Autozeitung: Audi RS4 vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4S


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Coupé or sedan? For that, which needs place, this question hardly arises. The Porsche is cut scarce, offers even to the front passengers less place than the AUDI, and also in things the travelers must be limited luggage to the most necessary. Both candidates are with the processing on a completely high level. And also in things operability gives it only small differences.

Travelling comfort
Comfortably and generously dimensioned and with good side stop provided, the sport seats in the AUDI spoil. They can be adjusted often and be furnished even to sporty driving fashion. The sport seats 911 are there many closer, offer however similar side stop. Who took place in one of the seats once, does not want to step out any longer. Little convincingly is the suspension comfort of the Carrera on bad distance. The active absorbers are rather meant for a faster pace and make the whole thing still more uncomfortable. On the other hand R-S irons 4 unevenness rather well out, even if the driver feels the contact clearly to the roadway. Besides he is not troubled in the interior by a as high noise window blind as the Carrera pilot.

Already at low numbers of revolutions the V8-FSI-Triebwerk of the AUDI from its strong side shows up. A dull/musty Wummern from the oval Endrohren lets suspect that more is ordered by far here than the cosy pace. In order to present this sound experience, the pilot must press however the S-button at the steering wheel. Thus the engine switches from normal to sport. There flaps in the exhaust are activated, which make this wonderful sound possible, and which change for butterfly valve characteristics. This provides then for still more spontaneous responding of the engine on instructions with the gas foot. For all, which want to let the post office go off now correctly, AUDI connected this button also with the sporty bowl seats, which presses their side cheeks then strongly to the passengers. With the sport optionally installed in our test car Chrono package plus can be co-ordinated different vehicle functions particularly sportily. Thus the motor control changed – the butterfly valves to react fast the accelerotor pedal, and the automatic controller action of the PSM adapts. For just as the nose keeps in track in front as with the maximum speed from zero on 100 km/h has the 911 with 4.7 seconds (R-S 4,5.0 seconds). However the Porsche technicians present also no restrictions to the engine. So released, he makes a Top speed of 288 km/h possible, while the AUDI is in-braked electronically with 250 km/h. But the better values do not only convince. Also as 65 HP weaker Porsche its achievement from the sleeve vibrated, impresses. The engine pulls cleanly from the cellar up to the maximum permissible engine speed of scarce over 7000 revolutions, without inserting also only one instant of the Verschnaufens. In addition also the optimal gradation contributes six-course transmission which can be switched accurately and knackig. The AUDI does not show up less kämpferisch – nevertheless turns the eight-cylinder loosely to 8000 revolutions –, but it works nevertheless more ponderously. It must move with 1650 kilograms in addition, nearly 200 kilograms more. While the 911 its achievement development with 13,5 liters per 100 of kilometers can be recompenced, R-S swallows 4 on same distance 16.1 liters. Both naturally super plus.

Driving dynamics
AUDI offers a sport chassis, stronger stabilizers, automatic body Wank and pitch stabilization (dynamic Ride control) and special Semi tires (against surcharge), for Porsche again sets on the adaptive absorber system PASM. Although AUDI R-S 4 a variable Kraftverteilung with more drive on the rear wheels spendiert, is inclined Ingolstäd more ter rather to the Untersteuern than to overriding. Breaking out the tail can be provoked only by force. The steering element works directly, but not as sensitively as those 911. With switched off ESP makes possible this even long pulled Drifts on the bitumen, which remains refused with still so much employment for the AUDI pilot also. This more direct responding to instructions of the pilot converts the Porsche into a faster time with the handling and a higher speed with the slalom. But its frontier is more highly settled, but substantially pointed. Both brake on highest level. The Porsche is stopped however in former times.

Owing to good emission values both are classified under the EU-4-Abgasnorm. The AUDI wins this chapter owing to the smaller purchase price and the better warranties. The Porsche offers the larger worth stop, can with the cost of insurance score and causes besides the smaller fuel costs.


The victory of the AUDI in this comparison goes fully into order. It does not go past with the chapters engine/transmission and driving dynamics yet at the Porsche, it is however completely close to. If it would be less thirsty, and the AUDI technicians the maximum speed would release, he would be probably already in the engine chapter the winner. Still the Elfer is with the driving dynamics gentleman in the ring, in addition, is here him the AUDI on the heels. But the Porsche keeps itself surprisingly good with the costs. Who wants a sportsman and no consideration for Mitreisende must take, for no way still passes the 911. Who wants to use however the car on weekend also times for the family trip, for example over Nordschleifedes of only castle ring, hardly something better than the AUDI R-S 4 can find. Whether the passengers are in the rear also this opinion, stands however on completely different sheet.

Audi RS 4 / Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

Weight: 1650 kg / 1460 kg

0-40 km/h (s) 1.5 1.3
0-60 km/h (s) 2.4 2.1
0-80 km/h (s) 3.7 3.4
0-100 km/h (s) 5 4.7
0-120 km/h (s) 7 6.6
0-160km/h (s) 12.0 11,1
0-180km/h (s) 14.8 13,9
0-200km/h (s) 18.1 17,1

60-100 km/h (s) 2.6 2.6
80-120 km/h (s) 3.3 3.2
Topspeed (km/h) 250 288
Handling (min.) 1:41,3 1:39,8
Slalom (km/h), Pylonenabst. 18 m 65.2 67.6

Brakes from 100 km/h (cold) 34.4 33.6
Brakes from 100 km/h (warm) 35.4 33.4

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pretty close ...
love the porsche but not the red collor...
atleast ur english is better than mine Just_me :D


Original Poster
pretty close ...
love the porsche but not the red collor...
atleast ur english is better than mine Just_me :D

I translated it with help of so its not my bad english ;)


That is just rediculously close!

Unfortunatley in a decision making situation, i would get the Porsche just for the name.