Porsche puts Bugatti's future in jeopardy


Porsche puts Bugatti's future in jeopardy

CEO Wendelin Wiedeking is using his company's large stake in Volkswagen to pressure the company into changing plans for its Bugatti brand, according to the latest issue of Britain's CAR magazine.

As widely reported in the automotive press, the automaker loses money on every $1.3 million Veyron it sells. With the Veyron program not expected to turn a profit any time soon, rumors began circulating about a possible entry-level Bugatti roadster, and possibly even a more modestly priced sedan.

Unfortunately, sister brands Lamborghini and Bentley are strongly opposed to VW allowing Bugatti to enter their territory. What's more, Porsche has concerns of its own about Bugatti moving downmarket.

Accordingly, Porsche has suggested VW transform Bugatti into a coachbuilding business, creating one-off $4,000,000 super cars. While it's unclear if the company will go that far, there is mounting pressure both to achieve profitability, and not step on any toes.

Source: LLN


That sounds great. I'd love to see that.

I agree. This is the only way cars like the Veyron make any sense at all. At the same time I think Porsche should take control over VW to straighten out more of the core products within the others brands as well, there's still some disorganization that needs to be sorted.