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My visit to the Lamborghini showroom

Discussion in 'Sightings' started by Mr. M, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Mr. M

    Mr. M Well-Known Member

    Today, we decided to drop by the Lamborghini showroom to check out the LP640.

    We got more than what we bargained for - we chanced upon a get-together of several Gallardos, Murcielagos and even a 599!

    I clicked away, of course... Enjoy. :t-cheers:



    Too bad the owner drove off so quickly before I could take more - this is possibly the first 599 in the whole of S'pore!

    Murcielago, CLK-DTM AMG.


    Pearl white looks great!







    Too bad they didn't let me sit in any of these... Heck, they didn't even entertain us when we looked around the showroom. And all of the owners are gangsterish-types, surprisingly enough... :t-crazy2:
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    • Zonda

      Zonda Well-Known Member

      Thanks for the pics, really nice!

      Can't wait to see the LP640 and CLK-DTM in real life:D
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      • cawimmer430

        cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

        Nice pics. :cool:

        Is there any place in Singapore someone can really exploit these cars?

        This is a dumb question, but do you guys have highways down there? If so, what's the speed limit? 100 km/h?
      • C.Charles

        C.Charles Member

      • Bruce

        Bruce Well-Known Member

        Anymore of the CLK DTM? :)eusa_pray )
      • Mr. M

        Mr. M Well-Known Member

        Nope, but most people go up to the F1 circuit in Malaysia (Sepang). Ferrari/Maserati's gonna have a track day there this year so I can't wait to join in.

        Yup, we have several highways. The highest limit we have is 110km/h. :t-banghea There are speed cameras in several areas of the highway, too.

        I'm sorry Bruce, that's all I have. Damn, if I knew the CLK's so well received I should have taken more... :eusa_doh:

        Anyway, for those who wanna know, the CLK-DTM is just a little under a million dollars. That's about USD670,000.
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        • dOmInIX

          dOmInIX Well-Known Member

          Great photos! Such a shame they don't let you in. CLK DTM nearly 1 million?! That's insane!
        • Bruce

          Bruce Well-Known Member

          :t-banghea :eusa_doh: :D

        • cawimmer430

          cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

          Ahhh, and I just drove 200 km/h on the Autobahn today. :D
        • Mr. M

          Mr. M Well-Known Member

          :t-banghea :t-banghea

          Wait till I get to Sepang! :D
        • cawimmer430

          cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

          Did 230 km/h today. :D
        • Giannis

          Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

          Goddamn you Christian... The fastest i did today was 60km on my way to work...
        • cawimmer430

          cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

          Haha :banana:
        • DaSilva

          DaSilva Well-Known Member

          WOW - I Feel Envy!:D
          So many nice pic's as well.. Nice Work Mirage77!:usa7uh:

          In Norway we don't eaven have a Lamborghini Sales & Showroom..
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          • Alx

            Alx Well-Known Member

            Awesome Pics, Great Job!!!!
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