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Next BMW X1 to go front-drive

Discussion in 'BMW X1 SAV' started by ACE, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. ACE

    ACE Well-Known Member

    BMW purists look away now... a FWD, transverse mounted 4 pot (or even 3), optional Haldex, SUV with Mini parts and a blue and white propeller badge.

    "The decision to switch platforms is aimed at providing the next-generation BMW X1 with added packaging benefits and lower production costs, according to insiders."

    If you told me this 10 years ago I would never have believed it was going to happen.

  2. klier

    klier Member

    Me neither. It's beyond pathetic.

    Use Mini. Or create another brand, or buy Opel, or whatever.
  3. Deckhook

    Deckhook Banned

    It's perfectly logical if you think about it. Take the RR Evoque, rides well, handles well and goes offroad better than all softroader, all this from a Haldex system. Transverse mounting the engine improves packaging and offering fwd also improves it's economy, plus allows them to lower manufacturing costs which in turn allow retail price to drop accordingly.
  4. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    I'm OK with lowering of manufacturing costs, but what is done with the additional return ? Puirists cars like M3 CSL E46 or Z1 E30 ? No, other cars to improve yearly sale like 1 Series FAST, 3 Series GT...
  5. Deckhook

    Deckhook Banned

    HELLO..............it's a business that's designed to make money. I'm sure if an M3 CSL or the likes make them enough dosh and boost their image then they may well make them but first and foremost the company needs to be as profitable as possible.
  6. ACE

    ACE Well-Known Member

    The packaging and cost benefits are obvious but BMW has made it's great reputation by providing "sheer driving pleasure" and "the ultimate driving machine" etc. This goes against the ethos that the brand previously stood for.

    Check out these BMW adverts mocking FWD

    Now BMW are emulating what they mocked. I agree with Klier, they should do this under a different brand, then it wouldn't be contentious. BMW's board obviously believe that the additional money they can make by putting a BMW badge on these FWD cars is greater than the amount they will lose on the "purists" that leave the brand for competitors that they are now similar to. Time will tell if they are correct.
  7. Deckhook

    Deckhook Banned

    If they continue to make exceptionally good rwd machines would an additional few fwd models at the bottom of the range really stop you or anyone else buying what you are currently driving? Of course not, only if the standards drop else where will people start to leave the brand.
  8. ACE

    ACE Well-Known Member

    It's not always about the best product (although that definitely helps). Marketing works, or nobody would spend money on marketing. If people don't identify with the brand, they won't buy it. I know a few people on GCF who are influenced by brands and marketing, no names mentioned;).
  9. Deckhook

    Deckhook Banned

    Sure some will buy into the BS being feed to them by manufacturers but the majority buy what they like to drive that's in their price bracket and meets their requirements.
  10. Levi68

    Levi68 Banned

    Does the underpowered, according to many, overpriced GT86 boost Toyota's image or make them earn much ? No, butt he enthusiasts are pleased.

    Do they really do exceptionally good rwd machines ? I don't know because I didn't try the F20/F30. But what I know is that I have no so much interest in a 320i F30 as I had in a 323i E46. For me BMW does not exist anymore, BMW M is the only way.

  11. Deckhook

    Deckhook Banned

    Toyota is a people's car manufacturer in that they make small city runabouts, for them the GT86 is an image boosting product in the same way as the M is to BMW or RS/AMG is to Audi/Mercedes.

    You are completely mad if you think BMW offering a small SUV and City runabout in FWD form will harm it's overall brand image, BMW will remain primarily a front engined, rwd manufacturer. If you are suggesting that only their M models interest the purist then I will agree with that, but they are in a minority and account for a miniscule percentage of their sales and in turn profit so if BMW only catered for those few then it would either have taken over or worst still went bust many years ago.

    As for the comparisons between E43 and F30, this is called evolution, cars have got bigger, heavier, more comfortable, quieter, more luxury laden, don't blame BMW for giving the customers what they want.
  12. Human

    Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

    X1 FWD? That's just fken stupid! Why? BMW can sing and dance on every tune ever composed, they will never convince me the sense behind the senseless.

    There is and always will be a 3er RWD chassis/platform. Why not just carry on with the F31 Touring platform? At least keep the X-models RWD and mind you offering the X1 in S-Drive pissed me off enough already!

    Geez, sometimes OEM's just knows the perfect way to ruin a loyal enthusiast/owner's day. Why not just change from one German brand to another for me!? Ja, why not!:mad:
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    • EnI

      EnI Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member

      ^ Mind there will be 2er Active Tourer! RWD/AWD. As a spiritual successor to current X1. :)

      While the next X1 will go FWD/AWD ... UKL platfrom will bring quite some improvement in cabin room to BMW cars based on that platform (all 1ers, X1 etc).

      But 2er (incl Active Tourer) will be placed on modular BMW RWD platform that will utilize from 2er to RR Ghost. With modifications of course, but the core platform will have the same architecture.
    • SCOTT27

      SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      The X1 will be offered alongside a more satisfactory replacement The AWD only X2 allowing BMW's even number SAC's to compliment the even number SAV's. By 2016 BMW will expect to have a full "X" family to accompany each model series from the 1er to the 7er.
    • Human

      Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

      X - should have been reserved exclusively for AWD (as in RWD based with X-Drive) only. Call the lesser FWD based AWD cars A-Drive as in S-drive for RWD cars.

      FWD is enough of a bitter pill to swallow already.
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      • SCOTT27

        SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        Seen the next generation BMW X1 earlier this afternoon. I will go into full detail over the course of the weekend but for now...

        Design response? Very evolutionary appearance , retains the X1 surface treatment that defines the character lines but in keeping more with the new design language adding more dimension. As before it looks very sport orientated with a solid stance and dynamic in appearance.
        The overall outline is something similar to this X5 render with the front end design (minus M packet here) not being too far off.
        It is slightly bigger which will be reflected inside but this model had no interior as it was the styling model.
        But still remains as BMW's compact SAV which will sit above the sub-compact BMW F.A.S.T. The entry SAV/MPV/Touring/Coupe/Crossover and connect to the rest of the BMW X-line.

        The big change to the X1 is of course the move to the UKL platform meaning that entry X1's will be FWD with larger engined models retaining AWD. But given BMW's determination to focus on making FWD BMW's the most agile FWD cars in its class this should be reflected in the final product.

        The interesting addition is the inclusion of a BMW X2. Forgoing the typical SAC appearance of the X6 and forthcoming X4 models because as the concept gets smaller, proportions and especially headroom gets tighter in the rear.
        Think of the X2 as the MINI Paceman is to the MINI Countryman and is a lower roofed SAV with a shallow glasshouse and dynamic angled roofline. The X2 is exclusively the first 3dr BMW SAV/SAC model.

        The move to determine more prestige , space and sportier appearance is to keep the next generation X1 retain its current status as Europes no 1 best selling Sport Activity Vehicle in light of advancing competitors to the segment.
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        • Mr Robert

          Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

          Ahh.. the joy of it all... :D
        • Human

          Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

          OK, now first please explain X-Drive (RWD based AWD sytem) the other way around? Will it be mmm...KIA/Mini/PSA-Citroen electric AWD system?!?, you pieces of S...

          Secondly...BMW - FWD...you know, you know it's one of those things a fanatic's mind just recalculate into a VERY bad dream and interprets it as a good April fools joke:hilarious: Only to realize it's not a dream but a horrific, horrified reality waiting to happen:dead::poop::hungover::sour::wtf:

          Thanks alot BMW:finger:
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          • Levi68

            Levi68 Banned

            Now, I agree. Why buy a BMW over a VW? For badge only.
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            • SKY

              SKY Well-Known Member

              Does this mean the X7 will come before 2016?
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