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OFFICIAL Porsche Boxster (981 Series)

Discussion in 'Porsche Boxster' started by Shining Star, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Shining Star

    Shining Star Well-Known Member


    Fresh from revealing the latest 911 cabriolet at the Detroit auto show, Porsche has issued these first official photographs of its third-generation Boxster.

    Photos and information about the Boxster appeared on the Internet ahead of the Porsche's planned release time set for early Thursday morning.

    Set to get its first public airing at the Geneva motor show in March, the thoroughly re-engineered roadster gets a lightweight aluminum body, a roomier 911-style interior and the choice of two heavily upgraded versions of the German carmaker's classic horizontally opposed six-cylinder--both now boasting direct injection, slight gains in power and, thanks to a host of new fuel-saving features, impressive reductions in combined-cycle fuel consumption.

    The most dramatic change is the design theme, which is borrowed from the Carrera GT produced between 2004 and 2006. The Boxster adopts a more cab-forward stance, with the windscreen shifting forward quite significantly, along with heavily sculptured flanks, which now feature longer doors, larger wheelhouses designed to accommodate wheels up to 20 inches in diameter, and a distinctive rear end that adopts a modern interpretation of the classic 911 ducktail treatment.

    Along with the new exterior look, which represents the first major break from the look of the original Boxster launched in 1996, comes the first significant dimensional change in the car's illustrious 15-year history. Nothing is official at this stage, but reflecting moves made with the latest incarnation of the 911, Porsche confirms that the new Boxster rides on a longer wheelbase and wider tracks. These added dimensions provide the basis for a roomier interior that takes its cues from that of the new 911.

    The new Boxster goes under the internal code name 981, and it now also comes with a fully automatic cloth cover. The multilayered structure, which is supported on a magnesium frame, no longer requires manual assistance, retracting back at the press of a center-console housed button. It now also stows behind the cabin in a fully exposed position, allowing Porsche to do away with the tonneau cover featured on earlier models.

    In line with developments brought to the larger 911--a car with which it continues to share its complete front-end substructure--the new Boxster has a body made predominately from aluminum.

    Porsche isn't giving away too much detail on the new structure right now. But officials involved in an earlier prototype ride event attended by Autoweek indicate that it weighs more than 220 pounds less than the outgoing second-generation model's all-steel body in a move that--along with reductions in the weight of the car's newly developed magnesium-framed cloth hood--should see the base Boxster hit the scales at less than 2,866 pounds, despite the increase in dimensions and what Porsche describes as “greater levels of standard equipment.”

    The aluminum body is aligned to an all-new chassis boasting a longer wheelbase and a significantly wider front track. The suspension retains MacPherson struts up front and a multilink arrangement at the rear but now supports the larger wheels and tires, up from a previous 19 inches. The bigger wheels also support larger brakes.

    Arguably the most significant change to the Boxster's mechanical makeup is the steering, which like that of the new 911 eschews hydraulic assistance for a new electromechanical system developed in partnership with ZF.

    In a further link with the new 911, Porsche gave the third-generation Boxster a downsized base engine. Previously 2.9 liters in displacement, the new model adopts a comprehensively reworked, horizontally opposed six-cylinder reduced to 2.7 liters--the same size of the base engine offered in the first-generation Boxster model, the 986, following its facelift in 2000.

    Despite the reduction in swept volume, the new base engine kicks out 261 hp. The Boxster S, on the other hand, retains the same 3.4-liter engine as the model it replaces. However, it too was revised for greater efficiency, with power climbing to 310 hp.

    As before, buyers of the new Boxster will be offered the choice between a standard six-speed manual and an optional seven-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox--the latter with revised software for what Porsche describes as “more rapid and smoother shifts” along with a so-called sailing feature that, like that seen on the 911, automatically decouples the engine during periods of tailing throttle on downhill grades, cutting engine revs to just 700 rpm for brief periods of added fuel saving.

    When running the optional PDK gearbox, the new Boxster is claimed to hit 62 mph in 5.7 seconds with the Boxster S reaching the same performance benchmark in 5.0 seconds. Further gains in straight-line performance are promised by the adoption of Porsche's optional Sport Chrono package, which now brings dynamic gearbox mounts.

    Further driveline developments center on the adoption of Porsche torque vectoring, which provides the rear-wheel-drive roadster with a mechanical differential, although it will likely be available only on the Boxster S.

    Read more: Porsche Boxster: First official photographs - Autoweek
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    • mini_cooper4

      mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member

      For me it's the type of car you see and you instantly put your order down...
      But it really doesn't fit well in my garage... If only I was married or my sister had a license :D
    • LaArtist

      LaArtist Well-Known Member

      Very nice interior and rear is spot on, front is bait soft but very nice.
      There is some 918 going on i think
    • Giannis

      Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      EDIT: Here are the photos that are missing from Shining Star's post #94:

      new_2013_porsche_boxster_981_004. Unbenannt3. Unbenannt. Unbenannt5. Unbenannt4.
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      • Shining Star

        Shining Star Well-Known Member

        I'll try to see if I can connect back to Autoweek. Right now my browser is saying that their server is dropping the incoming connection.

        EDIT: looks like the pictures have been restored.
      • hoffmeister_fan

        hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

        GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!! so much deliciousness!

        Excalibur! One day either this (or the 911) shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.
      • rurella

        rurella Active Member Premium Member

        Outstanding, the Cayman will be epic.......
      • tristatez28lt1

        tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member

        That thing looks gorgeous and timeless! No thinking about it, sleeping on it, letting it sink in, getting used to it, etc., etc. like with the new SL. GREAT job Porsche!
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        • Shining Star

          Shining Star Well-Known Member

        • mini_cooper4

          mini_cooper4 Well-Known Member


          It won't be a rational decision but I might get one... I simply like it too much... it's like an expensive pair of shoes that you don't need much but you have to have them :)
        • Shining Star

          Shining Star Well-Known Member

          [image no longer available]

          Press Release

          2013 Porsche Boxster: Lighter, more muscular, more distinctive and more fuel-efficient

          ATLANTA, January 12, 2012 – Never before in the history of the Porsche Boxster has a change of generation been so comprehensive. The open-top two-seat car receives an entirely new lightweight body and a completely revamped chassis. The new Boxster weighs less than the previous generation and rides on a longer wheelbase and a wider track. These new dimensions are coupled with larger wheels and a new electromechanical power steering system to significantly enhance the mid-engine sports car's driving dynamics. The new Boxster boasts superior performance and is also up to 15 percent more fuel-efficient than previous models on the European cycle.

          The new Boxster benefits not only from an increased wheelbase but also shorter overhangs, while the windscreen has been shifted forward. The passengers are enclosed by the completely redesigned, fully electric top, which now dispenses with a convertible top compartment lid. The interior concept offers the occupants more space and reflects the new Porsche outline with a raked center console, which, originating with the Carrera GT ensures improved ergonomics in all models.

          The new sports car generation makes its debut in the classic Porsche pairing of Boxster and Boxster S. Both models are powered by flat-six engines with direct fuel injection, the efficiency of which is further enhanced by electrical system recuperation, thermal management and start/stop function. The base model's new power unit delivers 265 hp from a 2.7 liter displacement – ten hp more than its larger displacement predecessor.

          Technically, it is now based on the 3.4-liter engine of the Boxster S. This now delivers 315 hp, which is five hp more than before. Both models feature a manual six-speed gearbox as standard with the seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) available as an option. Both sports cars achieve their best fuel consumption and acceleration performance with the PDK. With gear changes without interruption to the power flow, the Boxster sprints from zero to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, the Boxster S in 4.7 seconds.

          To enhance driving dynamics yet further, Porsche offers the Sport Chrono Package as an optional extra for the Boxster, featuring dynamic transmission mounts for the first time. Also new in the Boxster is Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) with a mechanical rear axle differential lock.

          The new Boxster models are expected in U.S. showrooms in early summer 2012. The basic list price iwill be $49,500 for the Boxster and $60,900 for the Boxster S, not including a $950 destination charge.
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          • Sunny

            Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

            Interesting that it doesn't get the 7 speed manual.
          • donkeykong

            donkeykong Well-Known Member

            My sentiments exactly.
          • Human

            Human You. The Road. Nothing else.


            F-en stunning!:icondrool

            Porsche has won me over, so much so that I am feeling funny all-over. They just tickle my fancy with every new product.

            I turned 36 this month and I've gotta feeling that this is going to be my last year of BMW ownership (me) the wife will keep the Bavarian manufacturer alive in the household - I am going to follow my dream to become a Porsche owner.:cool::bowdown:
          • Star&Car

            Star&Car Well-Known Member

            I love it,especially the rear design.
          • Mr Robert

            Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

            Oh, damn... the new Boxster is really, really nice. The proportions are wonderful, and it doesn't look the same front and rear this time ;-)

            I'm still a bit curious about the MT7, reviews are scarce.
          • -=Hot|Ice=-

            -=Hot|Ice=- Well-Known Member

            Add me to the that list.
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            • -=Hot|Ice=-

              -=Hot|Ice=- Well-Known Member

              I'm with Hoff on this. Hopefully in a couple years, I can make it happen. A Porsche is a dream of mine.
            • hoffmeister_fan

              hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

              You're only Human, so make it happen! :D
            • Levi68

              Levi68 Banned

              WOW! I am not really interested in this car, as I don't like convertibles, but it just shows how perfect the new Cayman will be. Ectexior and Interior are just perfect. Is the engine od the S going to be the NA 3.4l H6? I am sure there is a way of getting out 350 PS from it like in the 911. Also I like it doesn't have a 7 speed manual, but a 6 speed. I'll go to Geneva to see it.

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