WOW! Ferrari Motorcycle


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I'd love to see the stats if they ever made something like this, but don't we already have Italian bikes that are Ferrari equivalents on two wheels like MV Agusta and Ducati?


I thought it would look very different a conventional bike but honestly it looks like a DUcati. I bet it will be expensive. The exhaust looks awsome. one thing. Why do they cover the engine. On a motorcycle part of the beauty in its design is showing off the integrity and quality of the engine. What are they thinking? They have to reveal that two cylinder.....


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ooo mv agusta.. my god that a dream bike.. ferrari should do a speciall edition with Mv Agusta.. :D..

Ferrari developed the engine for the MV Agusta. A Friend of mine got the MV Agusta F4 and it hihts up to 17000 rpm. He also got a RG4 exhaust pipe (racing) It sounds like a formula One car ;o)))