Three kings

Audi RS4, BMW M5 or MB S65 AMG

  • Audi RS4

    Votes: 15 15.2%
  • BMW M5

    Votes: 41 41.4%
  • MB S65 AMG

    Votes: 43 43.4%

  • Total voters


Each and everyone of them is a king of it's segment. Which one would you choose?

Audi RS4
V8, 420hp, 0-100 in 4,8 secs
[image no longer available]

V10, 507hp, 0-100 in 4,7 secs
[image no longer available]

V12, MB S65 AMG, 0-100 in 4,4 secs
[image no longer available]


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They do compliment each other rather well I think. I'll take an S65 AMG please!

The S65 for a night out on the town that might include an impromptu drag race.

The M5 for track days.

The RS4 for everyday and messy weather conditions.

One thing is fore sure, no one builds performance with 4-doors overall like the Germans. These three cars are fantastic!



Boy, what a difficult question - I really respect all three of these cars very would probably have to be the Merc - but I do change my mind a lot.


These cars are very different. The RS4 is the best sportscar of them all and beats the M5 and S65 on any track. The S65 being is biggest is the most luxurious one and offers power that only super sports cars have. Finaly the M5 is between the two of them and offers great handling with a good level of room and luxury. To be honest all of them are fantastic cars but damn that*can't control myself*................
:icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool *drowning in my own saliva*


The Artist said:
yeah we know your choice just me but where is the vote??.. did you vote for S65?? haha.. are you a closet MB fan :D

Who knows. He might have SLR and CLS P0rn stacked under his bed. j/k :D

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I see only one King and it's of course M5, i don't understand how an AMG can be considered as a king ??? A king of what ???


Yannis said:
I 'm between RS4 and M5. S class to too big and heavy to make a proper sports car.

you and me are the same, we care more about sport than luxury :usa7uh:
to me 7-serie ,A8 and s class can have 800hp but it wont help I would still choose the sporty one and the one that involve the driver the most.


The Artist said:
choose the RS4 then.. its more sporty than the M5 ...

both are very sporty but I still go with M5 cause it accelerate faster and hardly a slow track car even if RS4 is slightly faster around a track. When the new M3 comes then I might choose it over M5.