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Hyundai i30 N (Golf GTI killer!)

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by Zafiro, Jul 17, 2017 at 4:58 AM.

  1. Zafiro

    Zafiro Well-Known Member

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    • martinbo

      martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      What about this Hyundai makes it a GTI killer? Oh, a Peugeot GTI killer - maybe...
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      • Zafiro

        Zafiro Well-Known Member

        I like this car. If the price is right and reviews are good this is going to be popular car. I can see Klier driving this because of the name Albert Biermann :D
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        • klier

          klier Member

          Killer? LOL, that's a bit much isn't it?

          Still, it looks fairly good indeed.
        • Cashmere

          Cashmere Well-Known Member

          I thought he was working for KIA since he developed the stinger?
        • DjordjeC63

          DjordjeC63 Active Member

          Hyundai/Kia the same.
        • SCOTT27

          SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

          Its does not look very special. Maybe it's deliberately understated. But there are others who are more...shall we say extravagant?
        • Centurion

          Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

          Steering response and feedback will make or break this car.
        • martinbo

          martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

          Torsion beam or multi-link rear suspension?
        • SCOTT27

          SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

          Hmm. Does anybody else see The front aerodynamic package of the M3/M4 in the rear bumper/valance?
        • Giannis

          Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member


          All diesel and the entry level petrol variants get the torsion beam though.
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          • Cashmere

            Cashmere Well-Known Member

            Hyundai N boss: AWD and paddleshift in development

            [​IMG] [​IMG]

            The Hyundai i30 N is a reassuringly traditional hot hatch. It sticks with front-wheel drive, a manual gearbox and even a manual handbrake.

            But as the N brand grows, expect more tech to arrive, says boss Albert Biermann. First we ask him about four-wheel drive, given some of the i30 N’s rivals, such as the Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R, use that layout.

            “We have been testing four-wheel drive,” Biermann confirms. “But there is no plan at the moment to offer an N car with it. Of course we are looking into this. We have all our in-house tech, and the cost of the car could still be reasonable.

            “But we are just starting with the N brand. People need time to discover N, and understand what it is. Maybe later we can add stuff like this. There are prototypes out there and it is not a big deal to do it.”

            So that means an injection of power for something like the i30 N, we wager. “Without a high amount of power there is no need to go to all-wheel drive,” Biermann says. An extra 100bhp over the 271bhp i30 N Performance Package, perhaps? “At this point I don’t know,” he says, chuckling.

            What about a paddleshift gearbox? “We are developing such a transmission in Hyundai and we are thinking sooner or later to bring it in to the range,” he says. But will N cars always offer a transmission choice? “Yes. Manual has to survive of course!”

            Like the sound of so much choice? Or should the simplicity of the i30 N’s current range be celebrated?

            Hyundai N boss: AWD and paddleshift in development
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