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RENDERS BMW 3 Series (G20) Rendered

Discussion in '3 Series' started by tristatez28lt1, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. picsoubmw

    picsoubmw Well-Known Member

    I remember someone has said several year ago (around 2011 I believe) that the F30 was 5% cheaper to produce compared to the e90... Also the car have been developped after the 2008 crisis, after killing the CS I wouldn't be surprised BMW reduced the amount allowed to the developpement of the F30.

    What's your definition of evolutionary ? Does the e46, e90 or f30 had evolutionary interior ?

    Since the e36, all generation had complete new and different interior compared to their predecessor, hope to be the case this time again.
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    • Will the next M3 arrive earlier or will it still be revealed alongside the M4?
    • dtd

      dtd Active Member

      The next 3er power should be at least 270hp for the 2l T4, not just 248hp (7hp over the current one). Unless , of course, BMW keeps the price the same.
    • klier

      klier Member

      Indeed. The 3er is always quite different from the previous. From E30 to F30 and beyond.

      Not surprising considering the difference in quality of materials. The E90 is just much better than the F30 interior quality wise.
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      • Centurion

        Centurion Well-Known Member Premium Member Contributing Member

        I hope the iNext will be a strong EV contender as BMW's current offering leave customers in a bit of the pickle. The i8 and i3 are cutting edge in material choice but unconventionally in looks and not practical.

        BMW have introduced a Countryman Plug-in Hybrid but it's 295kg heavier than its non-hybrid equivalent and has a 50L boot reduction. The 530e hybrid has close to a 100L reduction in space, which a Touring version of it or the 330e.
      • Busty

        Busty Active Member

        I saw mules with little cloth, and those don't allow statements on final design and, of course, even less on final materials. To me personally, the dash looked rather different as compared to the current one but not by means of a paradigm change (e.g., in a VFL-inspired direction). Rather than that, it seemed to address some of the points that I had always considered as pretty weak in the F30, such as the ugly bulge connecting dash (passenger side) and centre tunnel. The screen was still free-standing, but was positioned lower and at a more pointed angle.
        Highly relevant side note: at that time, I did not know the 8-series (concept) interior. There is indeed some resemblance (screen, iDrive, door openers), with the G20 solution being my favorite among the two. It sticks to the common BMW theme while the 8-series layout looks rather generic and not very premium to me.

        Maybe that gives you some idea of what's to come.
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        • W201

          W201 Active Member


          And if you were to compare it to the interior of the new X3, you would say that it is... ? :D (In terms of design).
        • Busty

          Busty Active Member

          ^ Well, first of all, I find the interior of the new X3 rather impressive when configured right (slightly new layout, matte wood, cool alu parts ... I especially dig the 'dash-hidden' panels in the doors). But, you see, it's the details that make it stand out imo. Overall, it gives the feeling that the X3 has been moved up the palette.

          I don't know whether the same is true for the G20 but its interior certainly has the potential to look and feel nice and new. What I know is that the new rotary knob feels really great and is a fantastic detail, and the door openers are a very new element to BMW (even though I don't particularly like them because many others have used the same basic style before and I don't see a corresponding anchor in BMW design history).
          In short: it's again the details that will count ... and those, I don't know a lot about yet.
          Last edited: Jul 17, 2017 at 8:30 AM
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          • SKY

            SKY Well-Known Member

            Fantastic impressions as always @Busty.

            Let's hope BMW nails the 3er this time. All the changes you are describing, plus the one I can see on the spy pics hint at a really nice car.
          • klier

            klier Member

            When didn't they?

            And don't start about the subjective looks of the F30 please.
          • SCOTT27

            SCOTT27 Well-Known Member Contributing Member

            Speaking of...
            Not the recently shown more advanced prototypes. But since they are driving around Munich now. It should not be long.
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            • From a huge fan of bmw to be honest the f30 3er in standard non sport or m varient is not a looker at all and the worst looking in its class !!!
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              • klier

                klier Member

                Exactly the subjective looks I was talking about. Some like it and some don't. But you can't possibly say that the F30 wasn't head and shoulders above the competition when it launched. Now it's old, it's ideas are copied, and the new 3er will rule the class once again when presented..

                And nothing in this class looks worse than the new A4 ;)

                It already looks better than the F30. Exiting.
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                • CrunchSlaughtered

                  CrunchSlaughtered Active Member

                  The looks of a model generation can be truly evaluated after the next generation is presented, but I'm afraid that F30 will suffer a lot when G20 is fully previewed
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                  • KokkenTor

                    KokkenTor Well-Known Member

                    But where are the G21 prototypes?
                  • martinbo

                    martinbo Global Moderator / Editor Staff Member

                    Oh FFS - enough subjective babble about the F30 and its looks. Speak to someone who actually has done over 100 000 km of business and personal use over the course of 5 years with not ONE technical or build fault. Speak to a real owner who approaches his undeniably well-designed F30 with a smile in their heart in both Pre and Post LCI models.

                    The E46 was magnificent and was the car that got me wanting a 3er. The E90 was an anomaly. The F30 is a tangible return to the premium spirit introduced with the E46 and the G20 will surpass the F30 in every area.

                    #notonefrikkenrattle [please don't post some lame twat prodding creaking plastic trim as vindication of your perception of a lack of quality in the F30. I can do exactly the same in a C-Class]
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                    • Serpens

                      Serpens Active Member

                      I've always been amused at the stark difference in people's perspective of the F30 in the U.S. vs. Europe. Critics have been much less complimentary of the F30 since its debut here in the States and I don't disagree. It certainly excels in many, many areas but I did not feel it was head and shoulders ahead of its competition at debut like previous generations.

                      This coming from an E46 and E60 owner, mind you. I love BMW's and I'm quite excited for the G20; sounds like it'll be a return to form.
                    • hoffmeister_fan

                      hoffmeister_fan Well-Known Member

                      One of the big complaints regarding the F30 is that people have this expectation that it'll be return to form of E30 or E36 but with dimensions of the current 3er. That's just impossible. If you want a car that meets today's everyday demands and regulation (crash/safety, environmental, etc.) and be a lightweight, good luck because that'll require some expensive materials. Style is subjective, and I still think the F30 is handsome with near perfect proportions.

                      There are only 2 areas I think BMW falls short on that can be reasonalbly addressed. One area I think I can criticise from experiencing first-hand and the other I'll leave to those who have extensively driven them. The first area is interior material quality. It ergonomically perfect, but there's very little to titillate. I like how BMW is all-business with their dash, but the competition has given the interior a bit more drama. The C-Class has a well-executed waterfall effect, but honestly the material, while nice in pics, isn't what I'd expected in an MB. The base model with the extensive use of plastic piano black looks cheesy. And I used to like their matte wood initially, but the more I encountered it, it fell plasticky. And ditto to their glossy wood. The A4 has a better perceived quality feel in person, and I am actually surprised how much I've turned around to the A4 since its debuted last year. The rest of the competition (Lexus IS, Caddy ATS, Infiniti Q-something, Alfa Giulia, etc.) fall behind the Germans (though I do still like the interior of the current Volvo S60, old as it is.)

                      The other area that I cannot personally attest to but have read is regarding BMW's steering feel. From journalists to personal owner reviews, people have complained that BMW's transition to electric steering hasn't been great. I undestand that there's going to be a period where there's a learning curve in getting it right, but other manufacturers have made appreciable strides in getting there. Porsche is the first manufacturer that comes to mind in getting electric steering feel right while BMW is still sorting out as one of the chief complaint with the new (and much lauded) G30 5er is steering. I'd expound on steering feel some more, but I'd be talking out of my arse. I'll let others with more experience either support what I say or trounce it out of the water.
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                      • SKY

                        SKY Well-Known Member

                        Will any other reason be dismissed as well?
                      • Mii

                        Mii Active Member

                        Any idea what's the code name for M3 in G20 generation?

                        Based on the latest spy photos, looks like some resemblance of Maserati Ghibli lower rear door panel with that body sculpture curved upward toward rear fender.

                        I hope the overall dimension for G20 does not grow even a centimeter, else it's moving toward E39 size territory!
                        Last edited: Jul 18, 2017 at 11:57 PM

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