Zoo? - For those of you who live in the States


For those of you who live in the states you may have some wonderful zoo's in your city or state. Please shre which one's you have visited and how you liked it.

In addition to this does anyone know which zoo is the best zoo in the nation(us) and the world?


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I have been in a lot of Zoos in the U.S, but unfortunately I am not that good in remembering names. I have been in different Zoos in at least 6 different states, but the one that I still remember vividly is a HUGE aquarium next to the baseball stadion in Denver, Colorado. They have amazing things to look at, and one tropical aquarium where you can see lot's of tropical fishes underwater and 2 tigers in a jungle above. Really cool but I can't remember the name, I'll try to look it up, hang on :D

Here is the link, it's really worth your time if you're in that area..:

Denver Aquarium (with amazing restaurant inside)


IN NY there are many of them, the best one i remember seeing was in London.

Here in NYC we have the Central Park Zoo. Its awesome!