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Mission Accomplished - The BMW 2002 tii Classic Celebrates 40th Birthday, and Resurrection

March 30, 2006

Munich, Germany - The BMW 02 models are cult cars that uniquely embody the spirit of the 1960s and '70s. The aim was to revive this exciting era by reconstructing the 2002 tii model out of individual components. Motoring nostalgics can experience the legendary "young classic" close up from 06 - 09 April at the world's biggest historic vehicle show, Techno Classica in Essen.

Old into new

The idea was hatched last year. The plan was to bring the BMW 2002 tii back to life using available spare parts, on the basis that Mobile Tradition - the BMW Group's heritage division - is today still able to provide some 90 per cent of all components for the BMW 02. It seemed a logical step, then, to reconstruct this ever-youthful recent classic. Master mechanic Arthur Herrmann and Klaus Kutscher, head of the BMW Mobile Tradition workshop, set to work on an original bodyshell from the 1970s. In a "Glass Workshop" specially constructed for the purpose on the site of the BMW Museum Exhibition next to the Olympic Tower, the car was gradually put together piece by piece - to the delight of thousands of visitors monitoring its progress live since May 2005. Eleven months and some 4,000 spare parts later the new BMW 2002 tii, model year 2006, goes on display at Essen's Techno Classica, the world's largest specialist fair for classic models.

The crazy seventies

Inka, a glowing shade of orange, is one of the typical colours favoured during the "crazy seventies". In keeping with that era, the new BMW 2002 tii shines brightly in this flower-power hue guaranteed to get the pulses of car aficionados racing.

The heartbeat of the newly revived dream car is provided by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with 130 bhp, as in the original model built back in 1973. That's enough power to take the 1,030-kilogram car from standstill to 100 km/h in 9.4 seconds. Even the top speed of 190 km/h reached 30 years ago on roads dominated by the VW Beetle was a creditable figure - and still makes for a superlative driving experience today. Sipping an average 9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, this four-wheeled gem came with a price tag of DM 14,400 attached.

Oldster made up of new parts appears at Techno Classica

From 6 April 2006, interested car fans have the opportunity to take a closer look at this old model made up of new parts. Once again BMW Group Mobile Tradition will be welcoming visitors in Hall 12 of the Techno Classica automotive show, where the 2002 tii will be on display - not behind glass this time.

The successful project has spawned more of the same, ensuring that the Glass Workshop does not remain empty. Visitors to the BMW Museum Exhibition at the Olympic Tower will be able to observe another "new-but-old cult car" taking shape on the hydraulic platform - this time it's a BMW 528 (E12).

BMW Press

  • BMW are trying to create a new interest in a classic 02-series (2002 tii) by re-introducing it.
  • The even started to use 02-series (02er Reihe) naming.
Get it? They are preparing the ground for a new 2-series coming next year in a 2-door sedan-ish coupe & cabrio form (E89 & E88) - as a reincarnation of classic 02-series.


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Another smart move by BMW. I know they'll do a great job on the new 2 series-
and the sooner BMW introduces the new model "2", the better.


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Re: Resurrection of BMW 2002tii

BMW 02 Series Celebrates 40th Birthday

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BMW still pushing "02 series" in the news. And will do it some more.

Guess why. :D

Hint: forthcoming 2-series. :usa7uh:


Luwalira said:
Hopefully BMw won't slow play us like they did with the 3-series coupe.

I think this is the case with most new cars!

Look at how look it is taking for the CL to be unveiled!


BMW 02 Series celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year

While everyone is celebrating BMW’s 100th anniversary this year, looking back over the achievements the Bavarian brand managed to accomplish over this period of time, it’s easy to forget about other milestones achieved in 2016. One model that should be remembered, the 02 Series, was the one that gave birth to the best-selling car the Germans ever made.

You might not be aware of this but the car that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year truly started a revolution in Munich. How come? Well, just think about what the Bavarian giant would look like today if it wasn’t for cars such as the BMW 1600.


It was back in 1966 when the 1600 was initially unveiled, aiming at customers that also had a burning desire for driving their cars in a sporty manner. The combination of a compact two-door notchback body with engine and chassis technology proven in the four-door saloons of the “New Class” created the ideal enablers for handling that was as agile as it was safe.

And it wasn’t just BMW marketing that sold the cars either. As soon as customers began driving them, the 02 became the image of the ultimate driving machine. In the years that followed, thanks to the hard work of the engineers, the range grew in power from the 85 HP of the 1600 to the 100 HP of the BMW 2002, 130 HP of the BMW 2002 tii and even 170 HP for the BMW 2002 turbo.

While it may not seem like too much these days, in 1973, the flagship 2002 Turbo model became the first series automobile to be powered by a turbocharged engine. From the 02 Series range the hugely successful 3 Series was derived and, to this day, it is the best-selling model the Germans put out, being sold by the millions in the forty years that followed.

Source: BMWBlog