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SPIED! W205 C-Class Facelift

Discussion in 'Mercedes-Benz C-Class' started by -=Hot|Ice=-, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. this does not look like the facelift at all.
    more inclined to believe @Fido. this is a test mule.
  2. tennmb

    tennmb Well-Known Member

    The standard lamps are horrid. The eyes of the car. Come on Benz. If you don't look luxury, how can you claim luxury. The C is great. Granted the screen could use some work, but not sure how you do anything without a complete dash redesign.

    Like the E-class they need to abolish the staggered wheel set up, so owners can rotate tires in sports models and with wheel upgrade.
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      PHYBENZ Well-Known Member

      Well the chrome trim on the bumper is revised. Taped over but a double trim around the exhaust and toward the middle.
    • Fido

      Fido Well-Known Member Spy Photographer

      These details are not enough to send some shots to the mags and tell that is the facelift, because we know what is a facelift in Mercedes, they cover headlights and taillights too.
    • mehdi tavakol

      mehdi tavakol Active Member

      only change steering wheel A bit like bmw

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      • domleo999

        domleo999 Member

        Taking inspiration from the best
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        • Adr5

          Adr5 Active Member

          [QUOTE = "Мехди tavakol, должность: 816208, член: 49096"] только изменить рулевое колесо немного напоминает BMW

          [ATTACH = полный] 390264 [/ ATTACH] [/ QUOTE]
          This is just the beginning,there are still at least a year to run , i think will change the center console and we will see two big tablet
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          • HUTSUTAo

            HUTSUTAo Well-Known Member

            It will probably filter down to the e class during its facelift as well
          • Emex

            Emex Member

            They're updating the command touchpad too by the looks of it. And, its getting the E-Class keyless go start button also.
          • Giannis

            Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

            They need to reduce the bezel around the screen.
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            • It is a disgrace that for a few extra euros you can get the 8" screen + Apple CarPlay on the A, B, CLA, GLA class, but for C, C Coupe, GLC, GLC Coupe the 8" is only available with COMAND.
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              • Mr. Mercedes

                Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

                And still no Apple CarPlay.
              • klier

                klier Member

                They need to change the dimensions first. It looks like 4:3 now, where it should be 16:9
                I wouldn't have any problems if it was in the same place but with a more widescreen look.
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                • Keyonte

                  Keyonte Active Member

                  Hopefully the production steering wheel have more details, glad to see the in dash push start becoming standard on the new models.
                • rs271

                  rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                  Mercedes-AMG C43 sedan spied showing off a minor facelift
                  The fresh new Benz will make its debut later in the year.

                  Well that didn’t take long. The still new Mercedes C-Class W205 platform is already getting a facelift for the 2019 model year. Both the coupe and sedan will receive a minor makeover, as will the hotted-up C43 and C63 sedans and coupes.

                  The former of which, the C43 sedan, was spotted testing recently on some snowy public roads in Germany. Though it doesn’t give much away, the light amount of camouflage on the front and rear fascia suggests that the facelift will be minor; things like revisions to the bumpers and light fixtures, as well as the grille.

                  7a8f05a09d9dd5fcfb015feb60394149. IMG_9049.JPG

                  Previous spy shots also show the C-Class with an updated interior. Features like a digital instrument cluster from the E-Class and S-Class will carry over, probably as an option, but for the most part, the infotainment screen and center console will go seemingly untouched.

                  As far as powertrains are concerned, the entire C-Class range is expected to make the switch from its current V6 offering to a lineup of inline-six-cylinder options, adopting a similar strategy of the current S-Class. The C43, then, could adopt an inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine with a turbo and a light hybrid-battery powertrain. Performance isn’t expected to increase a huge amount over the current 365 horsepower (272 kilowatts), but it will see a slight bump.

                  The 2019 C-Class and C43 sedan will debut the second half of 2017, with the sport wagon expected to follow later in the year, or early in 2019. We should see even more of the updated C-Class before then as the strip tease will undoubtedly continue throughout the year.

                  Source: motor1
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                  • SKY

                    SKY Well-Known Member

                    I have a family member interested in this car (facelift). Will it be on sale by the end of the year?
                  • W201

                    W201 Active Member


                    Imho the pics will be shown in December, and official reveal will be in Detroit - Jan 2018. But, it is also possible that the car will be shown in Frankfurt - Sept 2017?
                  • PHYBENZ

                    PHYBENZ Well-Known Member

                    Damnit. Was hoping this would be revealed earlier... My CLA lease is up in July and will be upgrading to a C, but want the facelifted version.... Hmmmmm....
                  • Fido

                    Fido Well-Known Member Spy Photographer

                    I think Mercedes is playing with the photographers and with the public that see spy shots in the mags. It's very rare that they're testing facelift and the cars have not disguised the headlights and taillights. Or they must to be testing other things.
                  • Wolfgang

                    Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

                    Yes, they may be testing some new stuff. MBUSA dropped a hint recently. :)

                    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017

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