BMW: pre-orders for Z4 Coupe beat expectations


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BMW says new orders for Z4 Coupe beat expectations

05.29.2006, 05:15 AM

LISBON (AFX) - Bayerische Motoren Werke AG has received more orders for its new Z4 Coupe sports car than originally anticipated, according to Ulrich Bruhnke, head of the carmaker's BMW M GmbH unit.

'New orders until now have already exceeded our expectations,' Bruhnke told journalists last night at the launch of the Z4 Coupe. He declined to give any details, such as specific order figures.

A predecessor of the Z4 Coupe, the Z4 Roadster, saw unit sales drop 25.1 pct last year to 28,808.

Bruhnke said he expects BMW's premium sports car segment will continue to grow and that the unit will launch more products in the coming years. He said BMW aims to take the market lead in this segment, without specifying further. 'We are on a constant growth course,' he said.


Nothing new here, but now officially confirmed.

Remember this?


This is good news for BMW, and will hopefully pick up demand for the roadster!

I'm sure the M versions of these cars have helped sales a lot!


I'm not surprised.
Though I've heard that there was a contingent within BMW and some dealers that thought the coupe version would be a sales bomb.
I'm very excited to see it and drive it when it gets here to the U.S.


IMO the Z4 coupe has filled up an empty space in the BMW lineup. Sure there is the 3er coupe and the 6er but they are GT cars rather than pure sports coupe like the Z4, Cayman or Mazda RX8.