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Style Wars - S-Class VS 7-Series VS A8 2017

Discussion in 'Internal Combustion' started by Mr. Mercedes, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. 2017 Mercedes Benz S-Class

  2. 2017 BMW 7 Series

  3. 2017 Audi A8

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  1. Mr. Mercedes

    Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member



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    • bum-man

      bum-man Well-Known Member

      First time I like all three.
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      • HUTSUTAo

        HUTSUTAo Well-Known Member


        dimension war?
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        • mini_cooper4

          mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member

          All 3 look amazing in these pictures.
          First time ever I like all 3.
          The S is still splendid.
          The 7-Series I like more with every passing day. Best 7er since the E38.
          The A8 looks great in this spec and color. While most of the pictures I've seen so far didn't exactly give me good vibes newer Audi's tend to look much better in real life. The Q7 S-Line is a good example.
          Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
        • Jimmy

          Jimmy Well-Known Member

          My take:

          The S-Class:

          Properly configurated, it exudes an air of oppulence. Ornamental, baroque, Rubenesque that can easily "overextend" the aforementioned attributes and appear (almost vulgarly) ostentatious. An automobile that will appear surprisingly dated in 10 years time should it be adorned with excessive blingy tinnef. However, I will hand it to M-B designers for quite successfully masking the ungainliness often apparent in LWB specifications. The V222, in my eyes, looks far more elegantly resolved and coherent than the LWB versions of the 7 series or new D5 A8.

          The 7 series:

          In terms of proportions, my personal favorite. Elegantly athletic. Far more restrained than the S-Class with little appearing contrived (save some of those arguably overboard Chrome Line applications). While a certain "WOW" factor may be missing due to the evolutionary nature of its' design, I suspect that it will date well due to its' "clean, minimalistic precision" . Personally, I prefer its' interior to that of the S-Class, which I find a bit overwhelming and boudoir-like. I do not care for the LWB version at all.

          The new A8:

          Making a car of this particular caliber appear attractive in terms of proportions while having to maneuver within the parameters dictated by the corporate MLBevo matrix must be quite the insurmountable task at hand. Marc Lichte, in my opinion, has accomplished the best possible. Of course, this does not absolve the A8 from looking awkward from certain angles. It saddens to think what the A8 could have been had VAGs' board jettisoned the political bickering and applied the MSB matrix configuration-the natural match for new, large Audis. Envisioning the car with an added 15-20 mm "prestige clearance" and a similar if not greater reduction of front overhang leave me imagining perhaps the most compelling entry in this particular segment. I love the rakish, broad-shouldered greenhouse. I love what I am seeing from the photographs with regard to the interior. I eagerly await the S8 (SWB). Perhaps it will appease me a bit. As with its' D4 predecessor upon introduction over 7 years ago, I'm left lukewarm at best.
          Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
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          • Mr. Mercedes

            Mr. Mercedes Well-Known Member

            I couldn't disagree with your assessment more and will bet my left foot that in terms of exterior design it will be the A8 that appears dated in 10 years with its forced angularity and fussy detailing. The S-class has always dated admirably as has the 7-series, bar the last generation.

            In terms of interior, the 'vulgar' elements that you refer to in the S I would argue are the elements which convince the consumer the S-class best bridges the gap between this class and the upper echelon luxury saloons. The 7 is undoubtedly lovely, but too much like it's lesser kin and the A8 I contest will look almost brutal in it angular and Teutonic execution within the space of the next generation. The elegance of the previous generation has been lost entirely.
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            • Merc1

              Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              Great pics of all three. They're all beautiful, here. That said I'd still go with the S first, A8 and then 7er. No matter how you rank them personally, this is the reason the German car makers own the luxury car market. Jaguar XJ doesn't hold a candle to any of these. Neither does the Cadillac CT6. The only real challenger is upcoming Lexus LS500.

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              • SDNR

                SDNR Well-Known Member

                I'd take the A8 from these three. However, I would choose a Mercedes-Maybach over the Audi of course.

                The facelifted S certainly looks great .....it is overall prettier than the others but I like the cabin of the new A8 very much.
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                • CrunchSlaughtered

                  CrunchSlaughtered Active Member

                  Several things that I don't like in the design of the G11/12 7er
                  1. The kidney grill. It's just big but otherwise very boring shape (hexagonal would have been better). The proportions of BMW (long hood, short overhang) obligatory need a shark nose. The best kidneys of all BMWs - the last Z4, the worst E60 5er (otherwise perfect design)
                  2. Headlights - too round, too soft, too long. They need some sharp edges like VFL and more aggression.
                  3. The rear view- as boxy as a suitcase, it could have been much more dynamic looking
                • mercpassion

                  mercpassion Active Member

                  1. S class: For me it is still the definitve luxury saloon. It simply oozes the effortless class and elegance that the others can't match imo, as it is a somewhat different design approach to the others in the sensual purity concept which combines modern and traditional cues almost masterfully and creates a highly emotive shape in the process..plus the FL has given a further edge to the S Class.

                  2. 7er: As always a 7er has its desirability as
                  the only luxury saloon to offer a dynamic edge to its design added with luxury. The biggest problem with the 7er is how the hoffmeister kink affects the flow of the rear.

                  3. A8: The new model is simply very confused and busy imo, as with all Audis it has a strange problem in the sense that it attempts to retain traditional German styling but it always fails to capture emotions. The front is far too brash and the overall profile is well meh..
                  Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
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                  • klier

                    klier Member

                    LOL. No.

                    Dislike the A8 inside out. MB is old and boring and the same as every other Benz, and the 7er is as pretty as ever.

                    In what way, and how is it different from any other BMW sedan???
                    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
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                    • LaArtist

                      LaArtist Well-Known Member

                      Lol this thread.
                      And those 2 cars in the last 2 pictures haha..
                      I'm out
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                      • W201

                        W201 Active Member

                        Who would've thought, that of the 3 German flagships, it will be the Mercedes who has the least chrome on the outside, and the least bling?

                        Well done, Wagener et al., well done.
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                        • Matski

                          Matski Active Member

                          Exterior wise, I find the 7-er has the most purposeful stance, which I personally like, and whereas I think the S looks the most effortless... the A8 looks like it was just devoid of effort. In terms of the styling details, the face of the 7-er is not attractive - the grill/headlamp interplay is just wrong somehow. I've never liked the the S class headlamps and they are definately the weak point of the entire exterior for me. There is nothing I like exterior wise on the A8. For me the 7-er also looses a point or two because I find it less attractive than its predecessor (the F01 is rapidly becoming one of my favourite exterior BMW designs)... with the S, the 222 is a huge improvement over the 221.

                          Overall, I would say the S is the best resolved, though that doesn't mean I think it looks fantastic, it does make it the easiest one to like. The 7-er, once you see it on the road (in the right trim) does have a sporting presence and aggression that both other contenders lack. The A8 is just nowhere.

                          Interior wise, I think we have 2 clear styles, and one in between. The S class is very rounded, circular and radiused. Circular vents, large radius smooth corners, curvacious lines... then ... at the other end, the stark and angular clinically clean Audi, strong lines, strong angles, lots of polygonal shapes. The 7 sits somewhere in between. I wouldn't argue one is inherently better than the other... some people will see the S's luxury as chintzy, some people will see the A8's strong design as cold an uninviting - but that's personal taste - I'm sure we don't all decorate our houses the same way. I like that the BMW is familiar, but this is because I'm used to 30-odd years of BMW cockpits.

                          For me the standout difference in the interior lays with the belt line of the dash... it's simply too low in the S and the A8, it makes the interior look disproportionate. The 7-er seems more balanced, more equally divided between the top, the front, and the underside of the dashboard. Which I quite like. Also.... the execution of that display in the S is utter crap... (IMHO), it looks terrible and to be honest, I wouldn't forgive them that even if everything else was perfection. I don't like the idea of the touch screen controls in the A8.

                          The 7, in M760Li or Alpina B7 guise would be my pick - I'm not going to pretend there isn't some bias there, there must be, because I find the performance 7's desirable in a way I do not regard the other two... I simply do not want to own them... I do with the (high performance) 7's. I can't deny that the lesser models don't appeal.

                          The S, in Maybach trim, is without doubt a stunningly well executed design (dash display aside), just simply not to my taste. The S63 doesn't appeal to me at all, and though the S65 does (because of the V12), I'd never choose the S65 saloon over the S65 coupe - it would feel like the ugly choice. The existence of the Maybach models makes the lesser models seem even less special to be honest... dare I say it.. taxi-like...!

                          I got nothing for the A8. It's not bad, in the same way my kettle is not bad, or my toaster - but I don't really find anything desirable about it at all. I do like the idea of a W12, that's interesting, and I think they've done a better job of talking up the engineering than BMW did... whether or not that translates to be reviews remains to be seen.

                          So.. Top of the line M Performance 7-er (or a Beast from Buchloe), then Maybach S, then..... an LS500.... then probably the A8, or maybe an XJ then the A8.
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                          • Gianclaudio

                            Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

                            Been watching many videos of the new A8, and that enormous grill is beyond vulgar.

                            The S class is probably the most harmonious design, but the 7er, Quattroporte and XJ are really nice cars too.

                            The LS and A8 are simply too vulgar and screaming "look at me" (plus horrible proportions on the A8)
                            Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
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                            • Jimmy

                              Jimmy Well-Known Member

                              Ahhh...now I understand !

                              The S-Class is the automotive interpretation of gavotteing to J.S. Bach. The A8 is "Sprockets".
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                              • Giannis

                                Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                                Well, I voted for the S-Class.

                                The A8 looks like an amazing car, but it's too clinical for me. The exterior is well sorted and so is the interior, but I am not a fan of the multiple touchscreens, which result in much more fingerprints area than there is wood trim.

                                The 7er looks modern and athletic, but not as grand as the S. My biggest problem with this generation 7er is its interior. I never really liked it, even though the exterior is spot on.

                                And then there's the S. A well spec'ed Maybach version is as classic luxury as a german car can get and in this segment all I'd want is classic luxury. Sure, I'm not a fan of the giant bezel with a little screen that's the S's infotainment system, but the rest of the interior is simply top notch.
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                                • Serpens

                                  Serpens Active Member

                                  Right? In any event, my order is:

                                  1. S-class
                                  2. A8
                                  3. 7-series...and I really don't like the exterior on this one. Those headlights, over-application of silver/chrome, and the piggy kidney grille really kill it for me.
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                                  • donkeykong

                                    donkeykong Well-Known Member

                                    I chose the S Class, even though I have mixed feelings about the styling displayed on the facelift. For that kind of money, I'd go with the Panamera over all three.
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                                    • hovabongZA

                                      hovabongZA Active Member

                                      7er >S class > A8......7er especially as a M760li.
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