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Poll: Americans Say U.S. Cars Top Asian Autos

Discussion in 'More Brands' started by Germaniac, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Germaniac

    Germaniac Member


    Americans, for the first time in years, believe that U.S.-based companies are making better-quality vehicles than Asian companies, a new Associated Press-GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media poll found.

    The survey suggests those numbers are largely fueled by a plunge in Toyota's reputation and an upsurge in Ford's. The poll was conducted in March, as Toyota was being roiled by nightmarish publicity over its recall of more than 8 million vehicles around the globe and allegations that it responded sluggishly to safety concerns.

    Read more: Poll: Americans Say U.S. Cars Top Asian Autos - TIME
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    • shonguiz

      shonguiz Well-Known Member

      I think Ford cars are becoming more & more attractive.
    • HighestOfHigh

      HighestOfHigh Global Moderator Staff Member Contributing Member

      Hmm...They forgot to let me take this poll.

      I am very happy to see Ford is seeing some success. Hopefully they will use that success and give Lincoln some better cars other then rebadged Fords. Ford and GM have gotten very aggressive in their advertisements as well.

      On the other hand, there is no Ford that I would buy over a Nissan, Honda or Toyota. Yes, Toyota has been hit real hard, but they still build quality cars. I have owned Ford and GM cars....I was at the dealership almost every month. Sometimes twice a month. Toyota, Nissan and Honda I have owned as well. I rarely go to the dealership unless it's for a oil change or basic maintenance.

      Not to mention the Asian cars look better (in some cases). Only Ford I would probably buy is the Expedition. The rest of the cars seem so generic and the interiors are blah at best. Only thing they have that is remotely attractive to me is their sync system. Same for GM and onstar.

      Yes, they have improved greatly over the years, but I'm still not "running" to a Ford or GM dealership anytime soon.
    • go0gle

      go0gle Active Member

      agreed. I saw the new ford taurus recently and I must say that they did a very good job on it.
    • Wolfgang

      Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

      At Ford, Nancy Gioia is in charge of electrification: :eusa_pray

    • Tarek

      Tarek Well-Known Member

      Not in my book,IMO the Japanese cars are definitely ahead.
    • ZicZachZo

      ZicZachZo Well-Known Member

      We Americans love a good rags to riches success story and Ford appears to be playing that card really well lately. And in the perfect case of Toyota, as much as we love to see them rise, we relish in the opportunity to see them fall.
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      • Merc1

        Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        ^^ Bingo!

        I still don't think American cars as a whole are better than Japanese cars when it comes to quality and especially build quality. Some Japanese cars just feel better built. GM, Chrysler and Ford all have some great cars now, but the whole landscape hasn't changed just yet. Chrysler still has some clunkers as does GM and even Ford. The Fusion is winning everything, but when I sat in the car it seems like the same old Ford to me. Granted I haven't been in a top-line version yet. GM and Chrysler were bankrupt so I doubt their cars have all the details sweated through.

        The Fall of Toyota has indeed opened the doors for Ford. While Ford is on a roll they need to start designing the next Fusion. I mean new from the ground up car to really attack the Japanese.

      • Osnabrueck

        Osnabrueck Well-Known Member

        Ford is on a roll and it appears that Alan Mulally and crew really know what they're doing.

        I used to hate them with a burning passion, but can now say that there are numerous Ford models I would now seriously consider against their Japanese counterparts.

        From a product point of view - I don't think Ford has ever been this tight. When you put the F-150, New Taurus, 2011 Edge, Mustang and Feista together you're seeing a brand that can cover all of its bases and tell a consistent story.

        That this was achieved with Ford - one of the least "car literate" brands out there... it's an impressive feat. And I think the momentum will only gather strength, so long as this BOD maintains its general composition over the next 10-odd years.

        Lincoln is a very, very week spot and in need of extreme intervention... I'm not sure if there's enough juice left in the Lincoln brand to make something happen there. It's in a very Hyundai from 10 years ago kind of market position, and the kind of 'rebirth' moves it's been making are mostly miscues.

        As for GM - Buick has a couple things going for them, but overall I don't have any faith that GM's best efforts will amount to anything more than B-tier product that's 3 years behind the competition in terms of design and 7 years behind in quality.

        Chrysler doesn't even count anymore. Jeep will plod on with mixed results, Dodge will continue on with soft sales, and the Italian product coming down the pike is a wild card. My guess is that it won't do well, and reliability will be a serious issue as it is in Europe.

        Ultimately - I'm very bullish on Ford and hope that build quality will catch up with their product development quality in the future. They're on the right path and are offering up more compelling bread-and-butter product than any of the Japanese competitors are at this moment.

        An aside - The new Mustang looks very strong.
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        • ateekt

          ateekt Well-Known Member

          They wish!! :t-crazy2:

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