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Tesla Model III

Discussion in 'Tesla Model III' started by rs271, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Zonda

    Zonda Well-Known Member

    This sounds like an excuse to keep the current business model alive at all costs because "it's how we currently make money". Or in other words, judge Tesla by industry standards.
    EVs require far less service than ICEs which also means a change in business model which naturally the dinosaurs will resist at all cost. To keep it only to save money is a short term solution, eventually competition will drive the service model out.

    What will the new business model be? We have yet to see but a likely scenario could be that a large chunk of revenue will be made from the price tag, and additional revenue will come from the car's app store. Tesla will have an app store, as will BMW and the rest. EVs will become so good vehicles that deciding factors for costumers will be looks, available apps and UI(and of course price). Much like the deciding factor between Xbox and PS is what games you prefer and what platform your friends use.
    Either way, the revenues from service will quickly go from stream to trickle.
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    • Busty

      Busty Active Member

      Your conclusions are pretty spot on. The business model of the big OEMs still relies heavily on the maintenance-associated revenues. And yes, I also judge Tesla by industry standards in this domain. Obvious advantages for Tesla. I see similar advantages in the field of customer relations. These are the areas that I mostly think of when I claim that the old OEMs need to take major steps in new directions.
      All I wanted to say in my posts above is that in order to keep the discussion 'clean', you need to be clear about which paradigm you're referring to. When jumping back and forth between paradigms, conclusions will necessarily be flawed and unbalanced. For me, the paradigm still is ICE car, for others it is BEV Tesla-style. And those latter ones should also be willing to hear and acknowledge certain critical words about what they consider the ne plus ultra without trivializing the former and their arguments.

      The future model you propose seems highly likely. I'm also putting my money on elaborated car sharing models. I guess that in 2025 there will already be much less individual ownership and more membership in shared pools, instead. This in turn will change the requirements (range, comfort, etc.) for different drivetrain types.
    • tristatez28lt1

      tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member

      Here's What Happens When You Cancel A Tesla Model 3 Reservation

      Here’s What Happens When You Cancel A Tesla Model 3 Reservation

      Let’s says you’ve got a Tesla Model 3 reservation, but following the reveal (or perhaps even long ago) you decided to cancel. What happens next?
      According to Tesla’s website, you’re free to cancel your reservation at will, but it specifically says that “refunds can take up to three weeks depending on your country of delivery.”

      Well, apparently some individuals who’ve cancelled their Model 3 reservations have been waiting much longer than 3 weeks for refunds. As Teslarati explains:

      “A recent piece by Wired did a deep dive into the topic, and found that some people have been waiting longer than those 3 weeks to receive their refund.”

      “Shashank Chitti, a former Model 3 reservation holder, told the outlet that he was done waiting and frustrated by Tesla’s lack of transparency. He canceled his reservation more than two months ago, but still hasn’t received his refund.”

      Chitti says he’s reached out to Tesla multiple times and that each time he’s been kinda pushed aside. Chitti stated:

      “Every time I reach out I get the same explanation: They have a lot of cancellations to process, they’ll prioritize my request, and that my refund should go out in the next batch.”

      It’s not just Chitti though. Similar complaints have surfaced on Reddit too.

      Reddit user UnDosTresPescao posted:

      “It has been three months. I have called/emailed them several times over the last month and a half asking about status. Every time they ask for my address and say that a check will be promptly on its way. The check never comes.”

      Meanwhile, others report having received their refunds immediately through an all-online process.

      Wired’s deep dive revealed that out of the 23 individuals seeking refund that were interviewed, the breakdown went something like this:

      • 6 received within three weeks
      • 2 were reimbursed within 21 business days
      • 7 received refunds after 6 weeks or more
      • The remaining claim to have not received a refund still after waiting 2-plus months
      Clearly this is something Tesla needs to correct as soon as possible. Refunds should be immediate, as delays (for whatever reason) only serve to hurt the company’s image.. There’s no reason why a credit card refund should take more than a few seconds, let alone weeks or even months.

      Source: Teslarati, Wired

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    • DjordjeC63

      DjordjeC63 Active Member

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      • sako97

        sako97 Well-Known Member

        I don't drive my wife's Tesla already because of the touchscreen functionality for almost everything, I can't imagine dealing with this nonsense. The twitter poster is a big Tesla investor, so of course he's praising it.

        Either improve the UI to take into account road imperfections or give it a Rolls-Royce suspension.
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        • Sunny

          Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

          ^Ha, the direction of air would actually be a good thing to control using gesture. And pretty cool in a nerdy way -

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          • Cashmere

            Cashmere Well-Known Member

            Just as I thought, driver profiles will all be hosted in the cloud. Drivers will never have to worry about adjusting air conditioning, mirrors settings, seat settings, nav address book, radio presets, music playlists as all car settings will simply sync across any other Tesla which the owner drives, regardless of whether it is a model S,3 or X. This feature will be a game changer when Tesla launches its self driving car network.

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            • rs271

              rs271 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            • Matski

              Matski Active Member

              Mobilizing a network of shareable level 5 autonomous cars is a technological marvel... not having to tweak the HVAC controls for a moment when you get on-board, isn't, IMHO. A lot of people (myself included) use their phones/tablets as an audio source and for nav already so I'm really not sure I'd consider the labour-saving on such trivial things as mirror or seat position as a "game changer", especially as those two things are perhaps less important in a self-driving car - but that's just me I guess.
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              • Yaz

                Yaz Well-Known Member

                Current keys can be setup to store all your preferred settings. Nothing new here, except you're just using an app on your phone instead of a physical key.
                Does this mean you still have to launch your app everytime you need to unlock/lock your car? What about when you're at the beach with no signal?
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                • Cashmere

                  Cashmere Well-Known Member

                  First Model 3 Long Range (LR) delivered to a forum member on Model3ownersclub.com

                  jzwvkmI. ebTB9cL. g0vqtPd. eCrXKwT. hIDx0JhaS2I4IvP8tG0KL8uy8c3liZ8ACMuVkOkDMkBG8WmvxDUBrnOyyq1cCl-WrrWaM2QctehzjrHUW38=w847-h659-no. 6kGQo0kzxonmgVG7PEDF1k9bNxu5KCt3bs4njK6U4D3ewsuYWwhYox4qN2URi32174mnwp6bre93DepDbT7=w879-h659-no.
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