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Discussion in 'Citroen' started by tristatez28lt1, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. tristatez28lt1

    tristatez28lt1 Well-Known Member

    5 meters long.
    to compete with 5 series, A6, and E class.
    No Hydropneumatic, instead the car will have a electrically controlled suspension.
    4 cylinder engines with up to 240hp.
    could be the extravagant option in this class if the styling holds.

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    • Giannis

      Giannis Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      Everything other than the third window looks quite interesting. I love the fact that Citroen has the balls to offer something quite different from the competition.

      What they really need to do, though, if they want to succeed in this class, is offer a proper rear suspension. You can't expect much from a torsion beam.

      All three french car makers lost their spark when they switched to a torsion beam rear suspension for the low end of their line-ups. The weird rear suspension set-up of the 90's 106, Saxo and Clio is what made these cars great. They were much more fun to drive than anything in their segment. They were certainly not the best handling offerings, neither the safest options, but they were so damn fun to live with!

      The 106 Rallye will always be the king of the lift-off oversteer hall of fame.
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