MINI 4x4 set for green light ?


BMW is considering offering a rugged crossover version of the forthcoming MINI Clubman five-door wagon, according to the U.K.'s AutoExpress. The all-wheel-drive MINI will likely hit showrooms for the 2010 model year, if production is approved.

A BMW insider told the magazine there is a strong business case for the compact SUV, especially considering the demand for such vehicles here in North America. The 4×4 MINI might look something like the off-roader built by Italy's Castagna (pictured).

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An innovative AWD system for MINI (by Getrag) has been ready for years, yet was put on ice till introduction of an appropriate model to carry such system.

3 possible variants: MINI Moke - kind a Mini off-roader, an "offroad" version of Mini Traveller / Clubman wagon (xTraveller), or a Honda Element / Scion xB funky AWD van.

According to my info xTraveller is the most possible variant to come in the future.

Btw, MINI is also considring to offer Mini Coupe - a coupe below 2er - kind a mini Aston Martin in appearance. ;)


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Yes, a Traveller?Clubman Mini would make sence, but in the pic in Just me's post the mini is a pick-up? That's way too much!!!