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POLL What are yours favourite MB models ? Current and former.

Discussion in 'The Mercedes-Benz Lounge' started by WAND, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. S class limo

  2. S coupe

  3. S cabrio

  4. GLE coupe

  5. AMG GT

  6. E class

  7. C class

  8. GLC

  9. GLE

  10. GLS

  11. G class

  12. CLS

  13. SL

  14. GLC coupe

  15. CLA

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  1. WAND

    WAND Member

    My current favourites are S class ( coupe first and then limo ) and GLE coupe.
    Former favourites are : CLS second gen, W212, GL second gen, R class, W140, R129, W125 500E.
    And SLR of course which has special place, hands down.
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    • DeDe

      DeDe Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Current: AMG C43 Coupé
      Former: 2002 SL55 AMG
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      • Matski

        Matski Member

        Does this count?

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        • WAND

          WAND Member

          My favourite G class is 500 4x4-2.
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          • mercpassion

            mercpassion Active Member

            almost impossible to answer because there are just too many, but the most special are of course the old gems like the 300 Gullwing, 600 Grand, 300 Adenaur, W126 S Class, 190..the list goes on and on..as for the worst ones, the first gen A and ML Class.(y)
            Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
          • DJRaze99

            DJRaze99 Well-Known Member

            I could put even other cars but these models are less most unique.

            CLS C219
            C class W203
            S class W220
            CL C215
            SL R230
            E class W211
            S class C217
            S class W222
            SLR Stirling Moss
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            • Emex

              Emex Member

              Its probable quicker for me to put down what I'm not fussed on more than what I love, the SL FL hasn't won me over much.
            • Merc1

              Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              R129 SL and W124 500E

              S and C63 Cabriolets

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              • hovabongZA

                hovabongZA Active Member

                image. image. The SLS and G Class
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                • Mick Briesgau

                  Mick Briesgau Well-Known Member

                  Current: W222 S Klasse
                  Former: W111/112 Coupé
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                  • martinbo

                    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                    So easy:

                    Current - AMG GT R [How could it not be? BMW wishes they made a beast like this one.]
                    Past - Even easier (and f#ck you Marcus* for beating me to it) - W124 500E

                    * Still love you man! :love:
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                    • Merc1

                      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                      Mercedes is trying, but they still haven't matched the Sacco era of the W126, W125, R129 and the W201. That is when Mercedes was the envy of the entire industry and caused the creation of all new brands to in an attempt to duplicate some of that magic. The AMG GT, S and C Cabrio models, especially the AMG ones are special though. The G is as well so a lot of the magic is there. CLA/GLC/A don't belong though, but I get why they need to exist.

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                      • Soup

                        Soup Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

                        Current: S-Class Limo + Coupe, G-Class, E63, C63, AMG GTR

                        Past: SL (R129), E-Wagon (W124), 190E (W201)

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                        • Matski

                          Matski Member

                          Bring on the dislikes, but I find it quite easily one of the worst looking Mercedes from the past 20 years. The front and back look like they belong on different cars, the side profile is typical Mercedes with it's loooooooonnnnggggg bonnet and vanity panel, but lacks the cohesive design of say, the SLS, to pull it off, so it just looks comical. I hate all the styling details - especially the headlamps. I'm sure it's a very capable car, but if I owned one, I'd probably still look at the SLS more lustfully, even if it isn't quite the performer the AMG GT is.


                          I always thought this was a pretty simple and elegant design, less aggressive, but also less convoluted than the current one....


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                          • klier

                            klier Member

                            BMW wishes? LOL please my man. BMW does what they wish.
                            Or are you just provoking here?

                            And the AMG GT is ugly.

                            Anyways....my vote is for the G class obviously. Any G class; 6x6, 4x4 r regular.
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                            • martinbo

                              martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                              I love BMWs so there's no provocation here.

                              I think the AMG GT R is a belter - more for its mechanical attributes than its looks (which I find to be pretty appealing) and the interior is fantastic too. It's crazy fast, has an insanely good engine and a proper dual clutcher. What part of that make-up wouldn't appeal to me? There's a lotta car there... As for BMW - they don't make anything close to what the GT R is - it's just a figure of speech but you chose not get that.

                              On a personal note, it appears to me that Mercedes Benz are doing some pretty cool stuff - they've got their mojo back for sure.
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                              • klier

                                klier Member

                                This thread has nothing to do with BMW yet you feel like you had to bring them up in a negative way?
                                Whatever man.

                                Ah, but of course. I chose not to get it, and it was just a figure of speech. Stupid me!
                                And BMW has the M4 GTS, which is pretty similar to an AMG GT I'd say.

                                Oh, and I still love you too Martin! The father of this forum! Don't hold a grudge please.
                              • martinbo

                                martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                                You're making a mountain out of a molehill. It's just a figure of speech as I said. It's not to disparage BMW but to give emphasis on the kind of achievement the AMG GT R is for a company like Mercedes Benz. Just like an R8 is to Audi and so - obviously - I couldn't use Audi in my contentious little comment.

                                The M4 GTS is nothing like the purpose-engineered-from-scratch GT R. And, that's what a lot of us BMW fans lament - the lack of a true balls-to-the-wall halo car aka vanity project. We don't have to care about the business case - all we have to care about is that Audi does one, Mercedes Benz does one but BMW's i8 (as fabulous and relevant as it is) isn't in the same balls-to-the-wall league.

                                That's all I'm saying.
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                                • Amat46

                                  Amat46 Well-Known Member Premium Member

                                  In what way are they similar Klier? Do not want to derail this thread but let me just paste this here. Clarkson said...

                                  Now, at this point, I would normally use the word 'however' and start talking about the car's good points. However, I can't because I'm struggling to find any. The engine for instance has water-injection which sounds cool but it means that every third time you fill the car with fuel, you have to fill the water tank in the boot. I don't know but I'm not sure this is very high-tech."

                                  "And then there is the steering, which in comfort mode is horrid, and in sport setting is even more horrid."

                                  "This is not a car that responds well to my rather brutal driving style. The problem is it doesn't respond well to delicacy either."

                                  "This competition here between these two cars is like a boxing match between an actual boxer and someone who thinks they're a boxer because they're wearing satin shorts."

                                  "How did BMW get this thing so wrong?... It's twitchy, it's unpredictable. And in the rain it's somewhere between spiteful and undriveable."
                                • Matski

                                  Matski Member

                                  Clarkson is an idiot, the Grand Tour is terrible and there's far better sources that have critiqued the GTS. Harris for instance.
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