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HOT! BMW Rapp concept 100th Anniversary Concept

Discussion in 'The BMW Lounge' started by aleks_16, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. aleks_16

    aleks_16 Active Member

    Designed for the year 2017, the BMW Rapp concept is a celebration of the brand’s century-long history, paying tribute to Beemer’s founding mechanical engineer, Karl Friedrich Rapp. The concept attempts to capture the most prominent design features across different models over the years such as the under-angled front grill, reverse doors, and high position tailpipes… rolling them into a single 2-door roadster with a hybrid aesthetic of retro and modern style.
    Designer: Dejan Hristov
    rapp_01. rapp_14. rapp_13. rapp_12. rapp_11. rapp_10. rapp_09. rapp_08. rapp_06. rapp_07. rapp_05. rapp_04. rapp_03. rapp_02.
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    • martinbo

      martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

      Someone ought to get Rapped on the knuckles for this ugly thing.
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      • aleks_16

        aleks_16 Active Member

        It looks like a Hot wheels car :D
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        • LaArtist

          LaArtist Well-Known Member

          Cool nose
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          • Levi68

            Levi68 Banned

            Is this a Concept by BMW?
          • Mr Robert

            Mr Robert Global Moderator Staff Member

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            • hoffmeister_fan

              hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

              i don't know what the heck I am looking at.
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              • Wunderkind

                Wunderkind Active Member

                Bad Ass!
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                • Human

                  Human You. The Road. Nothing else.

                  My thoughts exactly(y) I like it.


                  Something Gothic, outrageous about it. (BMW Sharknose personified)
                • Levi68

                  Levi68 Banned

                  Yeah, it fits you avatar.
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                  • SCOTT27

                    SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

                    It certainly is outrageous as a design, but it embodies the Roadster design language as previewed with the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Car , the Great White Shark esque nose is perhaps a touch too dramatic as is the sharpness of the lower aerodynamics.

                    One thing about design is that aerodynamics should not end up looking like the front of a vacuum cleaner.

                    There is a product meeting regarding the Spyder Stradale this week , earliest rumours suggest it might align with Toyota as a Toyota/Lexus badged joint project.
                    Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
                  • Levi68

                    Levi68 Banned

                    Oh, that old concept designed in the US? It was a nice car, the engine too was epic. Won't happen. And what is the new powertrain? I6 or V8? Because the Toyota to get a V6.
                  • SKY

                    SKY Well-Known Member

                    No please man, no more V6 talk. It is becoming the dropping line 2.0

                    A partnership with Toyota can only result in good things.
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                    • braaf

                      braaf Member

                      Stunning looking car. Nose is a bit over the top but other than that it is hot.
                    • Levi68

                      Levi68 Banned

                      I never ever thought about the same engine. Toyota fan are also hopping to get a Supra with the I6 engine of M3/M4. They don't know that engine is crap, but BMW will never give them it.

                      The Toyota-BMW sportscar is really a very different thing, it is like as different as an A8 and a Flying Spur. I would think the Toyota would be lighter in general, because less luxury, but heavier because of hybrid, while the BMW might be conventional.
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                      • Oh god I think I'm going to be sick.

                        BMW design though has gotten too trinkety lately. They need to have a slight Bauhaus movement. Not full on like Audi, but just enough to clean up the designs. I realize this isn't from BMW, but it made me think about it.
                        Last edited: Jun 23, 2013
                      • aleks_16

                        aleks_16 Active Member

                        1040614_10151900858137454_1576775031_o. 1052920_10151900858087454_37091624_o. 296172_10151900857952454_1029286797_n. 1064588_10151900858042454_2024087594_o. 1010916_10151900857972454_1046200510_n. 1010518_10151900857967454_1113352044_n. 1011689_10151900857842454_911523690_n. 1017572_10151900857837454_92004230_n. 6192_10151900857832454_1725158780_n.
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