EVO: Gordon Murray meets Horacio Pagini


Just_Me...YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Man this is awesome...these guys are two of my favourite designers ever.

To have GM talk about the Zonda and actually explain it is much better than any other review i've ever seen or read because the other reviews come mostly from people who are Journalists/Enthusiasts/Racers...but this is from a Designer (a bad ass one at that).

This article has inspired me even more to become the best designer/egineer I can so I can do something great that I will be remembered for.

Plus...G Murray's notes on the Zonda (even though not as detailed as what he is really thinking) are like notes passed down from the Gods.



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Fabulous post, tremendously good read I have to say. Pity Gordon's grammar isn't on par with his design ability but hey, he's South African so we'll forgive him.

You know, my post some while back in a CGT thread about the similarities between Gordon and Horatio was eerily predictive. Hmph. Y'think EVO would give me a job? I should be so lucky.


Thanks for the post, Just_me! :usa7uh:

Great minds together!
Must be an exciting day for both of them.

Horacio Pagani must be very thrilled at that day to meet his idol/inspirer/colleague Gordon Murray and tell everything about his car! I know I would.


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I wonder how much money the guys's got. I know he did a similar article on the Veyron for Road & Track, so he's on both their and Evo's payroll I suppose.