smart buy? Belgian international group looking to buy Smart


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Yeah I read about it in the Dutch news Rik.

I dunno... Smart hasn't made a single cent in it's existence... People don't like Smart.


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no, they won't make money out it alive, but believe me, if there is one thing belgians are good at, it's getting money out of an almost dead company


The reason Smart is doing so bad IMO is the PRICE TAG: completely overpriced. When I worked for the MB dealer, they let me drive a bunch of Smarts. I was shocked to see that the base price for a Smart ForFour 1.1 was Euros 12,000: without RADIO and without A/C. Add those two essential features and the price jumps to Euros 16,000. I don't know what the finance guys at Smart are smoking, but this is a rip-off. There are better and cheaper Japanese and especially Korean cars out there for that kind of money that have a radio and A/C standard. Someone should whoop these Smart guy's asses for crying out loud. :eusa_danc

If these Belgians buy Smart, they better know what to change, and then perhaps, Smarts will sell better. ;)