Brabus Tuned Mercedes R-Class



If the previous story wasn't enough to crave the insatiable appetites of all you MB tuner-fanatics, consider yourself lucky, because the good folks over at Brabus just sent us info on their new tuning program for the adored-by-moms-everywhere Mercedes R-Class.

As anyone familiar with Brabus knows, their name is synonymous with one thing - power. Not one to deviate from tradition, it should come as no surprise then that the first area of the R-Class Brabus addressed was the engine, tweaking the R500's standard 5.0 Liter 302 horsepower V8 to a more well-endowed 6.1-Liter 445 horsepower. The result is a top speed of 165 mph and a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds... quick enough to get your kids to school and still get home in time to enjoy a full hour of Martha.

Of course, power alone is not enough, and Brabus has graciously taken it upon themselves to address the rest of the R-Class as well. For starters, prospective customers will notice a sporty yet elegant aerodynamic-enhancement program that, while not overbearing, is sure to illicit a subliminal sense of fear in the hearts of non-Brabus powered minivan owners everywhere. A new Brabus suspension system and Brabus 22 inch light alloy wheels round out the subtle exterior enhancements of the vehicle.

Finally, to complete the R-class package, Brabus engineers opted to bring a hint feng shui-like serenity to the interior. How did they do it you ask? A few options customers can choose from include stainless steel accents, Brabus Mastik and Alcantara leather interior, multimedia package, and for the small group of you out there that actually believe the R-class is not a mom-centric little-league hauler, you can even opt for a mobile office, complete with powered tables and state of the art computer system.

For more info, you can check out photos of the new Brabus R-Class immediately below, followed by the full press release. Enjoy.


You know, as far as sense is concerned, I don't see any difference between this and for instance a Cayenne. Actually, I'd much rather have one of these...
Besides, the soccer moms now drive SUVs.


The R-Class has slightly grown on me, but I'm no fan of Brabus engine tune-ups. It does look good though in Brabus and AMG trim.

It's a no brainer though. In Europe, the R320 CDI will make up the vast majority of sales. The R350 and R500 and much less an R63 AMG are TOTALLY POINTLESS. Just wasting more fuel... :t-banghea


sure the r class will do well actually probably extremly well and the external mods do look good but i just cant see the engine mods just because i cant see someone drag racing/street racing/track racing one of these things. THe cayene is a suv which has good steering, and the power can be used imo better