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Huracan Performante

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Huracán' started by WBarnes, Jan 18, 2017.

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    Lambo’s new technology redefines active aero…with astounding results
    Jonny Lieberman Words, Manufacturer PhotosJanuary 17, 2017


      Weight is down by about 90 pounds, thanks in part to that new exhaust system, which alone reduces fat by nearly 25 pounds. The rest of the weight loss is due to increased use of forged carbon fiber composite, or Forged Carbon (FC) as Lamborghini would like you to call it. The largest single piece of FC on the Performante is the rear wing, which is where the bulk of the ALA magic happens.

      A side note: There was an internal fight at Lambo in regard to the car’s name, with none other than board member and R & D boss Maurizio Reggiani thinking Superleggera was the better moniker. However, because the primary focus of the car is performance and not lightweighting, Reggiani and several others were overruled.

      The suspension has been massively reworked. The electric lime green Huracán with fixed dampers that I drove for an “Ignition” episode had brilliant handling. To be blunt, the other one—our long-term Huracán—with magnetic dampers, did not. That dark gray MR car pushed and understeered, and it felt a bit mushy (it also weighed 200-plus pounds more somehow). It simply wasn’t as sweet. It’s important to remember, though, the Huracán was Lamborghini’s first use of magnetorheological shocks; They didn’t do a great job. The Aventador Superveloce was their second effort, and based on that alone, my mind was at ease. The Performante represents something of a third draft, and the results are stellar.


      What’s different? For one, the aforementioned shocks have been retuned to deal with the fast-acting active aero gear and as a result are much stiffer. The springs and anti-roll bars are retuned to provide 10 percent more vertical stiffness and 15 percent more roll stiffness. All the bushings are about 50 percent stiffer to cope with the stickier tires. The adjustable steering has been revamped, though most of the changes are in Corsa (track) mode. The Performante also gets newly developed special-application high-performance Pirelli P Zero Corsas. This caused the all-wheel-drive system to be reprogrammed and the ABS system to be reworked. Brake pedal feel is also improved. Finally, the ESC system was revamped. Because the Performante is more stable than the regular Huracán, ESC is less intrusive. Switch into Sport mode, and you’re essentially in Drift mode.

      Then there’s ALA, for which you can thank Antonio Torluccio, Lamborghini’s head of aerodynamics and previously an engineer on both the V-10 and V-12 programs. Torluccio describes ALA as a smarter way to do active aero. Think about traditional active aero, such as on the Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini’s own Centenario. Typically you have a large wing on some hydraulic struts. Based on conditions, the struts change the wing’s position. It works, but there are two drawbacks. One is speed, as most hydraulically adjustable wings need about a second to move fully from one position to another. The second is weight, as hydraulic fluid is heavy.

      Enter ALA. Rather than moving a large part around, ALA uses fast-acting, electronically controlled motors to open and close flaps. The Performante has a little flap in the snout , which can open to decrease downforce and drag. That’s cool but not groundbreaking. The groundbreaking part of ALA can be found in the hollow FC wing. Each of the big uprights that support the wing is also hollow. Right under the engine cover sits a pair of small dual-mouthed intakes. One mouth on each feeds cool air onto the hot exhaust, and the other allows air to flow through an upright and into the wing. There’s an outlet on the underside of the wing where the air exits. Like the front flap, the dual flaps can open to reduce drag and close to increase downforce. Or they can open one at a time.

      That’s right. Depending on which direction the Performante is turning, either flap can close in 0.2 second to create aero vectoring. Turn right, for instance, and the right flap closes while the left flap opens. With the right flap closed, downforce is exerted on the right rear wheel while the left wheel is looser and free to rotate in an arc. The opposite is true if you turn the car in the other direction. Lamborghini says ALA works between 43 and 193 mph. Any faster than that, and you don’t want to be turning the steering wheel. I asked if they looked into putting aero vectoring on the front axle. Torluccio told me they did, but there was no advantage.

      How’s it all work? Quite brilliantly, if the 14 laps I did around Italy’s famed Imola circuit in a heavily camouflaged prototype are any indication. If you were to strap me to a lie detector and ask whether my experience was from ALA alone or if the improved power, tires, ABS, weight reduction, and suspension all played their parts, I couldn’t honestly say. Taken as a whole, however, the Performante is sublime, and a major step forward in performance. For instance, I was able to squeal a tire or two (and induce a big, dumb grin on my face) all the way around Imola’s awesome Acqua Minerale corner in the regular Huracán. In the Performante? No smiling. If anything, my face was showing nothing but fear as a result of the high velocities I was hitting. The Performante was much more accurate and precise, albeit a different sort of fun.

      A few more examples: High-speed braking in the normal Huracán is, well, too exciting. We’ve long thought the ABS programming was a little funky. Combine that will the squishy shocks, and you get a car that wiggles around too much. That’s something you sure don’t want when you’re coming down from 170 mph, the indicated top speed you’ll see on Imola’s frightening front straight at the top of sixth gear. In the Performante? No drama whatsoever. On that narrowing front straight in the regular Huracán, I had visions of my own mortality. In the Performante, I had lucid dreams of catching the instructor—a Formula 3 winner, no less. Like all aero cars, going faster to improve handling is a counterintuitive proposition. I needed a few laps to calibrate my brain.


      On my final two laps in the Performante, my friend climbed into the passenger seat of the instructor’s Huracán, which had been upgraded to the high-performance Pirellis because of the chase vehicle’s athleticism. The instructor himself was such a I asked my friend to report back to me how hard the guy was actually driving. After two laps where I really gave it my all, I was very happy to hear my buddy say, “Yeah, he was driving pretty hard.” There you have it. The Huracán Performante has such high levels of performance that mere mortals can feel as if they know what they’re doing on an old F1 track. How can you put a price on that? As I climbed out of the Performante, I said to Reggiani, “I don’t know why you let bad drivers like me drive such good cars.” He just smiled and shook his head.

      One last thing: The Performante went very quickly around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. How fast? Well, Lamborghini’s own Aventador Superveloce set a time of 6 minutes, 59.73 seconds. The only production car to ever circumnavigate more quickly is the Porsche 918 Spyder, which laid down an ice-cold 6:57.00. The Huracán Performante? Lambo ain’t saying no matter how many times I ask (Reggiani just smiles at me), but I heard mutterings of “six-fifty-two-something-something.” That would shatter the Porsche’s record. We’ll find out for sure when Lamborghini pulls the wraps off the Performante in March at the Geneva International Motor Show.

      2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante
      BASE PRICE $350,000 (est)
      VEHICLE LAYOUT Mid-engine, AWD, 2-pass, 2-door coupe
      ENGINE 5.2L/635-hp (est)/443-lb-ft DOHC 40-valve V-10
      TRANSMISSION 7-speed twin-clutch auto
      CURB WEIGHT 3,400 lb (est)
      WHEELBASE 103.1 in
      LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT 175.6 x 75.7 x 45.9 in
      0-60 MPH 2.7 sec (MT est)
      EPA CITY/HWY/COMB FUEL ECON 14/20/16 mpg (est)
      ENERGY CONSUMPTION, CITY/HWY 241/169 kW-hrs/100 miles (est)
      CO2 EMISSIONS, COMB 1.20 lb/mile (est)
      ON SALE IN U.S. Fall 2017
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      I know it's in German but I don't have the time to translate:

      Mit dem neuen Rekordhalter in Imola
      schnell war er jetzt genau? Das breite Lächeln von Lamborghini-Entwicklungschef Maurizio Reggiani wird von einem hartnäckigen Schweigen begleitet – keine Chance, der Lambo-Mannschaft die neue Rekordzeit auf der Nordschleife zu entlocken. „Mehrere Sekunden“ soll der Lamborghini Huracán Performante schneller gewesen sein als der Porsche 918 Spyder. Mit einer Rundenzeit von 6.57 Minuten ist dieser aktuell noch amtierender Champion der straßenzugelassenen Serienfahrzeuge. Lamborghini verkündet die neue Rekordzeit erst auf der offiziellen Premiere des Performante auf dem Genfer Autosalon im März. Fahren dürfen wir aber jetzt schon.

      Formel-1-Flair längst vergangener Heldentage schwingt heute mit, als sich das Boxentor ratternd öffnet. Auch wenn die Haupttribüne nicht wie einst mit Tausenden Tifosi gefüllt ist, herrscht frenetische Feierstimmung wie früher beim Großen Preis von San Marino – einem der letzten Hochdrehzahl-V10-Saugmotoren sei Dank. Wir treffen den Nürburgring-Thronfolger in Lauerstellung heute nicht auf der Nordschleife, sondern auf einer anderen Rennstreckenlegende: Willkommen im Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari f7af35b1314457535d00a2fe54b9563e. im italienischen Imola.

      Der V10 im Performante massiert das Trommelfell
      „Die bronzefarbenen Ventildeckel erinnern mich immer an den Diablo“, sagt Entwicklungsboss Reggiani lächelnd, während er den Heckdeckel mit Kunststoffscheibe anhebt. Der V10 massiert dabei schon im Leerlauf das Trommelfell fast so emotional wie andere Sportler bei Volllast. Ähnlich wie die genaue Nordschleifenzeit will Lamborghini die Leistungsangabe erst bei der offiziellen Präsentation veröffentlichen. „Um die 640 PS und rund 40 Newtonmeter mehr Drehmoment“ soll der Zehnzylinder-Sauger mit 5,2 Litern Hubraum laut Reggiani in der Performante-Version leisten. Während der Ansaugtrakt samt Luftfiltern fast unverändert aus der Huracán-Rennversion für die Lamborghini-Markenpokalrennserie Super Trofeo stammt, wurde die hochgesetzte Position der Abgasendrohre vom GT3-Rennwagen des Huracán f0ad5d8ba9f0e8be02c183f369403c97. abgeleitet.

      „Die neue Abgasanlage hat einen geringeren Gegendruck und wiegt außerdem zehn Kilo weniger als die des normalen Huracán“, verrät der Entwicklungschef. Insgesamt soll der Huracán Performante rund 40 Kilo weniger als das bekannte Basismodell (Trockengewicht: 1.422 kg) wiegen. Mit vollem Tank wog der normale Huracán im Supertest 1.564 Kilo.

      Gallardo-Vorgänger? „Der Huracán Performante ist eben nicht nur leichter und stärker, sondern erreicht ein ganz neues Level an Performance“, erklärt Maurizio Reggiani die neue Namensgebung. Für die deutlich verbesserte Querdynamik soll unter anderem ein völlig neu entwickeltes Aerodynamikkonzept verantwortlich sein. Sichtlich stolz erklärt der Entwicklungschef das aktive Aerodynamiksystem namens ALA (ALA: italienisch „der Flügel“ und Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva).

      Das ALA-System besteht aus zwei über einen Elektromotor angesteuerten Klappen im Frontsplitter sowie einer zweigeteilten Luftführung durch (!) den Heckflügel. Über zwei Luftschlitze im Heckdeckel bahnt sich dabei die Luft durch Kanäle den Weg in den Heckflügel, in dem sich zwei Luftkammern befinden. An der Unterseite des Flügelprofils tritt die Luft dann wieder durch einen schmalen Schlitz aus. Ähnlich wie in der Frontschürze wird auch der Luftstrom in die beiden Luftkammern des Heckflügels durch zwei von Elektromotoren betätigten Klappen unterschiedlich gesteuert.

      Lamborghini Huracán Performante mit ausgeklügelter Aerodynamik
      „Das ALA-System reagiert blitzschnell innerhalb von zwei Zehntelsekunden“, erklärt Antonio Torluccio, Chefaerodynamiker bei Lamborghini. Die aktive Aerodynamik arbeitet, je nachdem welches Fahrprogramm gewählt wird sowie welche Längs- und Querkräfte anliegen, unterschiedlich. Ähnlich wie im normalen Huracán stehen auch in der Performante-Version mit den Modi Strada, Sport und Corsa drei verschiedene Fahrprogramme zur Auswahl.

      Und wie funktioniert die aktive Aerodynamik genau? Bei aktiviertem System („ALA on“) öffnen sich die Klappen im Frontsplitter und in den beiden hinteren Luftkanälen, welche die Luftkammern im Heckflügel anströmen. Luftwiderstand und Abtrieb werden dadurch, beispielsweise für bestmögliche Beschleunigungswerte, reduziert. Um maximalen Abtrieb zu erzielen werden die Aero-Klappen an Front und Heck geschlossen („ALA off“).

      Eine Besonderheit des ALA-Systems, auf welche die Lamborghini-Entwickler besonders stolz sind, versteckt sich hinter dem Begriff Aero Vectoring. Im Corsa-Modus wird dabei in Kurven der Abtrieb am Heck stärker auf die kurveninnere Seite verteilt. Dafür schließen die Klappen vor den Luftkanälen zum Heckflügel auf der kurveninneren Seite, während sie auf der kurvenäußeren Seite geöffnet bleiben. Durch diese trickreiche Aerodynamik und den unterschiedlich stark durchströmten Heckflügel entsteht ein Giermoment, welches das Fahrzeug stabiler in die Kurven drücken soll. Jetzt ist auch klar, warum der Heckflügel zwei voneinander getrennte Luftkammern besitzt. Die Aero-Vectoring-Funktion arbeitet ausschließlich im Corsa-Modus und ist zwischen 70 und 310 km/h aktiv.

      Aventador Superveloce erinnert. Während die knallorangefarbene Lackierung außen noch mit Tarnfolie beklebt ist, macht der Entwicklungsprototyp im Innenraum schon einen serienreifen Eindruck. Die Carbon-Vollschalensitze sind, bis auf die eingestickten Performante-Schriftzüge, bereits aus dem Optionsprogramm für den normalen Huracán bekannt. Auch die Mittelkonsole mit Getriebewählhebel und Startknopf ähnelt dem Basismodell.

      Auch im Huracán Performante wechselt der Pilot die Gänge des Siebengang-Doppelkupplungsgetriebes über fest stehende Schaltwippen hinter dem Lenkrad. Dritter, vierter, fünfter, sechster Gang, mit fast 270 Sachen geht’s über die „Variante Bassa“, die Highspeed-Start-Ziel von Imola. Der V10 dreht bestialisch. Hat der Zehnzylinder jetzt wirklich nur knapp 30 PS mehr als im normalen Huracán? Anbremsen, auf die Links-rechts-links-Kombination „Variante Tamburello“. Ganz ehrlich, auf der ersten Imola-Runde des Lebens sind die Gedanken in der Tamburello-Kurve mehr beim Jugendidol Ayrton Senna als beim neuen Huracán. Helden gehen niemals ganz. Senna hätte die Präzision des schärfsten Lambo sicherlich gefallen. Vorbei an den Erinnerungsflaggen am Fangzaun, jetzt gilt die ganze Konzentration dem Huracán Performante.

      Schon beim Anbremsen auf die nächste Kurvenkombi „Variante Villeneuve“ gibt es ein großes Lob. Lamborghini hat das ABS grundlegend überarbeitet. Anders als der normale Huracán, der im Supertest mit ruppigen ABS-Eingriffen auffiel, überzeugt der Performante mit homogenen Regeleingriffen. Die Bremspunkte können jetzt wesentlich später gesetzt werden, ohne dass der Huracán wie bisher im ABS grobmotorisch über die Vorderachse zu schieben beginnt.

      2cebf976c985c56bdb248bbf0de2f3ba. Foto: Tom Salt
      Im Heck sitzt eine ausgeklügelte Aerodynamik, die den Performante schneller machen soll als den 918 Spyder - auf der Nordschleife zumindest.
      Neben dem neu abgestimmten ABS trägt der Performante neu entwickelte Pirelli-P-Zero-Corsa-Reifen mit besserem Gripniveau. Für die Rekordfahrt auf der Nordschleife nutzte Lamborghini die Optionsreifen Trofeo R. Einlenken in die enge Tosa-Kurve. Der Performante stürzt sich neutraler ums Eck als sein kleiner Huracán-Bruder, der immer einen Hang zum leichten Untersteuern hatte. Neben dem insgesamt deutlich steifer ausgelegten Fahrwerk überarbeiteten die Ingenieure auch die Abstimmung des Allradantriebs.

      Wir wollen den Supertest!
      „Es gab immer wieder Beschwerden über die Lenkung“, erzählt Entwicklungschef Reggiani. Während sich der Lenkwinkel der elektromechanischen Lenkung beim normalen Huracán nicht nur im Strada- und Sport-Modus, sondern auch im Corsa-Programm geschwindigkeitsabhängig veränderte, bleibt er beim Performante im Corsa-Modus in allen Geschwindigkeitsbereichen nahezu gleich. Ergebnis: eine im Grenzbereich gut einschätzbare Lenkung mit direkter und vor allem ehrlicher Rückmeldung.

      Und die Aerodynamik? Die wirkt vor allem spürbar auf der Kuppe vor der Linkskurve „Piratella“. Während der normale Huracán im entlasteten Fahrzustand, wie beim Supertest auf der Nordschleife, auf Kuppen und Bodenwellen spürbar nervös wurde, bleibt der Performante nun extrem stabil. Auch die ultraschnellen Bergabpassagen von Imola, vor den legendären Kurvenpassagen „Acque Minerali“ und „Rivazza“ meistert der Huracán Performante mit einer unaufgeregten Fahrbarkeit im Grenzbereich.

      Zum Glück der Lambo-Fans fehlen jetzt eigentlich nur noch zwei Dinge: die Rekordzeit des Performante auf der Nordschleife und ein Testwagen für den Supertest. Punkt 1 kommt in Genf, Punkt 2 kommt spätestens im Herbst.

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        @tristatez28lt1, there ya go.

        With the new record holder in Imola
        The Lamborghini Huracán-performance, the new record at the Nordschleife. The lap time presented Lamborghini only in Geneva. But we tell now how it goes.

        And how quickly he was exactly? The broad smile of Lamborghini -Entwicklungschef Maurizio Reggiani is accompanied by a stubborn silence - no chance of Lambo team the new record time on the Nordschleife to elicit. "Several seconds" is the Lamborghini Huracán -performance have been faster than the Porsche 918 Spyder. With a lap time of 6:57 minutes of this is currently still the reigning champion of the street-legal production cars. Lamborghini announced the new record time until the official premiere of-performance at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Are we allowed but already.

        Formula 1 flair of bygone heroes days resonates today, as the Boxentor opens rattling. Even if the main stand is not as once filled with thousands Tifosi, there frenetic celebratory mood as before the Grand Prix of San Marino - one of the last high-speed naturally aspirated V10 goodness. We do not hit the Nürburgring-heir in waiting today on the Nordschleife , but on a different circuit Legend: Welcome to the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, Italy.

        The V10 in Performante massaging the eardrum
        "The bronze valve cover always remind me of the Diablo", development Boss Reggiani says, smiling, as he lifts the rear cover with plastic washer. The V10 massaged while at idle eardrums nearly as emotional as other athletes at full load. Similar to the exact Nordschleife time Lamborghini plans to release the power rating only at the official presentation. "To the 640 horsepower and 40 Newton meters more torque" to the ten-cylinder vacuum cleaner with 5.2 liters of displacement , according afford-performance version Reggiani. During the intake system including air filters almost unchanged comes from the Huracán-racing version of the Lamborghini brand trophy race series Super Trofeo, the boosted position of the exhaust tailpipes of the GT3 racing car of Huracán has been derived.

        "The new exhaust system has a lower backpressure and also weighs ten kilos less than the normal Huracán" reveals the development chief. Overall Huracán-performance is around 40 kilos less than the known base model (dry weight: 1422 kg) weigh. With a full tank of normal Huracán weighed 1,564 kilos in Super Test.

        Gallardo -Vorgänger? "The Huracán-performance is not just lighter and stronger, but reached a new level of performance," said Maurizio Reggiani the renaming. For significantly improved lateral dynamics to be responsible, among other things an innovative new aerodynamic concept. Visibly elated explains Head of Development the active aerodynamics system called ALA (ALA: Italian "the wing" and Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva).

        The ALA-system consists of two driven via an electric motor valves in the front splitter and a two-part air flow through (!) The rear wing. About two louvers in the rear lid, the air clears it through channels off in the rear wing, which houses two air chambers. On the underside of the airfoil, the air then passes back out through a narrow slot. Similar to the front apron and the airflow in the two air chambers of the rear wing by two operated by electric motors flap is controlled differently.

        Lamborghini Huracán-performance with sophisticated aerodynamics
        "The ALA system reacts instantly within two tenths of a second," explains Antonio Torluccio, chief aerodynamics at Lamborghini. The active aerodynamics work, whichever is selected driving program and which longitudinal and transverse forces applied differently. Similar to the normal Huracán are also in the High-performance version with the modes Strada, Sport and Corsa three different driving modes to choose from.

        And how does the active aerodynamics exactly? With activated system ( "ALA on"), the flaps open in the front splitter and the rear two air ducts, which flow onto the air chambers in the rear wing. Drag and downforce are characterized, for example, for optimum acceleration values, reduced. are to achieve maximum downforce aero flaps front and rear closed ( "ALA off").

        A special feature of the ALA system to which the Lamborghini developers are particularly proud hides behind the term Aero vectoring. In Corsa mode, the output at the rear is a bigger spread on the inner curve side in curves. For closing the valve before the air ducts to the rear wing on the inside curve, while remaining open to the outside of the curve side. Through this clever aerodynamics and the different degrees perfused rear wing creates a yaw moment which is to push the car stable into the corners. Now it is also clear why the rear wing has two separate air chambers. The Aero-vectoring function works exclusively in Corsa mode and between 70 and 310 km / h running.

        Aventador reminds Superveloce. While the bright orange paint is outside plastered nor Tarnfolie, developing prototype makes the interior has a production-ready impression. The carbon bucket seats are well known to the stitched-performance logos, already from the option program for the normal Huracán. The center console with gear shift lever and start button is similar to the basic model.

        In Huracán-performance of the pilot changes gears of the seven-speed dual clutch transmission over fixed shift paddles behind the steering wheel. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth gear, with almost 270 things you go through the "Variante Bassa", the high-speed start-finish of Imola. The V10 turns beastly. If the ten-cylinder now really only about 30 hp more than the normal Huracán? Braking, to the left-right-left combination "variant Tamburello". Honestly, on the first Imola Round of life are the thoughts the youth idol Ayrton Senna as the new Huracán in the Tamburello curve more. Heroes never go completely. Senna had the precision of sharpest Lambo certainly fallen. Passing the memory flags at ropefence, now applies all the concentration Huracán-performance.

        Even under braking for the next corner Combi "variant Villeneuve" there is a big compliment. Lamborghini has revised the ABS fundamentally. Unlike the normal Huracán, who attracted attention in Super Test with gruff ABS intervention, the High-performance convinces with homogenous control interventions. The braking points can now be set much later without the Huracán as before starts to slide in ABS gross motor on the front axle.

        2cebf976c985c56bdb248bbf0de2f3ba. Foto: Tom Salt
        In the stern sits a sophisticated aerodynamics, which should make the High-performance faster than the 918 Spyder - on the Nordschleife at least.
        In addition to the newly tuned ABS-performance of the newly developed Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires contributes with better grip level. For the record drive on the Nordschleife Lamborghini used the option tire Trofeo R. turning into the close Tosa curve. The Performante lunges neutral around the corner when his little Huracán-brother, who always had a tendency to slight understeer. In addition to the designed chassis overall significantly stiffer, the engineers revised the coordination of all-wheel drive.

        We want the Super Test!
        "There have been repeated complaints about the steering," says development chief Reggiani. While the steering angle of the electromechanical steering in normal Huracán not only in Strada- and sport mode, but also in the Corsa program speed-dependent changes, it remains almost the same when the High-performance Corsa mode in all speed ranges. Result: a good predictable at the limit steering with direct and above all honest feedback.

        And the aerodynamics? The acts especially noticeable on the top front of the left turn "pirate Ella". During normal Huracán in the unloaded driving condition, as in the Super Test on the Nordschleife, on ridges and bumps was noticeably nervous, the Performante now remains extremely stable. The ultra-fast downhill sections of Imola, in front of the legendary curve passages "Acque Minerali" and "Rivazza" masters of Huracán-performance with an unexcited drivability in the border area.

        Fortunately the Lambo fans now really need to know two things: the record time of-performance on the Nordschleife and a test car for the Super Test. Point 1 is in Geneva, point 2 is the latest in the autumn.
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          Yes and no. I didnt copy and paste it, i went to the site and translated it from there. I use OS X, so maybe I used apple's translator when i right-click?
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          spy shots Huracán Performante



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            aa6585ebcd78f08a35a59a251f273a55. 2a8014d6ecb1afabfbc85c4f9be2394b.
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              Not long now before the cry babies cry 'cheater'. Salomondrin is preparing a rant as we speak.:ROFLMAO:
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                **** Salomondrin and the ultra uber super *** Cup Gang. Seriously. If being semi rich turns you into such dbags then I want to be the poorest person in the neighborhood. Jesus, I can't shake the feeling that these guys have severe issues (both mentally and physically).

                There is a very rich guy with nice cars, who will stay anonymous, who drives around with that sticker in this area and instead of being cool, everyone makes fun of him. He will take it off soon haha
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                  I know.
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                      Hilarous; apparently "Cup Gang" and him had some sort of internal turmoil and they split. He's found a big niche in the "bro" car community, so he's catering to that crowd...... I met him about 8 years ago in LA, when he had a SLR roadster in Crystal Coveline Blue, the nicest color I've ever seen on any car. I actually was comteplating purchasing it from him.

                      It tricky to adress this subject without sounding like a hater; what I dislike about the many of the collectors and the car community on social media is how it's become a big circle jerk (apologies for lack of a better term). They spend all their time shouting out one another and posting any sort of correspondence they have with workers of the automakers to show how well-connected they are.
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                        Wow. I thought I and Barnes were the only ones who weren't a fan of Salmon. Nice to see that. Anyway, with the SV being so close to the LT on every track they've been on, and with the Performante, being about 7secs faster than the SV, and the 720s being about 3-4secs faster than the LT, those two may actually be pretty close to each other in lap times, despite what everyone thinks.
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                          Edit: turned out it wasnt
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                          From Mclife, of all places:

                          The bottom line is, whatever magic aero Lambo has done seems to work. I was told by the Lambo rep that the Performante repeatedly did 6:53 lap times on the ring just before nabbing the 6:52 time. Lambo had debated on just using the 6:53 time since it was consistent, but then decided that records are records and don't need to be averaged. He also said the SV actually did one high 6:57 time but Lambo felt it was not the official time since it was never repeated.

                          This is not just a wing and call it a day. The air actually gets diverted by the winglets and send it up through the wing channel and out through the smooth hollow wing (which is why forged carbon had to be used, smooth inside as well as outside). No one has ever attempted such a feat in a production car before. If you look at the back side, the entire rear bumper is a downforce wing. A motor in the front air dam also moves a flap (I was told this all occurs in milliseconds). A lot more than just the rear wing are at work here. I think from a technological aero standpoint, Lambo has placed itself ahead of the game. I give credit where it is due.
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                            The lambo rep said that during cornering, yes. In a straight line at certain speeds, he said the downforce is reduced 20% over the standard Huracan. Here's how he explained it... He said that by default, in the closed position, the winglets do nothing and the wing produces up to 750% more downforce in the rear than a Huracan. But when going in a straight line the winglets fully open and divert air away from and reduce hitting the exterior upper side of the wing. The way they do it is by diverting the air through a channel under and inside the wing. This actually creates lift with minimal drag and lightens the car. The net effect in the straights is minus 20% downforce over not having any aero at all. He said that even on the road this will be noticable. He claims the rear end will feel lighter and more playful than the Huracan when you want it to be, yet it will stick like glue in the corners when in track mode.
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                              More: Well, since they didn't give a number, here's how we can calculate it based on some current facts.

                              The last LP570-4 Superleggera produced 110lbs of rear downforce at it's top speed of 202 mph.
                              The LP570-4 SuperLeggera produces 50% more downforce than the standard Gallardo.
                              The Huracan produces 50% more downforce than the standard Gallardo using underside aero.

                              So the Huracan produces around 110lbs of rear DF at 202mph.
                              750% of 110 is 825 and 750% more is 825+110 = 935lbs of DF at 202mph.
                              I don't know what this translates to at slower speeds, that's where the aero experts come in.
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