German AMS: 325i vs IS250 vs C230


AMS is based in STUTTGART. They also have a weak spot for Porsches. :D

In all seriousness though, I've seen AMS reviews where BMW won by a wide margin over Mercedes etc. Interestingly enough, I read a UK roadtest of the C230 (2.5 V6) and they loved it! They said it was a sporty car, a lot of fun and still quite comfortable. I don't doubt the BMW 3-series is still the sports sedan, but I suppose the revised C-Class will satisfy most sporty drivers while still giving that valued comfort that Benz buyers so want. Either way, you can't really go wrong with either of the three cars tested here.


cawimmer430 said:
Don't worry, I'll support my economy, but the Lexus IS is a good car, just not for me. :D

I 'm not asking you to support your economy. I 'm asking you to support the best cars in the world (German) and not the Japanese wannabe.:D


This week I saw the IS for the first time and I actually saw the car twise. One green and one black. Compared with the 3er the car does stand out and looks very good, I just have to give lexus props for that. The black one looked very elegant but yet very sporty, I would love to test drive the car.


After absorbing the inital crush of IS'es on LA freeways the freshness of the IS has been lost on me. It's an attractive car, but somehow repeated viewings have numbed me to the experience.

In any case, it's a shame that Lexus screwed-up from out the gate. They made two major mistakes - 1) They didn't launch the IS350 with a manual tranny. 2) They car's DSC system is so uptight you can't even make a conservative effort to explore the car's limits.

I'm sure they'll rectify this in the years to come, but first impressions are out of the gate and the IS350's aim to be recognized as a legitimate "dirver's car" have already been squelched.

Take the car for a drive, try swinging out the rear, then cringe as the car makes all kinds of R2D2 noises in an effort to kill your fun. After I drove IS back to back against the 3er it was immediately clear which car I wanted.


I read the comparison and C230 won because it had best comfort and softer suspension than 325i. 3er was sportier and agiler but since C230 had a softer suspension they thought it was a better compromise for "everyday life".
IS250 drank too much gasolin and the suspension was the stiffest and therefore it came on the last place.

BMW 325i / Lexus IS 250 / Mercedes C 230
0-100 km/h 6,8 s / 7,8 s / 8,0 s
Braking distance 100-0 km/h 36,7 m / 38,6 m / 39,4 m
Fuel consumption 10,8 L/100 km 12,1 L/100 km 10,7 L/100 km
Basic price 32.800 € / 35.850 € / 32.480 €

Lexus cost more than both a 325i and C230 in Germany. I think IS250 is cheaper than the others in Sweden.