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This familycar is amazing!!!!!!!


Carlsson Set To Debut CM50 K R-Class


A little while back we told you about our fondness for the German tuner Carlsson, and the upcoming debut of their new tuning package for the 2007 Mercedes S-Class.

At the time, they also released details of of a new tuning package for the recently-released Mercedes R-Class, but we didn't want to run the story until we had plenty of photos to show you.

The story slipped my mind, but I recently got my hands on some additional photos of the Carlsson R-Class, so without further ado, the details of the upcoming CM50 K.

To begin, Carlsson felt they needed to speed things up a bit, courtesy of a Carlsson supercharger developed in cooperation with the Ogura Clutch Co. The result is a power boost up to 430 bhp/316 kW, 650 Nm.

To enhance the look of the vehicle, Carlsson added 3/11 Ultra Light Wheels, available in up to 23". If these wheels aren't your cup of tea, Carlsson is also set to debut their new 1/11 Brilliant Edition wheel design at the Essen Motor Show, which feature a one-piece 11 spoke design and will be shown in 9.5x20".

To further separate the CM50 K from its standard R-Class brethren, Carlsson then added their trademark body styling, which features a new front and rear apron, as well as new side skirts. To top off the whole package, Carlsson gave the CM 50 K a more agressive stance by adding their C-Tronic suspension, which lowers the vehicle approximately 30mm.

You can check out photos of Carlsson's upcoming CM50 K R-Class below. I've also included photos of an R-Class taken at the SEMA show, which sports the Carlsson body kit and GFG wheels.

For more info on Carlsson's products, you can visit their website by clicking here. You can also check out the full line of GFG wheels by visiting their site here.








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All said and done, i seen this car on the street once, and at a local MB dealer cleaned up for delivery, it was a base version, that really looked good, the R just has character imo.

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Re: Carlsson Set To Debut CM50 K R-Class

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I like those white "cheeks". Looks cute. :redface.doodle: Black MB is always plus for me.