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Maybach Laundaulet Goes Into Production

Discussion in 'Maybach 57/62' started by Bartek S., Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Bartek S.

    Bartek S. Well-Known Member Contributing Member

    Ultimate Maybach is delivered to the first lucky customers.

    It started life as a luxurious concept, but wealthy buyers loved it so much the Maybach Laundaulet has gone into production!
    Priced at around £350,000, the convertible limousine has proved too hard to resist to several customers in the middle east.
    Based on the Maybach 62, the Landaulet is powered by a mighty 612bhp bi-turbo V12 and can do 0-62mph in just over five seconds and hit 155mph. The Landaulet’s cabin is trimmed in white leather and comes with all the latest in-car multimedia. Those in the back can separate themselves from the front by flicking a switch, rendering the glass partition opaque thanks to its liquid crystal membrane.
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    • SDNR

      SDNR Well-Known Member

      ^ Good, I guess.
    • Merc1

      Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

      Well we knew this was going to happen. Look at the thing it is a production "concept" as it is. At over a million USD I don't see more than 20-30 sales worldwide.

    • DaSilva

      DaSilva Well-Known Member

      Yes!! Now the very very rich people can have a new 1 million Dollar baby in their garage! Cool :D
    • SDNR

      SDNR Well-Known Member

      Really ....1 million US! .....that seems a little ridiculous to me. Afterall, they've only cut the roof of the rear when all is said and done ....and they've not even done the best job of it either.
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      • PanterroR

        PanterroR Well-Known Member


        It's simply too much!

      • CorpusCallosum

        CorpusCallosum Active Member

        Just goes to show money can't buy everything. Because the people that waste money on this car are clearly lacking in taste and the ability to think rationally...
      • Bartek S.

        Bartek S. Well-Known Member Contributing Member

        In a move that won't surprise many people, Maybach has approved the outrageous Landaulet open-top sedan for production. The 62 S-based Landaulet design study was first shown in November of last year, and its open passenger cabin coupled to a closed chauffeur's area harkened to the classic luxury era from which the brand takes its name. Favorable reaction to the Landaulet at auto shows led to its being put into production.

        Like the show car, the hand-built Landaulet will be based on the Maybach 62 S. The fifth Maybach model line's obvious distinction comes from the rear roof section, which has been replaced with a powered soft top and glass window. Two exterior colors are offered: Baltic Black or Nevada Silver. The 20-inch wheels can be polished or matched to the body color. Interior treatments are similarly limited, with three leather choices and two trim finishes. The Landaulet can also be had with custom paint and interior trim just like any Maybach. The Landaulet's passenger cabin is subtly upgraded,with a wind deflector and larger rear headrests that also reduce turbulence. The twin-turbo V12 also gets a slight horsepower boost, to 450.

        Maybach has set Landaulet pricing at EUR 900,000 ($1.35 million US), and it's a limited production model, of course. The first Maybach Landaulets will be hand-built in autumn of 2008.
        Press Release

        The world’s most exclusive open-top luxury saloon: The new Maybach Landaulet – majestic open-air experience with the ultimate in luxury and comfort
        Stuttgart, Feb 22, 2008

        Stuttgart– The tradition-laden Maybach luxury brand is adding a fifth model to its line-up. The new Maybach Landaulet resurrects the legend of the classic luxury landaulets, a feature of which is that only the chauffeur's area is closed. An extra-large folding roof opens up over the pampered rear-seat passengers when required, leaving no obstructions between them and the blue sky above. The Maybach Landaulet thus offers a majestic open-air experience currently unrivalled by any other automobile. Boasting a certain romantic quality and allowing its passengers the opportunity to savour a closeness to nature, this exceptional vehicle also features the ultimate in comfort and technological sophistication and as such sets the new standard for the world's most exclusive luxury vehicles.
        In November 2007, Maybach revived the aura of the grand carriages of days gone by with its Landaulet study. The response from the public to this masterpiece was overwhelming, so much so that Maybach decided to offer the hand-built Landaulet based exclusively on the customer's own specifications. A limited number of vehicles will be built in the Manufaktur workshops in Sindelfingen over a restricted period. The finest materials are painstakingly handcrafted by select craftsmen to meet the customers' exacting requirements - just as the discerning Maybach clientele would expect. According to the latest Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI), a survey of 531 U.S.millionaires recently voted Maybach the most prestigious luxury automobile brand.
        Exclusive workplace for the chauffeur, exquisite luxury for passengers
        The Maybach Landaulet is a masterpiece of automotive engineering and comes with its very own exciting yet distinguished, authentic style. While the chauffeur's workplace is appointed with high-grade, smooth black leather and trim elements in glossy piano lacquer, the passengers in the rear with its optional contrasting colour scheme enjoy their place in the sun. They travel on opulent reclining seats upholstered in exquisite Grand Nappa leather in an environment of utmost luxury and exquisite style.
        Large folding roof for a close-to experience of nature
        In technical terms the Maybach Landaulet is based on the Maybach 62 S – which can claim to be the world's most powerful series-produced chauffeured saloon. Maybach technicians have removed the rear roof module in order to afford passengers an unobstructed view of the sky above. The side walls have been invisibly reinforced with an integral tubular steel structure. As these measures have not altered the silhouette of the luxury saloon, the generously dimensioned doors and the complete interior with reclining seats remain unchanged.
        When closed, the black soft-top of the Landaulet rests on the roof frame formed by the longitudinal roof arches and is wind- and weather-proof. When requested by the passengers, the chauffeur operates a switch in the centre console. Fully automatically, the electro-hydraulic system then opens the roof, thetop is folded and gently laid onto the parcel shelf in the rear, together with its integral rear windscreen made of safety glass.
        The chauffeur is able to enclose the folded roof with a fine leather tonneau cover, which both conceals the roof mechanism from view and completes the overall picture of outstanding elegance. The tonneau cover comes in the same colour as the interior of the rear compartment, thereby ensuring consistent styling and creating a harmonious link with the exterior. A logo reading "Maybach Landaulet" in the colour specified by the customer is embroidered onto the cover, where it is visible to following traffic.
        Designed specifically for open-top motoring
        Maybach has adapted the luxurious rear compartment to the requirements of open-top motoring. For instance, the rear head restraints are slightly larger than on the saloon and effectively help reduce wind turbulence. Another slim wind deflector is automatically raised at speeds above 70 km/h to further reduce the risk of any uncomfortable draughts. The deflector, which measures around five centimetres, can be activated manually at any time. The switch is conveniently positioned for rear passengers in the centre console.
        The intercom in the passenger compartment is fitted with an additional handset in the centre console, allowing passengers to communicate with the driver at any time while the roof is down.
        Appointments to satisfy every desire
        The new Maybach Landaulet is painted in Baltic Black or Nevada Silver in a sophisticated process that ensures the highest standards of quality. Clients can choose from three leather appointment options, and a choice of two trim element finishes – black piano lacquer combined with either carbon-fibre trim or fine anthracite poplar.
        As testimony to its exceptional customer focus, Maybach also meets many customer special requirements at no extra charge. For instance, Landaulet clients can choose the individual appointments for their vehicle from the entire Maybach paint finish, leather and trim element range. An extra charge only applies to highly exclusive requirements such as special paint finishes based on the customer's own specifications, select leather colours, trim elements in natural stone or the electro-transparent partition.
        Visual highlights are provided by 20-inch aluminium wheels, also available as an option painted in the vehicle colour or burnished to a high sheen in a special finishing process.
        Engine and suspension
        The Maybach Landaulet is powered by an uprated V12 engine, developed for the Maybach 57 S and the Maybach 62 S. Thanks to twin turbochargers, the V12 engine develops 450 kW/612 hp from a displacement of 5980 cubic centimetres. Equipped with the AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control) electronically controlled air suspension system and the Adaptive Damping System (ADS II) the Landaulet model achieves an outstanding level of ride comfort whilst at the same time proving that even a prestigious automobile can display excellent agility and handling qualities.
        First deliveries in autumn 2008
        The Maybach Landaulet will cost EUR 900,000 (or US$ 1.35 million). The first customer vehicles are due to leave Maybach Manufaktur in autumn 2008.
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        • Merc1

          Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

          Wow, another million dollar car for the uber-rich.

        • Sunny

          Sunny Well-Known Member Staff Member GCF Guru

          Take your vanilla Maybach to a decent "pimp my car" shop and they could probably chop the roof for a fraction of the cost throw in some pimp white wheels too.
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          • far2000

            far2000 Well-Known Member

            so do we knw who the first few customers are? are the first 20 all goin 2 dubai/middle east...??

            i must say the no matter the price, it looks gorgeous...for the rich its just pocket change....
          • MercFan

            MercFan Active Member


            When you can afford one you can speak about it. If not - it's just bla-bla-bla.

            Maybach is the most comfortable car in the world. People want the best and they get it for their money.;)
          • bmer

            bmer Well-Known Member

            OK, so that's why they rather spend their money on a Rolls or a Bentley. :D
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            • MercFan

              MercFan Active Member

              Bentley is much cheaper. So it is not a competitor.:)

              Rolls is the best car to show off: people see how much did you spend for this car. Maybach is another thing. It has more space inside and it is more comfortable, but from the ouside it's just a big, ordinary Mercedes-Benz. This is the only and the biggest problem of Maybach.
            • bmer

              bmer Well-Known Member

              If you can afford an Arnage or a Brooklands, surely you can afford a Maybach or a RR. ;)
            • cawimmer430

              cawimmer430 Well-Known Member

              To me this is the most attractive and appealing Maybach. Perhaps this is the car Maybach needed all along. When I look at the Landaulet I think of the great Mercedes 300 Adenauer and the 600 Pullman and their Landaulet variants. Heck, even the W126 had a Landaulet version made for the Pope.

              The price tag seems a bit crazy though. :t-crazy2:
            • Merc1

              Merc1 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

              I just want to see it in another color scheme. The all-white look is very gaudy IMO.

            • SDNR

              SDNR Well-Known Member

              I don't agree.

              If you can afford to own a Maybach, then you really have your choice of anything ....so price will not be the main consideration; personal preference will dictate.

              Any vehicle which caters to the highest level of the luxury market is in the running for this top-tier consumer so of course Bentley is a competitor.
            • Wolfgang

              Wolfgang Well-Known Member GCF Guru Contributing Member


              Maybach Manufaktur presents Maybach Landaulet

              The legend of the past century majestic open-top automobiles has been re-invigorated by Maybach with the exclusive Maybach Landaulet, a superlative vehicle based on the chauffeur driven Maybach 62 S.

              Press Release – May 02, 2011 – The 2010 facelift that concerned all Maybach models added to the vintage fashion of the Maybach Landaulet a more contemporary feeling, thanks to the reduced fuel consumption and emissions, in respect of the EU 5 standard, nevertheless maintaining unchanged its stunning style and performance.

              This incomparable model, actually unique among the luxury vehicles segment, offers a pleasant open-air experience to the privileged passengers in the rear. In fact, the roof can be opened fully by the chauffeur in a few seconds, through a switch in the centre console that activates the electrohydraulical system, while the separate chauffeur's compartment remains closed.

              The Maybach Landaulet has been developed on the base of the Maybach 62 S model. Maybach engineers have removed the rear roof module from the world's most powerful series-produced chauffeured saloon, leaving the side walls that have merely been reinforced with an integral tubular steel structure not visible to the eyes, thus preserving the timeless aesthetic quality of the vehicle.

              The Maybach Landaulet, with its advanced engineering, utmost comfort and luxurious space offers almost all the optional features available on the other Maybach models, with refined technologies and precious materials that are a feast for the senses. Fancy a movie under the stars with no crowd around? Then you can choose the optional 19” cinema screen and absolutely enjoy your time.

              True to the creed of the German marque, Maybach’s customers have the possibility to personalize the vehicle depending on their choice. For instance, the electrotransparent partition that separates the chauffeur from the rear compartment can be refined with an original design element of customer’s choice. The superbly crafted, comfortable reclining seats made of the finest leather with massage function lavishly welcome passengers in the rear, in an atmosphere of absolute well-being enriched by precious materials, convenient stowage compartments and the ultimate entertainment technologies available on board. The Maybach Landaulet: an incomparable car with a sophisticated and distinguished style, created for true connoisseurs.

              Source: Maybach www.maybach-manufaktur.com
            • shonguiz

              shonguiz Well-Known Member

              It's only being build now ?

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