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I had a conversation today with some friends about our driving habits, and which of them are good or bad.

So i decided to make a thread about it, and here are my driving habits:

1. I like driving with the front windows down. The only exceptions are if there is extreme cold or heat. This way you can hear the city's sounds and your car's engine.

2. Music when driving is also a must. And i choose dance/disco music. And i make sure that when down-town everybody can hear me :D

3. I have an obsess with safety belts. I want everyone wearing his before the reminder start beeping.

4. Another bad habit is that i don't allow smoking or drininking anything except water im my car. I want to keep it clean and fresh. You also need to have clean shoes before you step in. For the cases that someone has really dirty shoes and needs is to get in my car, i have some supermarket plastic bags so that he can "wear"

5. I hate it when people play with the car's buttons or change the radio station or play with the cd tracks. The car is mine and only me is allowed to play with the buttons and there is a lot of them.

6. When waiting at a traffic light i usually select no gear (neutral) and pull the hand break. The traffic lights are a nice chance for my foots to rest. I don't care if i start first, second or last when it turns green as far as the other drivers don't sound their horn.

7. In the trunk there are only some neccessary things. Apart from the steering wheel and the "health box'' i have a pair of binoculars, some supermarket bags and that it. Nothing more is needed. The car has to weight as less as possible without being annoying.

8. I hate it when people tell me how should i drive or what should i do under some circumstances. If you don't like my driving get out or say it to me after we get to our destination.

9. Don't ask if you can drive my car. The answer will be NO. Someone else will drive my car only when there is an emergency, or he wants to do a testdrive (as we do with friends' cars), but he has to have my full trust.

10. Last but not least, I know that my car is dirty. You don't have to remind me. I will take it to the car-cleaner when i have free time.

Thanks you for choosing me. Be sure that you picked up all your personal belongings before you leave the car.

What about you? Feel free to share your driving habit with us!


Well ..

1. I drive very close to the cars in front..thats bad

2. I always have music on..

3. i drive fast but not agressive..more soft fast:D

4. I dont allow any drinks food or smoking in my car.. thare is no way

5. Children are not allowed in my car

6. i dont wear the seat belt..until the damn beep drives me nutts

7. I have everything in my trunk.. Tennis racket, boxing gloves, football, tennis balls, umbrealla, bucket and soap for car cleaning,all my university books.. and thats far from everything..haha

8. other than the trunk i like to keep my car clean..

9. I hate wonderbaums or stuff like that.. it makes me crazy

10. Ohh and under the seat i have a telescope bat.. dont know why though..havent used it yet..thank god for that:D


Nice thread Giannis. :usa7uh:

1. I like to drive fast. Not fast as in reckless or dangerous, but as fast as the conditions safely allow. And I won't lose my nerves even if I have to drive slowly.
2. Music is a must. If I'm alone in the car, I'll sing along to the music which probably makes me appear crazy, but I don't mind.
3. I put on my seatbelt without giving it any thought.
4. Smoking? Inside a car? You gotta be kidding me. Eating and drinking is fine... for responsible grown-ups.
5. No useless junk in the car. First aid kit, yes. In the winter, a brush for the snow and a scrape for the ice, and a bottle of washer fluid, but that's about it.
6. People telling me how to drive don't bother me. I just don't listen to them.
7. When waiting at the traffic lights, I usually have 1st gear selected, with one foot pressing the clutch and the other on the brake, unless there's reason to think that it'll take longer than usual for the lights to turn green. And when they do turn green, I'm off. I don't need to race other people or anything, I just don't like being in the way.


Here are somethings:

1. I hate when people smoke in my car, or near me when i'm in the car

2. No music in a parking lot, i find it too distracting.

3. Music that i can hear but not bother other people

4. Safety Belts always on

5. I hate when people kick they're shoes on my entry running board, that really pisses me off

6. I never tailgate and get very upset when somebody does

7. I will speed when i feel it is safe to do so, not at the convience of somebody else

8. I double-space park my car and i always will, because i dislike dents and damage

hehe, I'm a little bastard
I drive my grandparents' 528i from time to time, so I drive it the way it's build for: fast

1) if a van is going too slow, I will overtake from the right
2) the left lane is MY lane :D unless you have a cool car, than I will go right
3) cruising speed is 160 Km/h
4) I have tested ABS on some occasions :D
5) within city-centre's and arround schools I am a saint, too important


1. No smoking, eating or drinking in the car

2. I listen to the sound of my engine, glancing every now and then at the AFR meter, RPM gauge, the boost gauge and lastly the speedometer.

3. No music in my car (In my MBs it used to be on all the time)

4. I no longer tailgate (used to do it with the MBs)

5. Safetybelts always on.

6. I like to get on the boost once in a while when I drive, not to compete with anyone, but just for the thrill of it...

7. Nothing unnecessary in the car

8 I let the car warm up till the AFR is about 14.5 or 4-5 minutes

9. When stopping, during the 2 minute cool-down period before turning the engine off I wipe the dust off the car or any dirt that has splattered on it from the road. The car is clean most of the time.

10. My daily routine also includes some time spent in the garage just being with the car, admiring its' a$$ and wiping the dust off with a cloth.


Here goes:

1- Safety first so seatbelts all around
2-Keep your all your bodily parts inside the car at all times and in plain sight
3-No smoking, No food, No drinking, No Humping,no yelling, no unecessary conversations, No animals or anything that walks on more than 3 feet.
4- although my car can fit 5 people the strict maximum is 4 regardless of your size and weight
5-Rear windows are always locked and under my control...
6-window status: depend on the weather...driving condition and ambiant noise.
7-my driving is sleek very fast and very well calculated and can be considered a public menace at times, should you feel that your personal safety is endangered feel free to get out at your own discretion ( please know that I will NOT stop for you to get out)
8-Music: You may not always like what I listen to all the time...should you feel bothered in any way please refer to #7 and act accordingly.
9-Unless I want to drive your car dont even think about driving mine
Welcome aboard:t-drive:

PS: can you tell what car ''I drive''?


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no offence guys, but i had some great laugh, especially with Artist and DocM.

off course, the above driving habbits apply only for my Volvo.
when driving the clio, it is a goddamn different world, and here it goes.

1. I stopped caring about this car 2 years ago, so you can do everything with it. You can kick it, you can eat/drink in it, you can throw garbage in it, i don't give a flying fart about it. As far as it can take me to work, it's fine.

2. Don't ask to speed. With this car speeding is impossible. Not that i would speed anyway. (i speed only when driving alone)

3. The trunk is like a supermarket. You can find everything in it. The last time i checked it, it was full of water bottles because it had a leak in the cooling system, and about 50 kilos of bricks! If i sold everything that is there, i could buy another 5 same clios!

4. YOU CAN BORROW THIS CAR! Under one rule. You will fill it up with fuel. And you will pay any tickets you will receive. Problably parking tickets, because this is the only thing this car is capable of :D

5. I keep the car as dirty as possible, so that i know which clio is mine. In the surrounding area of my office there are more than 10 same clios!

6. Since i park it everywhere that i consider as a road, and you will be surprised with what i consider as road, it is full of scratches and stuff, but most done by others. I won't fix it. It will cost me 650eur and i can buy a new clio for 500eur. So it's not worth it!

7. I would paint the car blue and damp it in the sea, if i considered it safe enough to park the volvo down-town.

that's enough i think!
PS. I am talking about a 1990 Renault Clio 1.4 78hp, which i drive since i got my driving licence. Gift from dad. It also has a leak in the cooling system. Now it is not a leak. It can better described as a river of cooling liquid. So it is somewhere parked half the distance between home and work, where it almost exploded. I am thinking of throwing it away and get a new car!