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BMW Compactive Tourer - spy pics & info

Discussion in 'New BMW Models / Vehicles' started by EnI, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. SCOTT27

    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    The Z1 will be the entry car which will be developed with the separate replacement for the MINI Coupe and Roadster.

    The Z3 follows the initial strategy for the Z2 remains RWD but now will feature a soft top.

    The Z5 will replace the Z4 retain RWD and folding hardtop but will be more of an SL rival.

    Two are possible Toyota collaborations with equal or almost equal equivalents.
    The initial Spyder strategy should be accommodated in one or perhaps two models, but the design for the new family is derived by Vision ConnectedDrive concept car.
  2. klier

    klier Member

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    Ford I wouldn't know, but RenaultSport is pretty damned impressive indeed. Like, REALLY impressive.
    As for unmolested Audis….no…no, lets not get started :D Be afraid of Tumbo :D
  3. Got that Scott, but what I am afraid of is that they are Vaporware. Like has any development started on the Z3, or is it still in the conceptual stage?

    I am glad to see that someone has realized what I have been saying for the past year or two, which is that the current Z4 is in a philosophically awkward spot in the market. Its trying to juggle the very very lower end of SL buyers (or more likely people that would like an SL but can't afford one) while still trying to be a proper sports car.
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    • SCOTT27

      SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Z3 has started development. The upcoming winter testing in Arjeplog will bring new surprises.
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      I'm hoping under 3,000lbs won't be unrealistic for the Z3...
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      • shonguiz

        shonguiz Well-Known Member

        It will be FWD though.
      • You wanna know how I know you didn't read Scotts post?
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        • shonguiz

          shonguiz Well-Known Member

          Sorry he said that in a previous post, not this one.
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          • SCOTT27

            SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            And here we go the first stages of new models destined for growth segments of the compact market and all spawned from the new UKL architecture which is clever to accommodate the Many aspects of these new models by using modular pieces. (Think Meccano).

            Here we have the all new BMW X1 , BMW 2er Active Tourer , BMW 2er Gran Tourer L - a full seven seat and the first seven seat BMW outside the X5 and the new MINI Clubman which is completely cool , remains quirky but with added practicality and also the first MINI out with the Countryman to offer All4 all wheel drive. And already seen disguised the MINI 5dr again adding practicality to the successful MINI formula.

            image. image.
            BMW X1 , MINI 5dr and BMW 2er Active Tourer.
            MINI Clubman and BMW 2er Active Gran Tourer L.
            The two BMW 2er Active Tourer variants.
            And the new BMW X1. If you look closely you can see from design attributes retained.
            The rising glasshouse and kicked up hofmeister of the current car as well as a more sloping roofline which shows the roofline decreasing and the glasshouse rising at the rear to interact with the Sport Activity aspect of the new X1.

            image. image.
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            • SCOTT27

              SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              BMW align with SALEWA to promote the new BMW 2er Active Tourer.


              Munich. In our fast-moving world, many people seek time-out in a natural environment. As a result, leisure activities in the open air are experiencing a major boom and an increasing number of sport enthusiasts feel attracted to open terrain and the mountains. Modern lifestyle is active and when it is possible to combine it with an impressive mountain setting, it offers health, variety and enjoyment alike. The diversity of the activities allows each and everyone to find his or her very own alternative. Whether hiker, climber or passionate cyclist, it is important that people are able to organize themselves quickly and easily. In order to do this, it is necessary to have the appropriate sports equipment, which is equally as important as a comfortable means of transport. From now on, mountain sports specialist SALEWA and car manufacturer BMW are pooling their competences to combine individual mobility with the perfect outdoor experience. In a cooperative partnership being launched in September 2014, those interested will experience a combination of driving pleasure and the fascination of mountain sports.

              The collaboration between the BMW brand and SALEWA was announced at the ISPO, the leading international trade fair of the winter sports industry, on 28 January. In future, the carmaker and the mountain sports specialist will jointly invite active people to go out and enjoy nature. BMW’s efficient technological orientation will meet up with the many years of experience multi-specialist SALEWA has to offer at a vertical level, thereby creating a dynamic connection.

              From September 2014, the cooperative partners will be organizing a series of events featuring varied mountain sports and outdoor experiences designed to appeal to their guests. SALEWA will be supporting these outdoor activities with the appropriate equipment. Experienced athletes and mountain guides will accompany the events. With the provision of its own vehicles, BMW will allow visitors to each location to experience innovative technology, sporty driving dynamics and a newly conceived mobility concept.

              With the series production version of the Concept Active Tourer, BMW is extending its model range within the rapidly growing premium small car and compact car segment. This new BMW combines a high level of spatial functionality and compact exterior dimensions with the highest degree of efficiency and driving dynamics as well as a stylish appearance boasting a typical BMW design. Therefore, it is ideally suited to active, sports-minded people who like to move about outdoors.

              Dr. Steven Althaus, head of BMW Brand Management and BMW Group Marketing Services, says about the cooperation with SALEWA: “With the series production version of the BMW Concept Active Tourer, BMW is once again providing proof of its ability to provide new concepts that are oriented to the needs of customers. SALEWA – a manufacturer of high-quality mountaineering equipment – and BMW are sharing the mutual goal of providing people of today with optimum mobility for mind and body. We look forward to cooperating with SALEWA and to the joint realisation of exciting projects.”

              Those participating in the joint events will get to know the vehicle on a test drive, during which they will be able to convince themselves of its advantages.

              “Today, true luxury is defined by time that bestows you with unforgettable moments. Experiences like these can be found outdoors amidst nature, in alpine terrain, when you get your body moving. Amateur and professional sport enthusiasts alike must be able to rely on their equipment and reach their destinations safely. Individual mobility plays an essential role in achieving this. The partnership with BMW combines driving dynamics at the highest level with our longstanding experience in mountain sports, creating the ideal basis for unsurpassed mountaineering activities and other outdoor adventures,” says SALEWA CEO Massimo Baratto, describing the benefits of the collaboration.

              Roger Schäli, professional alpinist and SALEWA athlete, also appreciates a trouble-free drive to a destination. The Swiss sportsman travels around 35,000 kilometres each year in order to participate in training sessions and alpine projects. His motivation is a passion for mountains, which began on his local mountain, the Eiger, during his younger years. Today, alpinism is both his passion and profession at the same time and the mountain his “teacher” – even with regard to the daily aspects of life.

              The mountain sports specialist’s current campaign entitled “One Life to Live” will be an ideal platform for the joint initiative launched by BMW and SALEWA. The latter will be providing all active people, from the beginner to the professional, with the appropriate equipment and will, as a result, raise awareness of alpine hazards. In the summer, safety training sessions will be held on a via ferrata and, during the winter season, customers will be able to deepen their knowledge of how to handle terrain and avalanche transceivers by participating in organized training sessions conducted by experienced mountain guides. BMW will be the partner for selected events and will provide transport to each destination and back.

              The cooperation between BMW und SALEWA is being accompanied by joint communications, which will be provided via both partners’ online and offline channels as from the summer of 2014.

              BMW 2er Active Tourer will be announced in February.
              Prior to the World Premiere at Geneva, early March.
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              • Monster

                Monster Global Moderator Staff Member

                The X1 will be a much more suitable car for these 'active' people rather than this thing.
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                • mini_cooper4

                  mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member

                  It's game over for the competition.
                  The only BMW I'm really interested in buying is FWD... can't believe it...
                • SCOTT27

                  SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                  image. image.
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                  • rs271

                    rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                    It´s a van. It has FWD. Untypical for BMW. But who cares? I like this car.
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                    • Giannis

                      Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                      I totally understand the need for such a model, but it's exactly the opposite of what BMW represents to me. I may like the car in the end, but only as an MPV, not a BMW. Even if I end up liking one, needing one and being able to afford one at the same time, I would most certainly not buy one, simply for principle.

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                      • Merc1

                        Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                        The shorter/smaller one is gorgeous, the long one doesn't even look like a BMW. Looks like a new Mazda.

                        Is either version coming to the U.S.?

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                        • SCOTT27

                          SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                          Start the countdown....
                        • Betty Swollocks

                          Betty Swollocks Well-Known Member

                          Do we have to?

                          A reveal on Valentine's Day? Is this going to be BMW's version of the Bang Bus?
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                          • martinbo

                            martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                            Just don't expect this thing to be a proper Beemer. It's going to be a Beemeh.
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                            • marley71

                              marley71 Active Member

                              ^Funny. If I were in the market, I wouldn't be looking for a "compactive tourer" that's for sure. But....was this a proper Beemer?


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