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PICTURES Which one would you choose??

Discussion in 'The BMW Lounge' started by klier, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. M550i

    10 vote(s)
  2. M760Li

    25 vote(s)
  1. klier

    klier Member

    If money was no object, and fuel is for free


    V12, 6592 cc, xDrive
    610 hp, 800 Nm
    0-100 km/h 3.7 secs

    IMG_8996.JPG IMG_8997.JPG IMG_8998.JPG IMG_8999.JPG


    V8, 4395cc, 462 hp, xDrive
    462 hp, 650 Nm
    0-100 km/h 4.0 secs

    5 1. 5 2.
    5 4. 5 5.
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    • Matski

      Matski Member

      M760Li, because V12....

      ... and I'm still not totally sold on the G30 styling
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      • klier

        klier Member

        It's like choosing between your children. The both are so good, and both have their strengths.

        But yeah, I am inclined to pick the M760Li, because of the majestic V12. It has got to be the very best engine on sale right now.
        But then again, the M550i looks better, and will be more of a driver's car.

        Damn :confused:
      • rs271

        rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        Top Poster Of Month

        I don't know. Both are referred to design and technology so fantastic. V8 vs. V12...
        In any case I would prefer the Excellence line.
      • Mars1965

        Mars1965 Well-Known Member Premium Member

        Difficult choice indeed. Design wise either the M760 in Excellence line or M550 with M-package. Not going on any circuit so will choose the 7 because of the V12.
      • Mick Briesgau

        Mick Briesgau Well-Known Member

        Easy (for me). The M760i
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        • Star&Car

          Star&Car Well-Known Member

          The V12.
        • Surely, if it's money no object then it has to be the M760Li
        • picsoubmw

          picsoubmw Well-Known Member

          I would take the M550i because of it's smaller footprint (shame BMW doesn't offer a M760i SWB), certainly more focused on the driver and yet which offer almost everything you can find in the M760Li.

          I would also take an Alpina B7 over the M760Li.
        • Rolf

          Rolf Well-Known Member

          M760iL it is just more of a majestic car with that awesome V12 and it is more rare than 550i.
        • hoffmeister_fan

          hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

          M550i. I mean, come on! ;)
        • CeSClaudiu

          CeSClaudiu Member

          Although I always prefer luxury over sportiness, I just don`t know why I would pick the 5 series but I know for sure that I would choose the 5er. Anyway, 5er always looked better than 7 series imo since e38 vs e39.

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