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Confirmed Bugatti owners!!

Discussion in 'The Bugatti Lounge' started by far2000, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. far2000

    far2000 Well-Known Member

    -Richard Berry - grandson of Loren M. Berry, the pioneer of the Yellow Pages. Owns the first Veyron in Evergreen, Colorado and will supposedly take delivery of the last one as well.
    -The wife of Ferdinand Piëch - the former VW chairman's wife, who requested chassis number 007, was the first person on the waiting list
    -Tim Cahill - the Australian soccer player's girlfriend Rebekah Greenhil was caught trying to park it in central Manchester
    -Michael Fux - a car collector who test-drove the car during a trip to Pebble Beach in August 2005
    -Ralph Lauren - the fashion designer, bought one in black
    -Bob Manoukian - dodged the waiting list by buying his Veyron for £1.1m at a charity auction in London in June 2006
    -Tom Cruise - The famous actor arrived at the Mission Impossible III premiere in a Bugatti Veyron 16.4. He had an extremely hard time opening the passenger door. 2006
    -Thomas Bscher - was to be one of the first owners, until he was appointed as the chairman of Bugatti, as a result, he allowed his waiting list position to be ceded to others. He hopes to collect his Veyron in September
    -Nigo - He owns a pink Veyron. Famous Japanese fashion designer and owner of "A Bathing Ape".
    -Rumen Gaitanski a.k.a "The Wolf" - chief of Sofia's (Bulgaria) garbage transport firms
    -Scott Storch - HipHop/R&B Producer. His Veyron is black on black
    -5 Veyrons were delivered last year in dubai, with another 5 this year..
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    • Kowalski

      Kowalski Well-Known Member

      Oh shit. Now the Veyron has just been ruined.:t-banghea

      The Veyron may be one of the greatest achievements in the motoring arena, but because Tom Cruise has one, I'm afraid the Veyron is by far and away, the most seriously uncool car on sale today.
    • far2000

      far2000 Well-Known Member

      -Nigo - He owns a pink Veyron. Famous Japanese fashion designer and owner of "A Bathing Ape

      i think this 1 takes the cake.....!!!way uncool:eusa_doh:
    • dOmInIX

      dOmInIX Well-Known Member

      Veyron should be given to real car enthusiasts. They know how to appreciate this magnificent piece of machinery. Don't take me wrong but I think people like Japanese fashion designer don't even know what they own, it is just to show off. It is sad, but it is reality today.
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      • siko

        siko Well-Known Member

        You sure that Tom Cruise cruise actually owns it... I heard it was part of some promo only. :t-hands:
      • bmer

        bmer Well-Known Member

        Hey, the guy owns a bathing ape. If that doesn't make you cool then I don't know what does. :D
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        • mrniall

          mrniall Member

          Here it is and I cannot believe Bugatti allowed this to happen.

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        • ree

          ree Well-Known Member

          Great colour for a super car... :t-crazy2:
        • ree

          ree Well-Known Member

        • PanterroR

          PanterroR Well-Known Member

          Really? Didn't know that.

          Btw, he's a member here as well...;)

        • ree

          ree Well-Known Member

          Really? That's great...
          I read this information in an AMS. There was a report about this car enthusiastic family. :t-drive:

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