Four ‘Auto Trophy’ Prizes For Audi.



Four ‘Auto Trophy’ Prizes For Audi

A total of four Audi models came top of their class in the “Auto Trophy 2006” poll based on the readers’ vote of the motoring magazine “Auto Zeitung”. The Audi A3, A6, A8 and R8 picked up four of the year’s most coveted awards in the readers’ poll. The Audi Q7, TT and Audi A4 finished as runners-up in their categories.

Readers were able to choose from a total of 347 models in 27 categories this year. Journalists at the “Auto Zeitung” magazine,which is published in Cologne, counted more than 93,800 votes submitted.

The Audi A8 picked up 35.7 percent of votes in the luxury class, almost twice as many as the runner-up. The rest of the high-quality field of competitors finished a considerable way behind. The A8 managed to book its fourth Auto Trophy victory in succession.

An even higher percentage of the vote went to the A6, which finished top of the executive class for the third year in a row: 41.8 percent of all voters chose it as their favourite. The runner-up in this category finished almost 23 percentage points behind the A6. The new R8 was another clear winner – this time in the super sports car category – capturing a sensational 41.6 percent of the vote even before its market launch, a clear lead of 18 percentage points ahead of the runner-up.

30.7 percent of the vote made the Audi A3 the undisputed winner in its class, with a lead of more than 12 percentage points to the runner-up.

The Audi brand has now won the coveted prize of the Auto Trophy 33 times in the 19-year history of these awards.

Source: Audi