The Mercedes SLK 55 AMG Black Series



As you may remember a few weeks ago, we brought you word of a special-edition SLK 55 AMG - one that featured a plethora of both performance and handling upgrades, a few of which include a new 400 horsepower V8 powerplant, a non-retractable carbon fiber roof, and AMG high-performance composite brakes.

Today, Mercedes has put out another press release detailing again the same vehicle; this time, however, the SLK special edition has been given a new moniker: the SLK 55 AMG Black Series.

I won't go into the full details, seeing as how I've already done so, but if you missed our last story, keep scrolling to view new photos as well as the full details of the new SLK 55 AMG Black Series.














SLK 55 AMG Black Series: The perfect mix of performance, handling and lightweight design

AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque
Weight reduction through lightweight components and non-retractable carbon-fibre roof
19-inch forged AMG wheels and adjustable AMG sports suspension

Stuttgart, Jul 21, 2006
As the only eight-cylinder roadster in its segment, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG delivers an exceptional driving experience. Now the two-seater is becoming even sportier: Mercedes AMG has developed an exclusive, emphatically puristic special series as a coupé variant, a car that sets new standards in handling dynamics — the SLK 55 AMG Black Series. With the AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine, which has been boosted to 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm, the numerous lightweight components, the non-retractable carbon-fibre roof, 19-inch AMG forged wheels, AMG adjustable sports suspension and AMG high-performance composite brakes, the special SLK 55 AMG brings its sports car talents to bear even more convincingly — and cuts an impressive figure especially on racing circuits.

Broad, brawny and low-slung — it's clear at first glance that the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is something very special. It offers a captivating view from the front with a redesigned AMG front apron and its broad openings, which supply the added transmission-oil cooler and the high-performance steering-oil cooler with plenty of fresh air. In addition, new side outlets made of carbon ensure effective ventilation for the engine-oil coolers. The front wings, now wider, are made of reinforced plastic with ultra-light carbon-fibre composite material and feature black outlined air outlets. The non-retractable hardtop of the two-seater is also made of carbon-fibre composites, and the black central section with a visible carbon-fibre structure provides appealing visual effects. The elimination of the vario roof and the entire roof hydraulics not only makes possible a significantly lower centre of gravity but also leads to a notable reduction in weight: With a kerb weight of 1495 kilograms according to EC standards, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is 45 kilograms lighter than the basic vehicle. That improves the weight/power ratio from 4.3 to 3.7 kg/hp.
AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque
Engineers not only optimised the weight but also gave the Black Series an optimised AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with a maximum output of 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque. A modified air intake, reduced-resistance AMG sports air filters, new high-performance headers and a new valve-timing scheme ensure a more efficient charge cycle and make the eight-cylinder unit even more responsive to accelerator pedal movements — which is also evident from the inimitable and even more impressive AMG V8 sound.
The combination of low vehicle weight and a powerful AMG eight-cylinder engine ensures first-class performance. This SLK 55 AMG accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds (standard model: 4.9 s), and it takes just 15.5 seconds for the Black Series to reach 200 km/h (standard vehicle: 17.5 s). Power transmission is accomplished using the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC with manual drive program ("M") and AMG aluminium gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.
Overview of key data:
SLK 55 AMG Black Series
Cylinder arrangement/valves per cylinder V8/3Displacement cc
5439Bore/stroke mm
97.0/92.0 Compression ratio
11.0 : 1 Output
at rpm294/400
5,750Max. torque
Nm at rpm
3,750Combined fuel consumption
l/100 km12.2Acceleration 0-100 km/h s
4.5Top speed km/h
280** Electronically limited

AMG adjustable sports suspension, forged wheels and composite brakes
The suspension and the brake system are the ideal partners for the dynamic power package. The AMG adjustable sports suspension, optimised for the racetrack, allows impressive cornering speeds. In this chassis technology taken from motorsport, the compression and rebound stages of the front and rear-axle shock absorbers can be tuned harder or softer — making it possible to adjust the damping comfort and driving behaviour to one's individual purpose. The ride height can also be lowered or raised by five millimetres. The modified elastokinematics at the front axle and the specially tuned mounting of the major assemblies ensure more precise steering and stability when braking — which is particularly advantageous in the intense driving on racetracks. A brace in the engine compartment guarantees additional rigidity to cope with higher lateral forces.
The SLK 55 AMG Black Series has large, ultra-light, forged AMG aluminium wheels in the sizes 8.5 x 19 and 9.5 x 19. Compared to the 18-inch light-alloy wheels of the standard vehicle in widths of 7.5 and 8.5 inches, the full wheel assemblies, including tyres, weigh four kilograms less. The advantage is even clearer when compared with equally wide, multi-piece 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels. In this case, the weight savings come to 31 kilograms. The weight reduction results in a greater responsiveness on the part of the speed-sensitive power steering — which is also equipped with a more powerful servo pump. The elegantly proportioned multi-spoke forged wheels fill the striking wheel housings perfectly and are fitted with tyres of sizes 235/35 ZR 19 (front) and 265/30 ZR 19 (rear). As an option, and at no extra cost, the customer can also choose special Pirelli sports tyres with a very high grip factor and outstanding wet-driving properties. Superb braking is ensured by the AMG high-performance brakes with large composite brake discs (360 x 32 millimetres) and six-piston fixed callipers at the front axle.
Interior with the functional atmosphere of a real racing car
The racing features are consistently carried over into the interior. Two specially developed AMG sports bucket seats without sidebags in black pearl velour and with a silver AMG logo provide the best possible lateral support; the new AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel in leather and Alcantara permits optimal vehicle control. An abundance of carbon fibre on the interior door linings and the trim elements, as well as the black roof lining, give the interior the functional atmosphere of a real racing car — and thereby affirm the almost 40-year motorsport history of Mercedes-AMG. The Black Series lettering on the carbon-fibre trim over the glove compartment and on the boot lid signals the special status of this powerful and puristic two-seater.
Despite handling dynamics suitable for the racetrack, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series, manufactured by hand in the Performance Studio, offers all the features that set a real Mercedes-Benz apart: fitness for everyday use, durability, safety and quality. The first models of the unlimited AMG special series will be delivered to customers beginning in July. The price in Germany is € 107,300 (incl. 16 % VAT).

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well there we have it..the first offical car of the new AMG line..
and i freakin love it...its vicious.. if there where any doubt in my mind in the battle SLK55 vs M roadster..
with this car they are gone forever..

Love the gearshift knob..lovely:D


Original Poster
Yes there are!!!

Alos the knob is off the hook, and though i would want the convertible, i like the non-retractable caron fiber roof.


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In a move sure to garner much praise among AMG enthusiasts, Mercedes has announced today the introduction of the AMG Performance Studio, part of an initiative to appeal to customers with "very special wishes."

To do so, the new Performance Studio will offer customers the standard AMG model variants we've all come to know and love, but in addition will offer special AMG vehicles in exclusive, limited quantities. The most recent example of this is the SLK Black Series, which features a 400 horsepower V8 along with a number of motorsport-inspired modifications.

But the fun doesn't stop there, ladies and gentlemen, that's just the beginning. In addition to the afore-mentioned features, the new AMG Performance Studio will also meet individual customer requests, whether it be modifications to the chassis, adding a high-performance braking system, specifying new wheel/tire combinations, customizing interior features, or even creating unique made-to-order models, such as the extended G-Class pictured below.

I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a custom two-door CLS 65 AMG entering my life in the near future...

The move to introduce the new AMG studio came after growing demand worldwide for greater customization options and motorsports-level performance. According to Volker Mornhinweg, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH: "We are receiving more and more requests from AMG fans and sports car enthusiasts from around the world for even more dynamic vehicles, special equipment features and specific components. And the new Performance Studio makes it possible for us to meet these requests."

Get your sketchbooks handy kids, it's time to start customizing...

For more info, keep scrolling to see photos of the new AMG Performance Studio, followed by the full press release. Enjoy.












Mercedes-AMG opens new Performance Studio: Dynamic performance tailored to the customer’s wishes

Affalterbach, Jul 21, 2006
Mercedes-AMG GmbH is consolidating its activities. And with the AMG Performance Studio, the company is starting a new initiative to appeal to customers with very special wishes. In addition to the AMG high performance cars, which are available through the worldwide Mercedes-Benz sales organisation, the Performance Studio develops and produces special AMG vehicles in exclusive, limited quantities. Offered as the Signature Series, Black Series and Editions, the unique special models stand out by virtue of their outstanding handling, motorsport performance, technical and visual distinctiveness and exclusive equipment features, depending on the vehicle type in question. The latest product from the AMG Performance Studio is the SLK 55 AMG Black Series, a purist’s lightweight version with a powerful AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine (294 kW/400 hp) and numerous components with technology borrowed from the world of motorsport. In addition to its focus on thrilling AMG vehicles, the Performance Studio satisfies the customers’ individual requests — a traditional strength of Mercedes-AMG. To meet this demand, the Performance Studio team makes very specific technical modifications including AMG sports chassis, AMG high-performance brakes, AMG wheel/tyre combinations, limited-slip differentials and customised interior features, as well as unique, made-to-order models.

Given the growing demand worldwide for greater customisation and even more dynamic, motorsport-level performance, Mercedes-AMG GmbH has decided to upgrade and expand its range. “We are receiving more and more requests from AMG fans and sports car enthusiasts from around the world for even more dynamic vehicles, special equipment features and specific components. And the new Performance Studio makes it possible for us to meet these requests,” says Volker Mornhinweg, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.
The company’s decades of experience in building high-performance automobiles and its wealth of know-how from the world of motorsport are invaluable assets in the concept and implementation stages. “AMG has its roots in international motor racing, and our customers benefit directly from the impressive success our AMG drivers are having in the DTM. And our engineers and technicians are constantly spurred on by our commitment to Formula One, for which we supply the FIA’s official Safety Car and official Medical Car. In the Performance Studio, we transfer the technologies from the race circuit into our vehicles,” adds Mornhinweg.
Launch of the SLK 55 AMG Black Series
As a result of its reorganisation, Mercedes-AMG will be continually expanding its range of complete vehicles, components and custom solutions. To start, there is the new SLK 55 AMG Black Series, a special coupé version of the unique eight-cylinder roadster and a car with very strong appeal for purists. With its AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine (upgraded to 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque), many lightweight components, high-strength carbon roof, 19-inch AMG forged wheels, AMG adjustable suspension and AMG high-performance composite brake system, the special SLK 55 AMG is even more of a sports powerhouse — and really shows what it’s made of on dedicated racetracks. Market launch is scheduled for July 2006. In Germany, the vehicle costs € 107,300 (incl. 16% VAT).
Even more exclusive is the CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet, which will be available under the Signature Series label. The series name stands for limited-quantity, high-end vehicles with a level of technological sophistication that stands out from the crowd. Limited to a batch of only 100 vehicles, the CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet boasts an impressive combination of motorsport technology, racing-car handling and striking appearance. With its 428 kW/582 hp engine, the AMG high-performance sports car surges from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds, and its top speed is 300 km/h (electronically limited), making the new AMG high-performance automobile the world’s fastest open-top four-seater. In Germany, the vehicle costs € 277,820 (incl. 16% VAT).
Compared to series-production vehicles, Editions cars stand out on the basis of their visual and tactile qualities and are sure to be in very strong demand. The CLS 55 AMG “IWC Ingenieur” offered in 2005, for example, featured details specially arranged to correspond to the exclusive IWC “Ingenieur” family of watches. A total of 165 of these unique four-door coupés were produced — and there will be more AMG vehicles with similar concepts to follow.
Performance Studio can satisfy any customer’s automotive desires
The Performance Studio offers tailor-made solutions to satisfy every customer’s individual taste. The SLK, SL and CLS-Class model series, for example, can be equipped with the AMG Performance Package. This package is available ex-works and can include, depending on the vehicle, special wheel/tyre combinations, an AMG high-performance composite brake system, firmer AMG Performance suspension, a more sophisticated cooling system, a multiple-disc limited-slip differential, interior trim made of carbon, and an AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel in leather/Alcantara. AMG vehicles also can be fitted with individual AMG components during the production stage or afterward. In addition to the features mentioned, this will also apply to equipment including the especially lightweight AMG forged light-alloy wheels.
And the experts at the Performance Studio routinely fulfil a broad array of other special requests, including special exterior paint jobs, full leather interiors in a choice of colours, leather or carbon trim, and cutting-edge audio, office and multimedia systems. Even extensive bodyshell modifications are hand-crafted to perfection. The result is an entirely personal vehicle that's one of a kind. All work is completed according to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Copyright © 2006, DaimlerChrysler AG


wow M and RS better watch out..AMG just took it to the next level..
customer in center for sure..
love it.. cant wait to see more of these new series:D

Look at that wierd pink CLS..
and that Red G55 is HOT:D


Thanks Alex! This car looks incredible!

I have always loved the SLK55 especially in black, and with this on its way, words cannot describe.

I have always wondered with the seats that are shown in this car, do they restract back or are they fixed seats?


The first models of the unlimited AMG special series will be delivered to customers beginning in July. The price in Germany is € 107,300 (incl. 16 % VAT).
Thats a high price.. it better be like 1million kroner plus some change..


The Artist said:
Thats a high price.. it better be like 1million kroner plus some change..

thats a lot for a little Roadster. The market have a lot of models to choose between. You pay a hefty price for a little Roadster. Crazy!

I wonder what a Z4 CSL will cost (if it comes one).


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Your all welcome, high price, but very special inside... lots of custom touches, has a DTM feel too it... Im sure ts not being mass priduced, and will be very limited, but i like the direction AMG is going into!!!

As for the CLS, i read that, that pink one will be a custom two door version! :cool:


It looks so much better in black, I love the huge wheel arches. The first shot is stunning. The idea with the new design studio is great move for all those SL AMG owners who are sab about people not turning their heads when they speed by in their 100k+ Benz, due to the decreasing exclusivity.
For you information I'm still a bit dizzy after reading about the price of the special-edition SLK 55 AMG one or two months ago, which make me beleive that my dream of a four door CL65 will never become a reality.

Great work Alex, with your writing skills you could start your own Autoblog. :)


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I thank you Luw, but that is not my wrtiting... credit has to go to i just copied and pasted.


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Is it me or does the Black series SLK have larger wheel arches than the regular SLK? In some of those pics they look almost S-Class like. Now I want them to do something with the SL and E-Class.



the arches are larger.. like on the CLK 63 F1 safety car..
its a very cool touch imo..

the price isnt that hefty really..if i had 1 car allready and where looking for a sporty alternative..i would sure as hell go for the SLK Black rather than a SL55 and save me some serious bucks..and still have a faster and more exclusive car..

AMG wont have a problem in the world selling these hotties:D


I smell an SL55 Black Series on the way. Especially since the SLR 722 has launched, so no need to worry about the performance gap closing between the two.


Here is the complete price list for most modells AMG Performance Studio:D

And here is the brochure for the SLK 55 Black Series..its lovely:D



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Nice interior! But sucks that they stuck a slush box in it. Hope AMG develops a manual or a DSG, they will need it to be really credible with the 'tracking' crowd.