Hartge H50 5.0 V-10 3-series - pics and movies


Now,that´s what I call wolf in sheep clothing!!:D
Man,that engine,that sound,rims..it fits so good with 3er.Seriously,imagine standard hood and without Hartge insignia on front doors..It would be awesome(it´s not I don´t like the hood or anything else on this car).


AWESOME , the car that was running at the stretch after the 3er accelerated is an M5 right ? The looks on that V10 3er is just crazzzzyyyy...:icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool:icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool :icondrool


That footage was great, especially the end w/ the E90 conversion pulling right up into the camera as if the camera had been found by the beast. Awesome.:t-cheers: For me the Hartge 5.0 V10 is the pinnacle of mod jobs. Too bad they cost well over $100k+, an E90 M3 conversion would be much much cheaper, I imagine, aside from the engine and sofrware upgrades, any further mods would be very minimal? What do you guys think?