Porsche 911 Cabrio TwinTurbo by 9ff


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Open to understatement
In general, an open-top Porsche is a good choice if you are looking for an elegant convertible that you can use every day. If you are thinking about picking a Ferrari you have to consider the disadvantages in everyday use and a sporty driver is likely to rather pick the extroverted Mercedes CLK DTM.

But consider a 9ff convertible as well, because it combines all the advantages in one: Elegance, suitability for every day – and by touching the accelerator pedal even the speed of a top sports car. Exaggeration? No! This real beauty accelerates in under four seconds to tempo 100, reaches the 200 mark only six seconds later and after further 12 seconds you are already driving 300 km/h. Because of that you should think twice if wearing a hat is the best decision – or you have to close the top of your convertible.

Through its inconspicuous appearance appears the 911 Cabrio to be the tiger in a wolf’s skin. The almost filigree-looking 19” forged rims in 9ff-design underline this appearance and the special Continental high-speed wheels in 235 and 325 width assure the necessary contact to the road. The electrical sports chassis and the huge 380 mm breaks increase the safety as well. But the flat six motor, the reason for this bundled power, stays hidden from the observer’s eye; no Turbolike slots in the rear wheel arches that give away the slightest sign of its power. A completely amplified and detailed machined aggregate in combination with two special turbos ensures more than 650 HP and 830 Nm torque. This car, equipped with four wheel drive, is one of the world’s fastest convertibles with a top speed of more than 350 km/h – or with its classy appearance it can be the perfect companion for every kind of social event.

You decide – with your heart, your mind and your right foot




The rims are tight but the pipes are killing me. They remind me of an E46 I saw the other day which had dual motorcycle exhaust pipes + every cheap accessory one can put on a car.


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Yea, they look pretty dumb. But I guess you forget about them when you drive 300 km/h in a cabrio...

Maybe you can change them if you want...:)


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They should have left it stock (except the engine of course). All the changes have made the car look horrible. The rims, the pipes, the front lip etc etc. Why?:t-hands: