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SPIED! [Spy Shots]:2014 Maserati Quattroporte

Discussion in 'Quattroporte' started by SKY, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. SKY

    SKY Well-Known Member

    EDIT: These pics are just bad photoshops, please close this thread


    One of the WORST replacements I´ve ever seen. Damm, the current car is so nice compared to this crap.
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    • Giannis

      Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      Ιt's not that bad. You can't say it's ugly.

      But it's certainly nowhere near the "love at first sight" design of the current 4porte...
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      • donkeykong

        donkeykong Well-Known Member

        What a shame...
      • Guibo

        Guibo Well-Known Member

        Reminds me a lot of the Infiniti M, with a bit of Mercedes in the rear lights. Hoping it looks better with better pictures, but it'll probably be much nicer in the metal.
      • martinbo

        martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

        Erm, I think it looks pretty good.
      • Merc1

        Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        Not sure what to say. Looks like an Italian Infiniti M. I just know it will look better in person. I take it this is on board for Geneva?

      • Gianclaudio

        Gianclaudio Well-Known Member

      • Levi68

        Levi68 Banned

        I think it looks very bad compared to the old one. It is not ugly but it doesn't have anything special as Maseratis usually have. The profile looks a bit like a Fisker, the front is more like a facelift with Ferrari style headlights, the rear quarter panel look like an FF, the taillights look like the CLS and the exhausts like an AMG.

        For me the GranTurismo is the most beautiful coupé in the world, if this is the Quattroporte replacemnet I am really worried about the GranTurismo replacement. When something is perfect it is nearly impossible to do better.
      • purplehenk

        purplehenk Member

        It's just a photoshop..
      • purplehenk

        purplehenk Member

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        • donkeykong

          donkeykong Well-Known Member

          What a relief,I had doubts Maserati could make such a heinous successor to the Quattroporte.
        • ateekt

          ateekt Well-Known Member

          Current Quattroporte is a classic car with a unique elegant profile. Maserati needs real hard work on the replacement cuz' she's got big shoes to fill.
        • K-A

          K-A Banned

          That rear is literally on like every car right now. Think different, Designers!
        • Levi68

          Levi68 Banned

          I am glad it was a photoshop. I hope the real one will look as a Maserati deserves to.
        • Tarek

          Tarek Well-Known Member

          Yep..looks like a bastard offspring of current M and QP.
        • 7saen

          7saen Well-Known Member

          I really hope these are not real!! unfortunately they look like the are :(
        • MathewBMW

          MathewBMW Member

          This rendering is based on the Toyota Avalon, isn't it? Didn't like the Ford Kinetic Design (2012 Mondeo or 2013 Fusion) at the rear and the 2012 Hyundai Grandeur's side style. Let's hope the upcoming rumours about the powertrain become true.
        • Levi68

          Levi68 Banned

          I would like it to get the rumored V8 Biturbo.
        • Levi68

          Levi68 Banned

          It is a tough task for the 2013 Qauattroporte to look better than this:


          I wouldn't mind a GranBerlina.

        • hoffmeister_fan

          hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

          aw, yes, a Maserati Quattroporte next to a Patek Philippe dealer.....that'll do. Even though I'm an IWC fan, that'll do. :)

          Even though it's getting long in the tooth and its reliability is rather questionable at best, there's no doubt that the current car is just achingly beautiful. I miss my SoCal days where I'd just hop over to the local Ferrari/Maserati dealer and I could just ogle at the cars upclose, and when she wasn't looking, the pretty receptionist. Well, the receptionist wasn't up close....that'd rude, you know? :D

          What is the latest reliable rumor with the upcoming QP? Ferrari engine or is Chrysler going to throw in a Hemi? ;)
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