Videos Z06 Blows up


It doesn't seem to "blow-up" per say, but seems like they rev'd it out in gear. Something surely popped. Also doesn't look like a Z06.

Anyone care to clarify? :t-hands:


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YoungWarrior said:

Well, YoungWarrior. You haven't got the facts right. The engine didn't blow up. What happened was that they where experimenting with a 350 shot of Nitrous and due to a malfunction on the dyno they blew a few pistons. No biggie and not due to bad build quality. Nothing like the blown engines on BMW M3's (E46):D

There is a looooong thread about this on


The engine was stock too was it not? If it was, doing 350 shots of nitrous is just asking for trouble on any kind of engine...


Nah that car didn't blow up, just idiot with lots of money messing all honesty I personally think that the Z06 LS7 engine is is built right. It's freakin huge but it's built very well.