Inside Line First Drive: BMW 335i Coupe


[image no longer available]

Normally, coupes are exercises in vanity: all fluff and no substance. Ego-trumping sensibility. Liberace bitch-slapping Alan Greenspan. No one knows this better than BMW, which has been in the 3 Series game since Gerald Ford was cracking his knuckles in the Oval Office. It's getting pretty good at the game, as evidenced by the outstanding latest version of the 3 Series, which debuted as a 2006 model in "E90" sedan form only. As in previous generations, the coupe version is released just when the panting over the sedan has subsided.

With the 2007 BMW 335i Coupe, the second-stage booster of the 3 Series family is alight, hurtling the 3 Series along its intended path with renewed thrust. Really, though — does anyone need a coupe version of the newest 3 Series? The coupe would only be gilding the lily if it didn't offer up anything other than sheet-metal revisions.

It does, and you do.

Packing good looks, a friendly chassis and enough engine to make it entertaining, the 2007 BMW 335i Coupe delivers on the promise hinted at with the debut of the E90 sedan. Consider us all geared up for the M3.


Thank you.

By the pictures it looks like the model they tested is an automatic. Not sure though since they mentioned the 6-speed in passing during the video. Hopefully the one they test will be manual.

Very well written article to say the least. I wonder if this car is going to have upgrades like a chip. It seems that Audi customers have benefited a lot from chips, since when a car is chipped it benefits from good increases. Before BMW did not have this as their cars were NA and truly would only gain max 10hp and 10lb of torque. Just food for thought.