BMW reveals lightweight M3 Sedan Concept


Today, in Garching at the M facility, BMW revived the M3 CSL. While not officially dubbed CSL, the M3 Sedan Concept revealed today brings back the idea of lightweight in an M3 and the details are exciting.

The BMW M3 Sedan will come in limited numbers in 2011 and the idea is similar to the M3 GTS. BMW has yet to reveal any technical specs, but Dr. Kay Segler, current M boss, says lightweight plays an important role in this concept and power will be also adjusted accordingly.

We should expect to see between 420 and 450 horsepower.



The BMW M3 Sedan will come in limited numbers in 2011 and the idea is similar to the M3 GTS.

Does that mean the price will be similar to GTS aswell? If does in fact get 450hp which is right around the GTS,it will be a more than capable sports sedan:t-drive:. This is good news indeed,but why wait so long?


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Awesome it is the sedan. But I wouldn't get my hopes too high of it being available in meaningful numbers at meaningful price especially in the US. :cool:


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WEIGHT is what interests me here. Not whether it has 420 or 450 hp. That doesn't matter.


Very nice. Look the fornt lip is different than the one of the GTS. I think if car will be faster than the GTS. The rear fenders of the Sedan also look more aggressive than of the Coupé.


Are these Ceramic brakes?
They look like steel to me.

Some info from Pistonheads.



"If this car makes it into production (which is pretty much certain), it will sit between the boggo M3 and the top-end GTS version in the range. What is not certain, however, is whether or it will come to Blighty, at least as a saloon; sales of the four-door M3 are considerably slower than those of the coupe and the convertible, with 144 saloons being sold in the UK last year compared with 686 coupes and 384 convertibles."
PistonHeads Headlines - First Official Pics Of Harder M3

The color looks very similar to an old one from the '60s, Atlantlik Blue.
[image no longer available]


^ Agreed, there were lightweight sedans in the past so they should be able to do it again. Don't care too much for the color it looks old fashion and too glossy, needs modern metal flake paint or even a matte would look good I think.


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No one has asked this but why use a saloon?

If this does make it to production then surely they should pick the most popular model to base it on which by all accounts is the coupe. Or is there an underlining reason for the saloon shape so as not to alienate those who have bought the very expensive GTS.

Love the idea of less weight though at the moment there looks to be no word on how much it will drop or whether it will gain any extra firepower either but I do understand the whole swansong thing as it keeps the interest high until it's replacement arrives, but don't see the point in this being a saloon only at all. :confused: