already bastardized the CLS's original clean-elegance, they released an SL that is so seemingly not-hot in enthusiast-land you can almost forget the icon has been replaced after 10 years, the E-Class is going through extensive changes prematurely compared to before, etc. The S hopefully won't fall victim to this.

          IMO, this is all just excuses by M-B for products that aren't up to competitive spec by M-B, which is why you can get E350's for over 20% discounts in the U.S with no sweat.

          I'm sure the W213 will be a nice technical improvement, but the F10 facelift will pull further away from it, as will the facelift A6. Until M-B can confidently get back into their groove and do things on their own terms, without making it look so obvious that marketing is designing their cars and strategies, they'll keep losing share in the upper segments.
        • Sovereign

          Sovereign Well-Known Member

          The E65 BMW was vastly updated exterior-wise during the mid life revision as its design was a whole lot more controversial and polarizing than the current or previous generations. E46 3series was quite different in appearance when launched as Coupe. So its not only Mercedes who are doing big revisions.

          I think that Mercedes is updating their designs more comprehensively because they are facing competition not only from the European marques that are redefined recently (Audi and Jaguar) but companies like Hyundai are also trying to get some sales away with its top models. Mercedes faced competition from upmarket Japanese brands from 1990s and now the Koreans. Mercedes also increased their product portfolio significantly from mid 1990s which diluted the exclusivity of Mercedes' design and made their hall mark design language quite a common sight. What I am trying to say here is that when you have only few models on the road, the design language is definitely more exclusive and a particular design can be extended for longer period. Therefore, its not merely marketing talk when Mercedes is speaking about shorter design cycles with their current product strategy of having many models sharing the design language. My only concern at this stage is that the updated models of the previous SL and the current C class looked worse than original. I hope that wont be the case with the E.
        • K-A

          K-A Banned

          The E65 is the perfect example of why M-B's current strategy won't work in the long term. As it was clearly a "mistake/about face".

          I think that M-B keeps getting these excuses, but look at BMW, Porsche, Audi, all of whom are increasing their market share, and are doing it by getting even more evolutionary and precise, while M-B is doing the opposite. If you think about it, you could have gotten an F01 in '09 and had a still relevant model even after the 7er facelift. However, if you got a 2010 E-Class, come 2013, you'll have a noticeably dated car, showing you cracks in M-B's initial engineering and designing methods, which you entrusted (or to which was in your taste, of course).

          BMW and Audi and Porsche seem to be putting a lot of R&D into putting out cars "the right way" when they launch, while M-B has to have corrective surgery's so prematurely.

          IMO, when we're paying M-B prices and have dated cars after just a few years, and our competitors are doing just the opposite, there's no excuse for that other than bad management.
        • SKY

          SKY Well-Known Member

          I have told you a few times I think you tend to exagerate things too much some times. But this post is a perfect analysis of the situation.
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          • Merc1

            Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            As much as I love BMW right now they aren't perfect either. Heavier cars with less and less involvement from behind the wheel isn't the direction they should be going either. The 3 and the 5 suffer from this. Design wise they are ahead of MB right now, but not the entire vehicle. Audi and MB are paying much more attention to weight than BMW is with their latest releases. To keep saying MB is behind and BMW is ahead is only partially true when you look everything and not just styling, which is what some here keep doing.

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