S CLASS Hybrid in the US ?


Re: S CLASS Hyprid in the US ?

yep the Bluetech S classes should be released late this year or early next in europe.. and i guess the US will follow shortly after..


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This is a good question. However with a planned S63 AMG coming next year and the S550/S600/S65 already on sale that might be enough models for the S-Class in the U.S. market. There is also "supposed" to be a S450 at some point, but with the S550 flying off the lots I doubt they'll go for a low hp (relative to the competition) edition of the S-Class this time around, I know I wouldn't. Keep the S-Class expensive and exclusive because a 335hp S450 is going to look pretty weak next to a 380hp LS460 especially when the Lexus will likely cost less. Ditto for the 360hp 750. I suspect the answer to the hybrid question will be provided when and if they decide to try and sell a S320 CDI in the U.S. I can't see a hybrid and a diesel and a diesel/hyrid would be to risky in the U.S. I predict we'll either get a S320 CDI or a Petrol Hybrid, but not both. I think they'll wait and see how the Lexus LS600hL does first. I can see MB offereing a diesel hybrid in Europe no doubt in 2008.



When I was at the MB stand the other night, I asked one of the reps. about the upcoming CDI's and your question when we're gonna get an ML550/R550.
She said the CDI's won't be selling in all 50 states. So, no ML320 CDI, R320 CDI, E320 CDI and definitely no S320 CDI in New York. I think only that Bluetech engine in the E-Class will meet all 50 state emission requirements.

The ML550/R550 (and the CLK550) will be available sometime during the summer.