Cadillac XLR-V or Jaguar XKR Convertible?


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Errr...I know this a forum dedicated to German cars.


...These two particular brands, became the butt of the jokes on the luxury marques scenario.

Jaguar is in the middle of a deep financial crisis (and it shows). Cadillac is just plain stupid.

Be HONEST when voting!

Cadillac XLR-V

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Jaguar XKR (2007 New Model)

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First off, I appreciate your blatent insult of one of my favorite American brands. Remember, some of us actually like the cars produced by our country.

Secondly, I'll take the XLR-V, no question. Either in that red, or a dark blue, tan interior. There's no comparison between the brazen and bold lines of the Caddy and the soft curves of the Jag, at least for me.


xlr-v any day over that ford/aston wannabe:D . I loved the xlr when it first came out in non v form and loving this even more. I would never consider it instead of a german convertable though


You know, I'd say XLR-V but...

the XLR is such a flimsy pile, I have to go with the Jag. If nothing the Jag has a passable interior that more or less gives off a luxury feeling, and a certain manner about it that's out of the ordinary.

The XLR-V seems so el cheapo when you step inside you'll do a double take. You feel for all the world like you're sitting in an Impala or something equally as daft.