Peewee comits felony: Steals Benz SUV



Two little kiddies aged 3 and 5 decided to make a saturday a bit more interesting by getting to the local store and buy some candy. In the mission to endulge their sweet tooth they couldn't resist taking the keys to the good old and troublesome ML parked up front.
So they snatched the keys to the ML belonging to their uncle and took off for a ride. While looking heavy on the roads in their wide body Benz they managed to drive 1km before ending their virgin journey by crashing into a lampost.
Luckily nobody got injured and the driver and passanger got away with a few scratches. Apparently the "criminals" has learned the art of operating a car with an automatic gearbox from driving their very own toy jeep, and therefor moving on the real thing was a natural step.
[image no longer available]

PS. Do I even have to mention that the car was damanaged and for you who wonder, this happened in Sweden, Malmö. Apparently the car didn't have voice command becasue the 5 years old driver said that the car refused to stop when he told it to do so.:D


Luwalira said:
You better keep your car keys out of your children's reach, that is if one of your cars have an automatic tranny.;)

Oh $h!t, where are my keyes??? Adrianoooooo!!! Aaaaadriaaaaanoooooooo!!! :D:usa7uh::usa7uh: