BMW posts record revenue, sales in 2005


fd663b4bfe3121965bf95d7db7212468.jpg Both revenue and unit sales hit an all-time record in 2005, BMW announced today. Sales volume in cars grew nearly 10 percent year-over-year, and strong sales across the BMW Group more than offset unfavorable exchange rates and rising material costs.

BMW AG chairman Helmut Panke (at right) sees continued success in 2006, saying, "Our aim is to increase sales volume yet again and once again set a new record."

Today's news from Hyundai and BMW, at opposite ends of the economy-luxury car spectrum, highlights the tough job facing Ford, GM and Chrysler in the U.S. market. It's no longer a question of whether the U.S. automakers can design and build competitive cars - they can - it's whether or not they can turn themselves around quickly enough to retain competitive market share.

[Source: BMW Press]
Boy oh boy.... BMW records keep tumbling. It seems never-ending reading about how BMW has broken yet another one of its records... and this one's a big one..!!

Doesn't matter if you think Bangle is BMW's saviour, or if MB's quality issues have led to BMW's records sales and revenues... the bottom line is BMW's riding high on a wave of success.

Everyone should give them props.....even die-hard MB and Audi fans.