Connected Drive 7er tech car parks itselt


Holy crap, that's really cool. It wasn't exactly a soft stop, but still, nice feature!!

Not a bad garage either.

Mr. M

Very interesting. But three years? :t-hands:

We can buy cars that park themselves (with a driver inside to brake the car) already.


Roberto said:
Hmmmm, sounds good ...but surely if you can't park a car then you probably shouldn't be driving at all.
Good point. This could be analogous to what has been happening with some thinking functions in the recent decades. We used to do the calculations in our heads. Then came the calculators and then the computers that are available to anyone nowadays. With all the "help", at least my brain has gotten lazier. It might not be a good thing for drivers to gradually lose the skills to drive.


But can it parallel-park itself? The new LS can :D, I wanna see a video of that.
I do agree with Roberto's and donau's statements though.