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Featured REPORT The most valuable car brands in the world

Discussion in 'The Pit - General Discussion' started by klier, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. klier

    klier Member


    BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands (Kantar Millward Brown)

    1. Toyota $28.7 (30) -3
    2. BMW $24.6 (35) -8
    3. Mercedes-Benz $23.5 (40) +4
    4. Ford $13.1 (83) 0
    5. Honda $12.2 (91) -8
    6. Nissan $11.3 (100) -1
    7. Audi $9.4 (*) -1
    8. Tesla $5.9 (*) +32
    9. Land Rover $5.5 (*) +17
    10. Porsche $5.1 (*) +16

    • Mercedes about to take over from BMW
    • Toyota still no 1
    • Audi doing ok after dieselgate
    • Tesla making huge jumps ahead
    • Google almost worth more than the top 10 car brands combined, times TWO

    I hope the Google and general tech bubble doesn't last much longer. This is absolutely insane in the bad sense.

    I don't know where VAG is, they should be no 1 if one added their brands together. But I suppose they looked at individual brands only, otherwise MB would be far ahead of BMW too.
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    • hovabongZA

      hovabongZA Active Member

      ....and that's with an ageing product line with new cars coming in BMW are bound to increase their profitability.
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      • Matski

        Matski Active Member

        The methodology page in the full report explains how they separate one brand from a corporate group, for the purposes of this exercise I suspect VW's score is effectively what's left when you subtract all VWAG's other brands from it's total score.

        If you fancy a dull marketing-speak laden piece of statisticians waffle.... here's how they calculate their list:

        Step 1: Calculating Financial Value Part A We start with the corporation. In some cases, a corporation owns only one brand. All Corporate Earnings come from that brand. In other cases, a corporation owns many brands, and we need to apportion the earnings of the corporation across a portfolio of brands. To make sure we attribute the correct portion of Corporate Earnings to each brand, we analyze financial information from annual reports and other sources, such as Kantar Retail and Kantar Worldpanel.
        This analysis yields a metric we call the Attribution Rate. We multiply Corporate Earnings by the Attribution Rate to arrive at Branded Earnings, the amount of Corporate Earnings attributed to a particular brand. If the Attribution Rate of a brand is 50 percent, for example, then half the Corporate Earnings are identified as coming from that brand. Part B What happened in the past—or even what’s happening today—is less important than prospects for future earnings. Predicting future earnings requires adding another component to our BrandZ™ formula.
        This component assesses future earnings prospects as a multiple of current earnings. We call this component the Brand Multiple. It’s similar to the calculation used by financial analysts to determine the market value of stocks (Example: 6x earnings or 12x earnings). Information supplied by Bloomberg data helps us calculate a Brand Multiple. We take the Branded Earnings and multiply that number by the Brand Multiple to arrive at what we call Financial Value.

        Step 2: Calculating Brand Contribution So now we have got from the total value of the corporation to the part that is the branded value of the business. But this branded business value is still not quite the core that we are after. To arrive at Brand Value, we need to peel away a few more layers, such as the in-market and logistical factors that influence the value of the branded business, for example: price, availability and distribution. What we are after is the value of the brand itself—that intangible asset that exists in the minds of consumers.
        To determine this, we have to assess the ability of brand associations in consumers’ minds to deliver sales by predisposing consumers to choose the brand or pay more for it. We focus on the three aspects of brands that we know make people buy more and pay more for brands: being Meaningful (a combination of emotional and rational affinity), being Different (or at least seeming that way to consumers), and being Salient (coming to mind quickly and easily when people are making category purchases). We identify the purchase volume and any extra price premium delivered by these brand associations. We call this unique role played by brand, the Brand Contribution.
        Here’s what makes BrandZ™ so unique and important. BrandZ™ is the only brand valuation methodology that obtains this customer viewpoint by conducting worldwide ongoing, in-depth, and consistent quantitative consumer research, online and face-to-face, building up a global picture of brands on a category-by-category and market-by-market basis. Our research now covers over three million consumers and more than 100,000 different brands in over 50 markets since we first introduced the BrandZ™ ranking in 2006.

        Step 3: Calculating Brand Value Now we take the Financial Value and multiply it by Brand Contribution, which is expressed as a percentage of Financial Value. The result is Brand Value. Brand Value is the dollar amount a brand contributes to the overall value of a corporation. Isolating and measuring this intangible asset reveals an additional source of shareholder value that otherwise would not exist.
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        • gr1nch

          gr1nch New Member

          Even other minor tech companies have comparable valuations. e.g. ironically Uber, despite losing $billions annually, is valued at $30bn-$70bn which is broadly the same as the top 1--3 car brands combined.
        • tieftaucher

          tieftaucher Member

          Quite unbelievable numbers.
        • klier

          klier Member

          It's utterly insane.
        • SKY

          SKY Well-Known Member

          What I would like to see is a study with the most prestigious brands in the world, backed by numbers.
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          • klier

            klier Member

            1. Ferrari
            2. Rolls Royce

            Source: klier

            And on another note: as of June 12 2017, Tesla is worth 61.2 billion Dollars on the Nasdaq index, while BMW is worth 57.2 billion (German stock exchange).

            LMFAO. Utterly insane. Tesla made a loss of 330 million Dollars in the first quarter of this year, sold a lousy 80k cars last year and has only made a profit two quarters in it's entire existence.

            When will the nonsense stop? Is America going insane? GM sold 10 million cars last year and expects to make a profit of 9 billion this year, but is worth much less.
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